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A Day in Da Lat, Vietnam [WATCH]

Waterfall Canyoning in Da Lat, an Adventurous Day! Da Lat surprised us from the minute we stepped off the bus. This quaint French-influenced town had so much to offer. Nestled in amongst the rainforest adorned mountains, it’s a place many
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Mexico and a Painful Love [READ]

  To Mexico, with Love… It’s happening again, I can’t stop this painful love. Every time I think it’s going well, I fuck it up again. It’s been an entire relationship of unhappiness and I can’t understand how it got to this and why I can’t
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Barunga Festival: A Cultural Playground

Barunga Festival: Music, Sport and Culture WATCH: A Day in the Barunga Festival, plus a trip to Bitter Springs and Katherine.  The Brunga Festival has been around for over 30 years, bringing strong local culture to the wider Australian people.
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A Day in Sydney, Australia [WATCH]

Video of a Day Being a Sydney Tourist in Fast-Forward Winter in Sydney can be boring sometimes, it’s definitely not as vibrant and exciting as the Summer months. But there are things to do. Check out what I did with one day in Sydney. If
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A Day in Beppu, Japan [WATCH]

Video of a Full Day Being a Tourist in Beppu  ‘The Hot Spring City’ Beppu, down on the southernmost part of Japan, is a great destination for travellers wanting to get a really authentic feel for Japan while escaping the crowds. It
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A Day in Kyoto, Japan [WATCH]

Video of a Full Day Being a Tourist in Kyoto Fast-Forwarded to 2.5 Minutes This video was put together three years ago after I visited Japan for the first time in 2013. I had always intended to do a segment on my blog called ‘A Day
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A Day in Baracoa, Cuba [WATCH]

Video of a Day Trekking around Baracoa with a GoPro on my Head Baracoa is on the far Eastern tip of Cuba and is one of the more difficult places to get to in Cuba. If you’re wondering wether it’s worth the long and difficult trip to
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Journey of a Postcard [WATCH]

What happens when a postcard is lost for six years, and then finally hand delivered to its rightful owner? I write this hung over, with a pounding headache and a sore neck. But I am very excited to tell this story, for it is one with substance
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Festival Survival Tips

Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your Festival Experience Festival Realities So you spent all your money on the ticket and now you’ve got no dinero to party when the date rolls around. Need some unique tips on how to get the most out of
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