Tips to Make Your Next Travel Experience Easier

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      How to get the most out of your travels

      When you are traveling you definitely want things to be easier, but sometimes we overlook the simple things that could make our journeys that little bit easier. I have made many mistakes on my travels and was inspired to write my own guide so that you can skip the unpleasant experiences and simply have a great time. I hope you enjoy reading about it and enjoy your travels!

      Stay at the airport

      Everyone has had a bad experience and the dreadful feeling that you may miss your flight. The solution is a simple one that costs a little, but is well worth it for the stress that it takes away. The answer is definitely staying very close to the airport in airport hotels. Not only don’t you have to stress about missing your flight, you can be as relaxed as possible by enjoying a good breakfast and a great sleep.

      I really enjoyed staying in one of the Manchester airport hotels on one of my last trips and it was great just to head over to the airport without a care in the world. There is no need to worry about public transport and delays and in a lot of cases you can actually walk to the airport from your hotel!

      Plan ahead

      I am not a huge fan of strict travel schedules and planning everything on a trip to the T, but it is always good to plan ahead to see what you can do in your chosen destination. Having a range of things to do beforehand is much easier than spending an hour at your hotel trying to research and decide what you want to do. Your holiday is limited, so treat every moment like it is! Don’t waste time because after all, your holiday is for holidaying and not for researching tourist attractions! I personally like to make a list and then pick some things that I want to do, and I try not to plan too much.

      Buy a proper bag

      Believe it or not, travelers are constantly let down by inappropriate bags that just don’t suit the purpose of their trip. I have seen it everywhere and it truly isn’t a mistake that you don’t want to make. For example, I have seen people trying to “backpack” in some countries with a suitcase.

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      Invest in the right bag, because it will make things that much easier and pain-free, trust me on this! Before you head off you may want to think about your goal for the trip and then you can better assess what you really need. For example, you might stay in a hotel but spend a few days in the jungle, so a suitcase and a backpack combination would definitely be ideal for this. Practicality is definitely key when it comes to choosing the right bag, so think practical rather than style in this sense.

      Pack and then halve it

      Packing is one of the finest arts of the travel world and packing the right amount of things is something that has truly taken a very long time for me to perfect. One of my top tips for avoiding bringing too much with you is to pack what you think you need and then to halve it. This is so much better than realising you have too much on your trip and then throwing it away, which is a real waste.

      This is especially the case on longer trips where having more can really weigh you down. The maybe rule is also a great one to live by too. If you want to pack something and you think you may or might use it then the best thing is not to pack it. Be harsh, because it will make your trip so much better and less stressful. Traveling with less is really more and enjoying picking a few things up along the way is far better than having to throw things away.

      SEB TAN

      Seb is an avid travel fan that loves to write and share his travel knowledge with others through his blog Aspiring Backpacker. He can be found traveling as often as he possibly can and is always looking forward to his next adventure. 

      What are your best tips to make travel easier?
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