The Top 10 Myanmar Attractions (That’ll Surely WOW You)

The Top 10 Myanmar Attractions and activities

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      Myanmar is an enchanting country for those who want to experience something unique and authentic in Southeast Asia. This destination entices visitors with its captivating temples, hidden waterfalls, beautiful lakes and untouched tropical paradises. Whether you are looking for a vacation to soak up the sense of Asia or a distinctive adventure, Myanmar has something to offer you.

      To start your travel, plan to Myanmar, take a quick look at the 10 most impressive tourist attractions:

      Shwedagon Pagoda

      It is said that any Myanmar Tour must include Shwedagon Pagoda, the most remarkable site in Yangon for several reasons. Built some 2,500 years ago, the pagoda reflects its cultural richness through unique Buddhism architect and stories.

      It is the perfect place to observe the local culture, rites and praying, especially at sunset. This site becomes extremely photogenic in the evening.

      Inle Lake

      Inle Lake is probably the best introduction for the Shan State area which is culturally diverse and naturally imposing. This is home to the ethnic people of Pa-O, Padaung and Inthar who engage in fascinating traditional works like lotus silk weaving, blacksmith and wood carving.

      Inle Lake isn’t short of picturesque landscapes to entice its visitors. From floating gardens to stilt villages, Indian ruins to remote Sankar sunken stupas, there are literally so many mind-blowing sites to explore!

      Do not miss the chance to enjoy a cooking class or simply taste the famous Shan noodle!


      Another beautiful spot in Shan State is Hsipaw, a realm for trekkers who are keen on the authentic Burma experience. This scenic mountain area has an abundance of gorgeous valleys, dense tropical forest, cascading waterfalls and friendly villages.

      Hsipaw is certainly not only about the trek, but cultural enthusiasts will also easily be tempted by the secret that Shan Palace holds within.

      May Myo

      Officially Pyin Oo Lwin, May Myo is literally named ‘The May Town’ thanks to its cool weather and lush nature. It was chosen as the best summer retreat for officers to escape from Mandalay during the summertime under the British Era.

      Nowadays, May Myo still recalls its charm through British Villas and faded Portuguese churches. If you are interested in an adventure, May Myo is home to the awe-inspiring Goteik Viaduct and many breathtaking trekking routes.

      Photo by Clay Gilliland / CC-BY


      Lying by the Irrawaddy River, Mandalay is the last capital of the Burma Kingdom. The city boasts plentiful historical highlights you will be sure to admire like the Royal Palace, the incomplete pagoda of Mingun, the Royal Monastery and Kuthodaw (which holds the world’s largest book).

      Many budding photographers enjoy shooting at the Ubein, the world’s longest teak wood bridge. But there are lots of other ways to appreciate the exotic beauty of Mandalay including taking a motorbike ride, or a boat trip on Irrawaddy River.

      Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda

      Every year millions of Burmese people flock to Kyaikhtiyo to behold the holy Golden Rock, a structure that will be sure to leave you in awe. According to the legend, this rock can perch on the hill in this extraordinary position because it sits atop a single strand of the Buddha’s hair.

      Photo by Jason Eppink / CC-BY


      Tucked in the far north near the Chinese border, Putao is the only place in such a tropical country like Myanmar that is actually covered by a snowcapped mountain. It houses the highest mountain in Southeast Asia; Hkakabo Razi, which lies on the elevation of 5.881m.

      In Putao, there is no better place to conquer the wilderness of Myanmar.


      When it comes to the idea of where to capture the most iconic temple landscape of Myanmar, Bagan is the first name that all the local tour operators will say.

      Stretching out over 104 square meters, this sacred plain is filled by over 2,500 incredible pagodas. This is what remains of the 10,000 original ones constructed from 9th to 13th century. It is one of the third biggest archaeological centres in Asia.

      To immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Bagan, it is recommended to take a Balloon flight during the sunrise.

      Ngapali Beach

      The name Ngapali was inspired by Naples, Italia which means this tantalising beach is a great source of relaxation and styled beach culture. For over 17km of sand, the scenic scenery of Ngapali is formed by lush palm fringe and fascinating fishing villages like Pearl Island.

      This is the best beach in Myanmar to enjoy world-class resorts as well as exclusive oceanic voyages.

      The Mergui Archipelago

      Slightly off the tourist radar is the Mergui Archipelago, an extremely interesting place in its own right. The Mergui Archipelago is seriously alluring. It treasures 800 islands around the Andaman Sea, most of which are untouched by humans.

      For most travellers, the Mergui Archipelago means azure waterways, sun-drenched beaches with no footsteps, awesome diving spots and exceptionally diverse marine life.

      Why Visit These Myanmar Attractions?

      After decades of isolation, Myanmar is now opening up to the world more and more. Chances to uncover secret treasures like Pyu Unesco Heritage or untamed nature of Lashio are more accessible. Apart from the captivating landscapes, Myanmar also draws visitors with its ethnic diversity and the local hospitality you’ll be sure to encounter here.

      Now is the perfect time to explore this stunning destination before it becomes far too touristic.

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