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Angkor wat with buddhist in front Backpacking Cambodia Itinerary

The Ultimate Backpacking Cambodia Itinerary (2 weeks or 10 Days)

The ultimate backpacking Cambodia itinerary! Compare our 10 day or 2 week Cambodia itineraries. Mix and match to make them suit you!

Free things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

7 Free Things To Do in Hanoi – Vietnam’s Capital City

Travel Vietnam on a budget with these 7 free things to do in Hanoi. There are so many activities in Hanoi, these are the best free ones!

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Cactus reserve for driving in Mexico road trip planner

Mexico Road Trip: All You Need To Know About Driving in Mexico

Read this before heading off on a Mexico road trip. 2019 updated information about driving in Mexico plus 5 different road trips in Mexico to choose from!

Want to find romantic things to do in Sydney, Australia on the cheap? The best list of Sydney food, walks, markets and beaches. Plus loads of the best things to do in Sydney on a budget and Sydney trip ideas. Go to a cheap Sydney restaurant, do romantic summer activities, go to a famous Sydney beach or check out Sydney at night. 🏖 🌿 🥘 💕
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Romantic Things to Do in Sydney (on a Budget)

Want to experience all of the most romantic things to do in Sydney on a budget? An eight-year Sydney local exposes all. Find out about fun activities, romantic restaurants and incredible coastal walks!

The best list of 12 enriching free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand. Free cultural activities, beautiful temples you can visit for free, plus markets, hikes and gardens. What to do in Bangkok | Need to save money in Bangkok? This list is all you’ll need. 💃🏯🇹🇭 🕍 #Bangkok #Thailand #Budget #Free #CwC #travel #photography #Travel #Unique #Cities

12 Enriching Free Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is a city of hustle and bustle.  Amidst the mixture of parks, crowded streets, and tall buildings you will find a vibrant culture ready to be appreciated and explored.  However, if you are an avid traveler you know that exploring city after city can get expensive.  That’s why we are presenting you with […]

Cover pic of Fukishimi inarii shrines - Free Things to do in Japan

Top 10 Quirky Free Things To Do in Japan

The best list of quirky and FREE things to do in Japan. Try them all! Japan is arguably the world’s best country and home to the most successful civilization in history, but all that comes at a price. Indeed, it doesn’t take much research to show that Japan is one of the most expensive countries […]

Fun Free Things to do in Brussels, Belgium

11 Authentic + Free Things to do in Brussels, Belgium

The best list of free things to do in Brussels, Belgium; Europe’s cosmopolitan centre. After trying all the fries, waffles and beers Brussels has got to offer, you may not have much money left. Do not despair, and most of all don’t go yet, because there are still many things you can do for free […]

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How to save money for long-term travel

How To Save Money for Long-Term Travel

This post will give you actionable tips and answer questions on how to save money for long-term travel, no matter where you are from or how much (or little) your job currently pays you. Whether you are based in the USA or India – you probably dream of travelling extensively one day. Long-term travel is […]

Free Things to do in Orange County California USA

10 Beachy Free Things to do in Orange County, California

The best list of free things to do in Orange County, California, written by a local. Orange County, California has been the glamorous backdrop for popular television shows like Real Housewives, Laguna Beach and The O.C (among others), leaving the impression that it may be too pricey and posh to have an affordable visit or […]

Free Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

10 Spectacular Free Things to Do in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland isn’t the cheapest place in New Zealand, which makes this list of free things to do in Auckland so necessary. But New Zealand is well-known around the world for its incredible natural landmarks and spectacular scenic views – and being in nature is pretty cheap. This makes my job easy when it comes to […]