Six Genius Travel Hacks For When You’re Broke

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      If you often find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed, dreaming of faraway lands and travels to die for, then you’re not alone. I think this is a favourite pastime for many people. But it only becomes fun if you can actually book a trip and be off on your travels. So what happens if you’re pretty broke? Here are some travel hacks for the perpetually skint, to help you travel with the budget that you have.

      Clear Cookies

      When you’re looking to book something online, be it flights or your holiday accommodation, one of the best things you can do is to clear the cookies on your browser. When you do this, it means that there is no memory of being on those sites before. Some sites, especially airline and travel comparison sites will offer a higher price if you have already looked and then come back to the site to look again.

      Look For Free Things To Do

      When you’re choosing where to go, or have found your dream destination, then look for the free things that you can do. Beaches, for example, are a good way to spend a day without having to spend anything. Cities will often have free things to do like museums or parks. So take some time and do a little research before you go.

      HEADED TO EXPENSIVE LONDON? Here’s a list of museums in London, some of which are free!

      Avoid Tourist Traps

      If you want to save money, then look to go to a destination that is a little off the tourist track. Everything in popular locations will have higher prices, from accommodation to food, and things to do. The same goes for when you’re at your destination. Same things you will want to see and do. But as a rule, try to avoid the ‘usual’ spots. You’ll save money and also get to enjoy a less busy vacation. This is easily achievable if you hire a car and do a road trip on your own!

      Forget Souvenirs

      The fun is in the memories and photos that you will have the vacation. So don’t worry about having to take home plenty of souvenirs. You don’t need material things that will cost you more money when you’ve got documented your journey through photos and video.

      Check Visas

      Do you need to get a visa before you travel to certain places? If you do, then choosing an alternative destination might be preferred, in order to save some money. People coming to the US need to pay around $20 for an ESTA, for example, and if you travel to Turkey, then you need £10 in cash for your visa at the airport. While these amounts are pretty low, it can all add up.

      Plan Off-Peak Travel

      If you are able to travel off-peak (basically, out of the popular times and when there aren’t school breaks), then you really will be able to get value for money. It is a good idea to check the country that you want to visit, though, as their school breaks could differ from where you’re at.

      What hacks have you found help you to travel on a budget? Would love to hear what you think.

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