4 Transport Options in Sri Lanka you Should Try!

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      Transport options in Sri Lanka for tourists

      Sri Lanka, a paradise for the nature lover, is a gorgeous island nation that’s geared to welcome its visitors with warmth and an unparalleled hospitality. The country is bestowed with the natural splendour of the beaches, the soothing climate of its hills, gorgeous landscapes, diversified wildlife and the resplendent glory of history. The people are so friendly and welcoming that you wouldn’t feel out of place.

      A gem of an island nation, the country is well networked and whether you desire to travel to the north, beach hop at the southern tips or take a sojourn to the hills, there are multiple travel options between places and cities. Whether it is public transport such as buses, trains, and flights between cities or the well-known tuk-tuks, a mode of short-distance private transport in an around cities or private cabs, there are convenient transport options in Sri Lanka for all budgets. Most of all, the rates are reasonably cheap and private transport widely available. Public transport is, in fact, a great way to catch a glimpse of local life.

      Buses in Sri Lanka

      Buses are the primary mode of transportation in this little island as most of the roads are in very good conditions for a smooth journey. This is by far the cheapest way to travel in Sri Lanka and quite enjoyable as well. From regular to super luxury, all kinds of buses are available. The state transport system does operate a wide network of routes. Not all of them are of equivalent quality and it is best to enquire either with your travel agent or at your local hotel about the routes and the quality of the buses.

      The word of caution is just to make you aware that some journeys can be tiring as some routes in the interior are operated by age-old buses and some routes can be a little bumpy. However, all that doesn’t take away the pleasure of watching the countryside pass by from the windows of your bus or the hustle and bustle of local country life.

      Trains in Sri Lanka

      The little island nation does operate a network of trains and multiple inter-city options are available. Tickets and reservations can usually be made at the main city railway stations. The trains travel at a decent speed, however, do not expect the comfort or the speed that you may be used to back in your country, especially if you are coming from one of those countries where the railway operations are quite advanced. But, you are on a holiday – so enjoy the relaxed and convenient travel options wherever available.

      Notable among the train rides are the scenic ride to the hill county of Nuwara Eliya. This train journey is best done between beautiful Ella to Nuwara Eliya hop. Traveling by train is also one of the best ways to see the country – particularly in the highlands as you watch the endless fields of tea plantations out of the window.

      Cabs and Taxis in Sri Lanka

      Sri Lanka has a wide Uber network, thus offering you the convenience of hailing a cab from your smartphone. There are multiple other private operators like PickMe and many others who offer comfortable, air-conditioned travel options. The rates can vary, and it is wise to book through either your operator or the hotel that you are staying at.

      Not that you cannot walk-in and book at the many agencies that are there in the city, but a few of them can be unscrupulous. Better to compare rates between different operators before you book one.

      Air Travel in Sri Lanka

      The fastest way to get to any part of the country is, of course, air travel. For those who have time constraints, there are convenient air taxi services offered by Sri Lankan Airlines and other private companies. Convenient lakes and lagoons are where these water planes land, not requiring a fixed runway as such.

      In addition to taking you from one place to another, scenic air taxi services are also available from Colombo, Kandy, and Dambulla to take you on an aerial trip of the beautiful island. Charter services are also available for private planes or helicopters to take you around the island as per your request.


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