Journey of a Postcard [WATCH]

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      What happens when a postcard is lost for six years, and then finally hand-delivered to its rightful owner?

      I write this hungover, with a pounding headache and a sore neck. But I am very excited to tell this story, for it is one with substance that interests me greatly. This isn’t just about a postcard; it’s more than that. It’s the story of people who are passionate about travel, how “itchy feet” can be passed on from generation to generation. A father who couldn’t stay still raises children who become fearless and independent travellers as well.

      This postcard came into my possession by a friend who had visited the famous Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. A place I have always dreamed of travelling to, but have not yet found the funds. Post Office Bay is unlike any other post office in the world. It is unofficial and was built in the 1800s by whalers working on ships for years at a time. Now, travellers who visit the Islands will write a postcard to their own loved ones and leave it there, at the same time picking up the postcard of another. The idea is that you are to hand deliver the postcard, as they would have done in the 19th Century. But many travellers now just carry their card to the mainland and post it from there. Joe, whom I met in Colombia in 2009, was determined to hand deliver his postcard to the addressee in Newcastle, Australia. But instead, it became a forgotten bookmark in an unused book, which he discovered again six years later.

      At the time, Joe was living 700 kilometers away from Newcastle, so he thought of me. He contacted me over Facebook and asked if I’d be interested in delivering the postcard for him and maybe I’d like to do a story for the blog about it as well. Not only did I love the story, I decided to get a friend to help me film the special delivery. The result is below:

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