35+ Unique Travel Gifts (Ideas For Expert Wanderlusters)

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      Want unique travel gifts? These are the 35+ best gifts for someone going traveling, gifts for a road tripper, and travel gifts for couples.


      Now that some of us actually are starting to travel again, on short getaways and road trips and a weekend break here and there, they are going to need to update their travel gadgets and specialized things that make travel so much easier.

      If you’ve got friends who love to travel as much as I do, you’ll still want to find them a special gift when it’s their birthday, on an anniversary, or just to cheer them up when they’re stuck at home.

      So, to help you find the right gift for the right person, I’ve scoured the internet and unearthed some of the most awesome travel gifts out there. From useful and small travel gifts all the way to unusual travel gifts that you’d never think of – and some fun travel gifts scattered in between – there are a ton of ideas here for your consideration.

      Whether you’re searching for something for that couple you know who always travel long term, a present for a backpacker friend who can’t follow their wanderlust at the moment, or a gift for the outdoorsy hiker, you’re guaranteed to find something epic with this handy list.

      Our Picks: Top 10 Travel Gifts for 2022

      Short on time and just want a super quick list of the top gifts for travelers that money can buy? These are all unique gifts for world travelers that are sure to delight their recipients!

      Wooden World Map For someone who likes to customize their walls
      City Skylines Coloring Book Features 35 famous city skylines
      Scratch Off Map of The World Scratch off each country after you’ve been there
      Icon T-Shirt Helps you communicate overseas - just point to the icon!
      Memento Ticket Box A stylish way to hold onto travel memories
      Activity Book for Adults Potty-mouth puzzles to keep you entertained on long trips
      Carry On Cocktail Kit Comes with a recipe card, a bar spoon, a shot cup, and a linen coaster
      100 Things To Do Bucket List Scratch Poster Scratch them off once completed!
      Personalized Journal Choose the initials to be monogrammed
      World Globe Hanging Baubles For the Christmas tree!


      Are you close to a travel lover? There are the best travel-themed gifts for when they aren’t on the road!

      Showcase Wanderlust with this Cool Wood World Map

      Unique gifts for travel lovers (and for people who like to decorate their living space) don’t get much cooler than this! It’s a huge map of the world, made of wood, with continents and islands cut out in different pieces for you to decorate your walls with. One of the neatest things about it is the airplane and flag (300 of them) pushpins, so you can mark out where you want to go or where you’ve been. It’s a very cool, interactive travel-themed gift for people who love to travel.

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      Travel-Themed Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

      I can’t get over how adorable these World Globe Hanging Baubles are! They’re super high quality with painstaking detail, made in the same way that traditional globes are.

      This USA License Plate Map Ornament is awesome as well, especially for people who like to road-trip!

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      Keep Track with a Scratch Off Map of The World

      Another awesome travel-themed gift has to be this scratch-off map of the world. It’s fun to gamify your travels, so what you do with this map is scratch off a country when you’ve been there. Having one of these is a much more fun way of keeping track of where you’ve been than a simple tick list, that’s for sure.

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      Coloring Book of City Skylines Around the World    

      This coloring book is super cool. Featuring 35 images of famous city skylines, it’s the perfect way to spark the imagination and get that wanderlust fired up. You’ll get to color in landmarks from Nepal and London to Rome and Tokyo. And you’ll learn about each different city while you do it. This is definitely one of my favorite gift ideas for travel lovers.

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      This Funky Icon T-Shirt

      If your friend is a first-time backpacker, or if they’re into fun T-shirts, and if you’re looking for awesome travel gifts, this one is a great option. Coming in black with white icons, it has a pared-back, minimalistic design and features fun icons that detail what a backpacker might get up to on their trips. Planes, hiking, beer, and beaches – that sounds about right!

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      Hit 100% into this 100 Things To Do Bucket List Scratch Poster

      For everyone out there who has had their travel plans put on hold recently – I feel your pain. A unique gift for world travelers who are having a hard time living without those travel plans, this bucket list poster will help ‘em out. Listing all the things that you can do once the threat of a global pandemic finally decides to go away (soon, please), your friend will be able to focus on life after quarantine with things like “go to the Olympics,” “ride a zipline” and even “take a cooking class.” Even the simplest things seem like a distant dream now, right?

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      The Travel Book (Lonely Planet Travel Guides)

      Yes, there is a book that is literally called “The Travel Book”, and it is a book by Lonely Planet that showcases many different countries and provides information on when to visit, the best things to do, and more! The difference between this book and any other guidebook is the fantastic photography that depicts the everyday life of the locals. It offers a perspective that brings life to the destination. You are no longer just reading words and letters on a page, but you can picture yourself in the location. If cool travel gifts are what you are looking for, make sure you check out The Travel Book.

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      Get Your Friends this Stylish Monogrammed Tote Bag

      The nicest way to show your friends you care is to get ‘em a gift personalized for them. Right? This tote bag, which you can customize with a cool monogram of your choosing, is one of my favorite personalized travel gifts. It’s 100% canvas cotton and has a vegan-friendly brown, leather-like handle. It’s pretty stylish with gold detailing on the monogram as well. You could even opt to throw in a personalized cosmetics bag.

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      Personalized Journal for Making Memories

      Sleek and stylish, this full grain premium leather notebook (not vegan friendly) is one of my top choices for the best luxury travel gifts out there. The cover is monogrammed, so choose your friend’s initials, and they’ll be getting something with an extra-special touch. It’s definitely classy. The inside cover is lined in a herringbone pattern, adding to the funky credentials. The cool thing to note is that you can also get refills for this one, so it’s a useful travel gift that’s going to last.

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      A Thoughtful Personalized Luggage Tag

      Here’s something to make your friends’ suitcases and backpacks really stand out – some unique luggage tags. I love the idea behind this one. You can get them created with an image of your choosing. Opt for a photo of their pet, of you, of you and your friend, or go for something wild. Your choice. This pretty awesome gift is also made from eco-friendly PU leather, which is good if your friend happens to be vegan.

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      This Thoughtful Engraved Hip Flask

      If you’re looking for unique gifts for travelers and you’re stuck for ideas, this one is a great option – especially if your friend is into whiskey. It’s a smart little hip flask set with a couple of stainless steel shot cups if they feel like sharing. The whole thing is made from high-quality stainless steel and comes with black or brown detailing. The fun part is that you get to choose an engraving to personalize it fully.

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      Cool Memento Ticket Box

      Wow, I’m totally into this one. I know the feeling of wanting to keep a million different little tickets and receipts and other cute papery knick-knacks from my travels, but not having anywhere to put them – nowhere useful, anyway. This vintage-style memento box, complete with a window so you can actually display your tickets, is a great option. Mount it on a wall and show it all off. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for gifts for travel lovers.

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      Stay Entertained with Games on the GO

      Road trips are fun, but when the many, many hours and the miles seem to be piling up into a meaningless number, you need something fun. Something to help while away the time when the scenery isn’t all that, or there’s a ton of traffic – which is really, really not fun at all. This is one of those fun travel gifts that people wouldn’t think of getting, but should totally own. For real, it hardly takes up any space, and there are, like, 50 games to keep your brain active (“Famous names” anyone?). Bonus points if you’re getting this for a family with small kids who get super restless.

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      Get Comfy with a Twist Memory Foam Pillow

      Nothing’s worse on a road trip than being uncomfortable. Sure, you may be used to the headrests and seats in your own car, but if you’re in a rental that may not have all the creature comforts of your day-to-day wheels, a sore neck could very well be in your future. Save your friends’ vertebrae with this memory foam pillow – surely one of the most awesome gifts for road trips out there at the moment. What’s great about this pillow is how it can be twisted and shaped to suit pretty much any sleeping position. And in a car, that means it will function more than just a neck pillow!

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      This Carpool Karaoke Microphone

      Spice up your friends’ time on their road trip with your very own version of carpool karaoke. Yes, this is the ultimate road trip entertainment, and one of those fun travel items that will keep on giving. It’s a wireless mic that you can tune into your car’s radio, and you can also connect it to a music app of your choice (via Bluetooth) to get those tunes pumping. You can have your very own mobile karaoke booth to really bring the lols to any karaoke situation.

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      Puzzle Book for Long Trips on the Road

      This one may seem like it’s for kids, but you’d be wrong – once you see the title, you’ll realize that it isn’t. It’s a puzzle book for adults, with pages and pages of different puzzles to scribble your way through and keep you entertained – and, well, it’s just the perfect gift for anyone with a potty mouth. You probably know someone like that, right? 

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      Give the Gift of the Ultimate Road Trip Snacks

      What road trip is complete without snacks? And a ton of them. Man, you are going to be the best friend ever if you get your friend this. It’s a pretty unique gift for RV travelers, who’ll have plenty of space to stash this selection of snacks away and dig into them when necessary (read: all the time). It’s jam-packed with all the tastiest treats going, from savory stuff like Pop Chips and Cheez-Its to sweet, sweet treats like M&M Cookies and the all-important Oreos. Opt for a 50-item pack or 150 different snacks. Awe-some.

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      Get Your Hiking Friends this BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket

      This useful travel gift will definitely come in handy for those heading out on the road and into the wilderness. It’s an outdoor blanket that rolls up super compact, making it very transportable for hiking. So, next time you get to a beach or some epic viewpoint, you’ll have something to sit on to stop you from getting super sandy or dusty. Pretty cool! And it comes in six colors.

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      You Know this Cool Kikkerland Travel-Size Laundry Bag will be Useful

      If you’re looking for a gift for someone going abroad, then travel-themed gift ideas are probably a good option, right? If they’re the backpacking type who’s on the road for months on end, they’ll be doing a ton of laundry. That makes this laundry bag – complete with world map decoration – so cool. The material keeps moisture inside and holds enough for at least a few days of laundry. Never again will dirty socks have to be rolled up in a plastic bag.

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      This Awesome LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

      Another useful gift, this one might actually save your friend’s life, No joke. It’s literally called the LifeStraw. Through its magic filtration system (not actually magic), it turns water into water that’s safe to drink. Hardly taking up any space, this ultra-packable straw can filter up to 4,000 liters of contaminated water before it needs replacing. It doesn’t even need batteries, and it’s a great alternative to iodine tablets or any larger water filter system.

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      Keep Stuff Organized with this Bagail 6 Set Packing Cubes

      Sometimes, there’s nothing worse than a disorganized backpack. Having stuff everywhere does not make for a stress-free time. This set of six packing cubes will really increase those streamlined travel vibes. Not only can you compartmentalize stuff super easily, but these packing cubes fit into everything – from suitcases and backpacks to tote bags. It’ll change your friend’s packing game; they’ll end up thinking, “how did I not use these before?”

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      This Neat Vlando Viaggio Small Jewelry Case, Travel Accessory Storage Box

      If your friend is anything like me, they’ll probably have a tough time when it comes to packing their jewelry or accessories for a trip. It might not be one of the most quirky travel gifts out there, but this accessory storage box is probably something people haven’t thought about buying for themselves. It means your earrings, necklaces, and other accessories won’t get tangled. Who doesn’t want that? It also looks adorable and has a neat way of opening into its stepped compartments.

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      Eco-Friendly Zero Waste Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Bars

      Chances are that if you’ve got a friend who’s big into traveling, they’re probably aware of the environmental impact they are having on the world. These zero waste shampoo, conditioner, and body bars are going to be a great present for someone going traveling. They keep your skin and hair healthy and clean with minimal impact on the world (i.e., no plastic involved). Any friend you have who’s all about being eco will really appreciate this gift, that’s for sure.

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      A Very Useful Toiletries Case

      Another one of those gifts for people traveling that you may not immediately think of, but that is actually pretty awesome, this toiletries case will definitely come in handy. I got gifted something similar to this before I went on a trip, and I still use it today. Honestly, it’s so handy. This one unravels into four compartments and can be hung up by its sturdy hook and used hands-free – without it ending up on a wet bathroom floor in a dubiously “clean” hostel. It’s also waterproof, so nothing inside will leak out, and there are tons of little compartments and neat spaces to keep things safely secured during your trip. Highly recommended!

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      Fun Cookies and Cakes Luggage Tags

      For your cookies and cake-loving friends, this luggage tag is a nice idea. It’s an eye-catching print (of cookies and cakes, obviously), so any luggage is going to be pretty easy to spot coming around the luggage carousel or when it’s being manhandled out of a coach or ferry on a trip somewhere. Besides being cool, it’s also decent quality, with a sturdy steel loop that attaches the tag to the bag. It should definitely last for a few years, and it’s fun – and now I’m hungry.

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      Noise Canceling Headphones

      A million thanks to whoever invented noise-canceling headphones because travel hasn’t been the same ever since. Are you staying in a hostel and someone is snoring like a madman? Put on your noise-canceling headphones! Doing some work on your laptop and need pure concentration? Here are your noise-canceling headphones. Or do you just want a good pair of headphones and enjoy some excellent music quality? Noise-canceling headphones. They are literally the best gift for travelers.

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      An Indispensable Filtered Water Bottle

      No travel gift guide would be complete without including a filtered water bottle. Not every country in the world has safe potable water, and constantly buying bottled water is not only bad for the environment, but for your wallet as well. That is why one of the best travel tips nowadays is to bring a filtered water bottle. A water bottle like the one we are recommending will not only filter bacteria but also sediment, so you are guaranteed to drink safe and delicious water! It is one of the best gifts for people who travel a lot!

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      Rosetta Stone Language Program

      One of the best travel gift ideas is a language program like Rosetta Stone. If your friend or loved one is traveling to a country where English is not well-spoken, it is always a good idea to pick up a little bit of the local language. Not only will this be crucial to getting around the country, but learning a bit of the local language lets you dive deeper into the culture. Did I mention how much locals love it when you (try to) speak their language? With Rosetta Stone Language Program, you have lifetime access to 24 language programs that Rosetta Stone offers!

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      Fight Over this Bambaw Stainless Steel Safety Razor with a Stand for both Women & Men

      Or, you know, get one each. Because these safety razors are all about being reusable and not disposable, Bambaw steers away from using plastics as those disposable plastic razors are impossible to recycle. These razors are also a more cost-effective option since you only have to replace the blade – and that’s definitely not a bad thing. You don’t have to worry about your friends mixing up their razors, because they come in three colors (rose gold, black, and silver, to be exact). What makes these razors even more cool gifts for traveling is the fact they come with their own stand, no more resting your razor on a dirty surface. Very cool.

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      Burt’s Bees Essential Gift Set

      This is an easy-to-use travel set with all the skincare products you might need from Burt’s Bees – all in convenient travel sizes, of course. You get five products to use, including deep cleansing cream, hand salve, milk and body lotion, coconut foot cream, and beeswax lip balm. It’s all-natural, so it shouldn’t cause any problems. It hydrates and looks after your skin all day. It’s a thoughtful small travel gift to give to a couple who might be heading out on a trip together, but who also want to travel light. It’s ideal!

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      Create Your Bucket List Together with this Notepad

      “Our Bucket List” is a super cute notepad where a couple can record all the bucket list travel they want to embark on – together, of course. It’s an excellent way to curate adventures and create a couples travel map. The numbered pages in the book help you indicate the whats, the whys, and the hows to help your couple friends make their travel dreams come true. After they’ve ticked off each bucket list entry, they can go back and note down the date it was completed and the story that surrounds it—a very cute idea for unique travel gifts, for sure.

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      Get Your Honeymoon on with this Mr and Mrs Luggage Tags & Passport Holder Set

      For couples who love to travel together, or maybe for some newlyweds you happen to know, these Mr and Mrs luggage tags and passport holders make for great travel-themed gifts. The “Mr” and “Mrs” on the passport covers and tags are embossed with gold lettering, which looks pretty chic. There’s even a handy pen included in the set – good for when you need to fill in those immigration forms. Nothing to declare… except love, that is. Lol.

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      Treat Your Friends to an Hotels.com Gift Card

      Ok, if you’re looking for one of the best gifts for travel lovers right now and you’re just really stuck for ideas, I’m pretty sure anyone you buy this Hotels.com gift card for is going to love you forever. Hotels.com provides a wide range of accommodation around the world. A unique window into towns, cities, and countrysides that you wouldn’t otherwise get to see. Giving this gift to a couple is basically saying, “go ahead and treat yourselves.” They’ll be able to choose where, when, and what accommodation – all with you to thank for an awesome trip away. Aren’t you just a lovely person!

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      This Cute Travel Necklace Though

      Got a friend who’s pretty quirky and into traveling and life on the road, so now you’re looking for quirky travel gifts? We’ve all been there. This necklace takes first prize for probably one of the cutest of cute travel gifts you could buy right now. The design is simple and rustic, with a winding road leading up into mountains and text that says, “find your road.” It’s soooo cute that I may or may not have already bought one for myself!

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      Keep it Stress-Free with a Packing List Notepad

      One thing I’m not into is stressful traveling. I’m definitely more about stress-free travel. Who wouldn’t be? One way to keep it totally, 100% stress-free is to make sure you’re noting down what you need to pack and checking it off as you pack it in your luggage. Just keeps things streamlined, you know. The “Pack This!” notebook ranks in my top ten cool gifts for travelers right now. I love how official the layout of the pages is – it makes you feel like the trip’s already begun!

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      Sorry You’re Leaving Notebook

      Yeah, sorry you’re leaving, but also not sorry because why are you actually leaving me behind? Can I come with you? These are just some of the thoughts that may be running through your head when you’re bon voyage-ing a friend who’s moving abroad. Like, you’re happy for them, but it also sucks. So say it with this notebook, a fun travel gift that will hopefully make sure they don’t forget you (and your sense of humor).

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      A Very Cool (and Very Necessary) Carry On Cocktail Kit

      So your friend’s moving abroad. You might be feeling lame about it, but think about your friend – as excited as they probably are, chances are that they’re feeling pretty anxious about the whole thing. A whole new country! Let them know you’re still thinking of them by getting them this fancy carry-on cocktail kit. It’ll help them travel in style on their plane ride outta the country. This cool and comprehensive kit comes with a recipe card, a bar spoon, a shot cup, and even a stylish linen coaster. It also comes with the necessary ingredient (ginger syrup, for a Moscow Mule – but other cocktail kits are available). All they’ll have to do is order the necessary alcohol from the flight attendants, and away they go!

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      This Friendship Keyring is Super Cute

      Need gifts for friends moving away? This small travel gift is something that’ll keep you connected – when you’re not messaging all the time, that is. It’s a cute stainless steel keyring that comes in a nice gift bag, with a sentimental message on it (but not too sentimental). It’s a little token of friendship, and what’s wrong with that? Nothing. Especially when someone’s moving abroad for who knows how long!

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      Who Doesn’t Need These Awesome Shoe Bags?

      No one ever thinks of useful gift ideas for someone moving to another country. It’s usually more about making a scrapbook for them or something a bit more sentimental. But I think these shoe bags are a pretty cool idea. If someone’s moving far away and they’ve got to pack up a load of stuff – including their shoes, obviously – they’re going to come in handy. The cute patterns make them pretty fun; there are five of them, and they’re made of waterproof material. Totally beats a plastic bag going over your shoes and makes you feel like you’ve got it together in terms of packing – and life.

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      Got Questions?

      If you liked any of these unique travel gifts you can easily grab any of them from Amazon. You can expect them to arrive within days with Amazon Prime, too, making them great for isolation.

      Or, consider grabbing them as birthday gift ideas for travelers, so it’s one less thing you have to think about!

      If you have any questions about any of the items on this list, feel free to ask them in the comments section of this post!

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