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Top 10 Quirky Free Things To Do in Japan

Cover pic of Fukishimi inarii shrines - Free Things to do in Japan
The best list of quirky and FREE things to do in Japan. Try them all! Japan is arguably the world’s best country and home to the most successful civilization in history, but all that comes at a price. Indeed, it doesn’t take much
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How To Save Money for Long-Term Travel

How to save money for long-term travel
This post will give you actionable tips and answer questions on how to save money for long-term travel, no matter where you are from or how much (or little) your job currently pays you. Whether you are based in the USA or India – you
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Top 10 FREE things to do in Hong Kong

Free Things to do in Hong Kong
In the world’s most expensive city for expats, with the world’s most expensive real estate market, this is the last place you’d think of for having free activities. But actually, free things to do in Hong Kong are everywhere! Let me
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Awesome Free Things to do in Atlanta, USA

Free things to do in Atlanta GA
For a city this big, Atlanta is seriously cheap. Students and thrifty families alike can find many fun free things to do in Atlanta, GA. There will never be a dull moment. Plus, it’s full of other budget luxuries like affordable housing,
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Mega Japan Itinerary: 14 Days or 7 Days

Japan is definitely a place where you don’t have to travel too far to be able to experience their country to the full. We had just over 2 weeks so our Japan Itinerary included travelling south of Tokyo all the way to Beppu. If you only have 1
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11 Free Things to do in Shanghai, China

Shanghai’s cost of living may seem crazy high to many, especially those that are looking for Western-style activities, food or places. But in reality, there are many free things to do in Shanghai that will give you a taste of what this amazing
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15 Unique and Free Things to do in London, UK

Free Things to do in London UK - Castaway with Crystal
This is one of the most unique lists of free things to do in London that you will find on the internet! When I was 21, I was your stereotypical college student on her first trip to Europe. I had no money and no experience travelling, but that
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10 Fun Free Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles can be an expensive city to visit.  I can’t deny that the hotels and restaurants in this city aren’t cheap.  But there are a surprising number of free things to do in Los Angeles (commonly known as LA), and due to the great weather,
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Cappadocia Guide: Everything you need to know

The magical wonderland of Cappadocia Turkey is an awesome country! It’s got those Mediterranean vibes but without the cost of being in the European Union. And Cappadocia might just be the most famous place in Turkey! It’s is like a mystical
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Quick Guide to Delhi, India

Quick Guide: Delhi, India Bustling and busy Delhi can be very overwhelming for the novice traveller. I know it was for me. For the first couple of days, I found Delhi just too hectic to be able to actually enjoy it. But after a while, I started
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Budget Mexico Guide: Mexico City

Guide to Mexico City: Things to do, best places to eat and stay and how to get around MEXICO CITY Mexico City is the multicultural melting pot of Mexico.  Some of the strongest Mexican culture can be found in this bustling, sinking city. It’s
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So you want to become an expat?

These are your first steps to become an expat So, you’ve concluded your home country just isn’t for you and you’re going to throw the towel in and move abroad. Don’t worry, I do this every few years or so. You’ve decided where you want to go and
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Budget Mexico Guide: Chiapas

Chiapas Guide: San Cristobal, Tuxtla and Palenque CHIAPAS The multi-cultural and lush state of Chiapas is home to 12 of the 62 indigenous groups officially recognised by the Mexican government. From the beautiful ruins of Palenque, the bright
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Best things to do on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Budget Isla Mujeres Guide: Where to stay and Awesome Things do in Isla Mujeres on a budget! Ahhh Isla Mujeres, the magical Island of Women. Whenever I think back to my time on Isla Mujeres, I’ll get a little teary smile on my face. It was some
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Budget Guide: Cuba, from West to East

Backpacking Cuba: One Month in Cuba on a Budget From one end of the island to the other! Looking to travel Cuba on a budget? Need tips and advice on where to stay and what to do while backpacking in Cuba? Cuba is ridiculously cheap as long as
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Tips to Travel Cambodia on the Cheap

How to Save Money and travel Cambodia on the Cheap Cambodia is already ridiculously cheap, and this is just one of the reasons why it’s such a great country to travel. The people are friendly and welcoming and there is a distinct lack of rules,
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Follow Me Through Cambodia

16 crazy, beautiful, ‘off the beaten path’ personal experiences I had in Cambodia I travel extreme and on a budget; I endeavour to find the cheapest possible way to do anything. And travelling like this usually means I end up in sticky
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