The Best Anti Theft Backpack for Travel in 2021

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      This mega guide will help you understand why you need an anti-theft backpack for travel and helps you choose the best one for your needs.



      TOP ANTI THEFT BACKPACK: Pacsafe Venture Safe 25L GII, Black, Large

      If you don’t have time to read the whole post this is a quick summary. I found the Pacsafe Venture Safe to be consistently the best anti theft bag for travel out there. It ticks off all of the features you could need or want in an anti theft backpack. To see reviews and check the price of the Pacsafe Venture Safe backpacks click the button below. 


      Having been traveling the world for over four years now I can say, with some sense of pride I guess, that I have never had more than my wallet stolen. It could be argued that that was my own fault anyway, but that is a whole other story. As an experienced traveler, when it comes to the best anti theft backpacks for travel I feel I know a thing or two of value to share.

      I appreciate that some people aren’t as lucky as me when it comes to theft, or that they travel with valuable tech and super sentimental items that no insurance policy can ever help recover. I think that part of my anti-theft success is that since day dot I have been using products from PacSafe who make some of the best anti theft bags for travel around.

      I have come to realise that there is not all that much information out there about what to look for in an anti theft backpack for travel, nor where to get them. So, I have penned this complete guide on the best travel bags for anti theft so that you can get yourself super safe and secure before you hit the road.

      One of my favorite travel items, one of my essentials, is my anti theft travel purse. It is light, easy to use, discreet and super durable. I’ll be sharing more about that later.

      I will certainly be sending this link over to my bestie who had her bag actually cut off her when traveling in Argentina and to my girlfriend who had her backpack opened on a busy train in Italy. Thankfully they’re all OK now and it wasn’t a massive drama but, if they have been using secure backpacks these incidences could have been avoided.

      From things to consider when buying your anti theft travel bags to when is best to use them, let’s take a look!

      Our Top Picks: Anti Theft Bag Comparison Chart

      Not got time to read the complete guide to anti theft backpacks for travel? No worries! Here is a break down of my top picks based on size, weight, security features and price in an easy to read comparison chart.

      These top picks will help save you time on finding the best anti theft travel bags so you can get on with the fun bit, shopping! Be sure to have a look at the reviews left by other travellers so as to help you figure out which one of the best theft proof backpacks is right for you. Remember, functionality over design for these bad boys!

      Just click on each product for more information and for the current price. Sometimes they come on sale! YAY!

      Pacsafe Venture Safe 25L GII, Black, Large7.9 x 19.7 x 11.4 inches (50 x 29 x 20 cm)1.95 pounds (708g)RFID safe
      Turn & lock security Hooks
      Smart zippers

      Best Overall
      KOPACK Slim Business Laptop Backpack14.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches (44.9 x 29.9 x 18 cm)1.94 pounds (816 g)Anti-Scratch
      Detachable USB Cable
      Lockable metal Zippers

      Best Price
      Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag11 x 10 x 4.5 inches (50 x 29 x 20 cm)15.2 ounces (450 g)Lobster claw clasps
      Strong zippers

      Best Purse
      Bobby by XD Design4.7 x 11.4 x 16.5 inches (42 x 34 x 20 cm)2.5 pounds (1.17 kg)Cut proof material
      Water resistant
      USB charging portal
      Bopai Business 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack11.4 x 5.7 x 16.9 inches (28.9 x 14.4 x 42.9 cm)2.3 pounds (1.04 kg)Invisible zip pocket
      Anti explosion zipper
      Water resistant
      Travelon Men’s Anti-Theft Heritage Backpack13 x 17.5 x 6 inches (33 x 44.5 x 15.2 cm)3.15 pounds (1.4 kg)Laptop sleeve: 15.6 inch
      Cotton canvas & suede
      Polyester lining
      PacSafe Slingsafe LX400 Anti Theft Backpack with Detachable Pocket17 x 29 x 44 inches (40 x 29.2 x 14.2 cm)1.46 pounds (630 g)Two bags in one
      Turn-and-lock hooks
      Most Cute
      Kensington SecureTrek 17’’ Lockable Anti Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack8 x 13 x 19.5 inches (20 x 33 x 49.5 cm)3 pounds (1.36 kg)Anti-Puncture zipper
      Secure trek lock base
      Padded back and straps
      Bobby Compact by XD Design6.3 x 11.8 x 15.8 inches (7.8 x 16 x 13.4 cm)1.81 pounds (997 g)Anti slash material
      YKK zipper
      Water repellent
      PacSafe Camsafe V25 Anti Theft Camera Backpack11.8 x 8.7 x 20.1 inches (30 x 60 x 114 cm)2.81 pounds (1.3 kg)Laptop compartment: 13 inch
      DSLR camera pocket
      eXomesh slashguard

      Best Camera Backpack

      What is an Anti Theft Bag?

      “What is an anti theft backpack?” I hear you say. An anti theft backpack is a bag that features design elements that give the bag maximum security. Some of these features include slash proof material, a lockable laptop compartment, hidden pockets, secure/lockable zips, USB charging, and RFID Technology.

      Whereas normal bags come with the basic security features, they have a strong focus on aesthetic and perhaps even comfort and capacity. Anti theft daypacks come with a very specific set of design features that offer the user maximum security on their precious kit.

      Why Travel With an Anti Theft Bag?

      Why not?! Although much of traveling is about learning to trust and embrace the big wild world sometimes there are just bad people out there who are on the lookout for a bag to break in to.

      It doesn’t matter whether you’re walking down the dodgiest street in Johannesburg in the middle of the night or trekking up to Everest Base Camp, opportunists lie around every corner. You can never be too careful.

      So, an anti theft backpack for travel just helps give you that little extra peace of mind.

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      When to Use an Anti Theft Bag?

      I’d suggest you use anti theft backpacks whenever you are traveling with anything of value; be it your laptop, your phone, or your passport.

      Chances are you will be carrying one or more of these items every time you leave your hostel or hotel. So, you can use your secure travel backpacks every day! That said, if you are just nipping to the 7/11 or heading on a big night out there’s no need to lug a full rucksack around, an anti theft travel purse would suffice.

      Are They Worth the Money?

      Are anti theft bags worth it? Personally, I’d say YES a million times over. Anti theft travel bags are totally worth the money. Just think about the stress and hassle that is caused by having something stolen, or even just losing something like your phone or a week’s worth of cash.

      I can almost guarantee you that should you have something stolen from your normal bag, that it would cost more to replace those items than if you’d bought an anti theft backpack for travel in the first place. They’re really quite affordable. Check out how all the security features come together in the below backpack diagram.

      Diagram of an anti theft bag features for the best anti theft backpacks for travel


      There is a heap of stuff to consider when looking to find the best anti theft luggage for you. What suits your needs might not suit the needs of your travel buddy. Let’s take a look;

      🔪 Slash Proof Body

      This seems like an obvious one but the most important feature of a travel bag for anti theft is that the material is slash proof. One of the most common forms of bag theft is to slash the outer pockets, the bottom or even cut the straps. Having a slash proof backpack is key.

      🤐 Zippers

      Zippers are the second most important feature to think about when looking for the best anti theft travel backpack. Be sure to check out whether the zippers are lockable and are of high quality. Cheap zippers are very easy to break. It’s worth spending a little more for this feature alone.

      💻 Laptop Compartment

      This can be both a blessing and a curse. Savvy thieves will know what to look for a laptop compartment when on the lookout for a potential target. That said, having a laptop compartment in your anti theft backpack makes getting through airport security a lot quicker. For me, this feature is a must to be the best travel anti theft backpack.

      🔏 Waist Pockets

      Having secure waist pockets can make life a lot easier on the road. The best secure travel backpack needs to be functional, not so secure that it is a mission to get into the bag though. Take a look at the secure waist pockets and think about what useful bits and bobs they can be used for.

      💳 RFID-Blocking

      A feature that is more likely to be found on an anti theft travel purse than a bag. RFID-blocking technology works to block scanners from reading the contactless payment technology on your credit/debit card.

      🔐 Locking Straps

      Locking straps allow you to securely fasten items to the outside of your backpack, say hiking boots, laundry bag or water bottle. Although these items are easily replaced if stolen you really don’t want the hassle.

      🔓 Accessibility

      Is the bag so secure that even you can’t get into it? There is a fine line between secure travel bags and them being a total pain. You need to have quick and easy access to what is inside without the nifty thieves having unrestricted access too.

      😍 Style

      Last but not least, do you like the style? You have to feel happy with the bag popping up in your travel snaps. Although functionality is key be sure that you actually like the look of the theft safe backpack before you buy.

      The Best Anti Theft Backpacks

      Let’s take a look at the best anti theft travel bags in each category! Here I break down each brand and awesome features they come with.


      Pacsafe Venture Safe 25L GII, Black, Large Review

      The best anti theft backpack is the Pacsafe Venture Safe 25L GII. This bag is stylish, lightweight and durable. Its anti theft features include RFIDsafe blocking materials throughout the bag and a padded laptop compartment too.

      The PacSafe Venture Safe 25L GII has hidden eXomesh slashguard stainless steel wire mesh within the fabric for protection against slash-and-go thefts. This anti theft backpack mesh is the best of its kind on the market.

      Featuring an easily accessible secure laptop compartment and a 3-liter hydration pack compartment not found in the 15L version.

      The turn-and-lock security hooks are a great feature that adds a subtle additional security element while allowing you to get in and out of the bag with ease. The zippers discreetly attach to the security hooks to offer this bag anti theft security galore.

      Ideal for all kinds of travel experiences including hiking and the daily commute. This is the best secure backpack for traveling in the market!



      • Durable
      • Maximum Security Features
      • 25L Capacity


      • Expensive
      • Plain Design

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 7.9 x 19.7 x 11.4 inches (50 x 29 x 20 cm)

      Weight: 1.95 pounds (708g)

      Capacity: 25L

      Laptop Compartment: 15-inch

      Color: Black

      Two Shoulder Straps & Sternum Strap

      eXomesh Slash Proof Material

      RFID Safe

      Turn & Lock Security Hooks

      Smart Zippers


      KOPACK Slim Business Laptop Backpack Review

      Offering outstanding value for money, stylish design and an incredible selection of security features, the KOPACK Slim Business Anti Theft Laptop Backpack is the top anti theft backpack in terms of price, for sure.

      The KOPACK comes with a hidden laptop compartment with extra secure zippers. Within the main body of the bag lies 17 slots to help you keep all your items neat and organized. No need to get wound up rooting around for that pen you need or your city map.

      it’s also one of the best anti theft charging backpacks. There is a detachable USB charging cable that sits within the bag that allows you to attach your phone to your portable charger inside the backpack while using your phone in your hand. This helps offer security as holding both your portable charger and phone in one hand while walking is risky.

      While researching the KOPACK Anti Theft Travel Backpack, I found the material is water resistant and durable and it is a tear proof backpack as well. The anti stab dual layer zipper makes the bag ultra-secure from even the most ambitious thieves. With the ability to hold a 17-inch laptop computer, it is also one of the best anti theft laptop backpacks on this list.



      • Anti Theft Laptop Bag Compartment
      • Various Colors
      • Detachable USB Cable
      • Anti Theft Backpack with Charger
      • Anti Theft Zipper Locks


      • Cheaper materials
      • No RFID protection

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 14.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches (44.9 x 29.9 x 18 cm)

      Weight: 1.94 pounds (816 g)

      Laptop Compartment: 15.6 or 17.3-inch

      Color: Black, Grey, Magenta

      17 Inner Slots

      Two Shoulder Straps

      Water Resistant


      Detachable USB Cable

      Lockable Metal Zippers

      Anti Stab Dual Layer Zipper


      Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag Review

      As I mentioned earlier, when you are just whipping to 7/11 or on a big night out you don’t necessarily want to lug your anti theft backpack around with you. This is where you can call upon your anti theft travel purse. Chuck in your phone, keys, and wallet and be on your merry way!

      This messenger bag has is just the right size and even has a pocket for your water bottle. The chic design means it matches with pretty much any travel outfit and it is not too bulky or unsightly. It is available in ten different colors so you are bound to find a shade that suits your wardrobe.

      In terms of safety, this theft proof purse covers all bases. Each compartment is lockable by using the super strong lobster claw clasps. The cross body strap is anti-slash too. If only my friend has used this in Argentina!

      Each compartment has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, there are slots for your phone, cards, and pens. This helps keep your bag organized and stops you having to root around for your stuff, making you a potential target for thieves.

      This cute anti theft purse for travel is great for all wonderlusting women on the run!



      • Lobster Claw Clasps
      • Compact
      • Strong Zippers


      • Not Great for Men
      • Cannot Fit Laptop

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 11 x 10 x 4.5 inches (27 x 25.4 x 11.4 cm)

      Weight: 15.2 ounces (450 g)

      Laptop Compartment: N/A

      Color: 10 Colors Available

      Lockable Compartments

      Anti Slash Body & Strap

      RFID Blocking Technology

      So that covers the very best of the very best of anti theft travel backpacks. Let’s take a look at some other options that may take your fancy. They are all great in their own right, so check them out!

      Bobby by XD Design Review

      Easily one of the most stylish anti theft tech backpacks on the market right now, the Bobby by XD Design ticks all the right boxes. It comes in at under $100 and the designers haven’t scrimped or saved on any of those all-important security features.

      Although not an anti theft waterproof backpack the Bobby by XD Design features water repellent material that will hold its own in a heavy shower. Maybe don’t go scuba diving with it though!

      Made from strong polyester the Bobby by XD Design features cut proof design, hidden pockets and discreet zippers. It is the little touches that make this anti theft travel bag so great, like the illuminating safety strips, integrated USB charging port and the ergonomic strap design. It is the strap design that makes the Bobby by XD Design great for travellers who will wear this bag for long periods of time.



      • Ergonomic Straps
      • Cut Proof Backpack
      • Illuminating Safety Strips


      • Only 13l Capacity
      • No External Pockets

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 4.7 x 11.4 x 16.5 inches (44 x 34 x 20 cm)

      Weight: 2.5 pounds (1.18 kg)

      Capacity: 13L

      Laptop Compartment: 15.6 inch anti-theft backpack

      Color: Black, Grey, Red, Blue

      Hidden Zippers

      Ergonomic Strap System

      Cut Proof Material

      Water Resistant

      USB Charging Portal

      Illuminating Safety Strips

      Bopai Business 15.6 inch Laptop Backpack Review

      In this Bopai backpack review, I talk about how ultra stylish and abundant in security features the Bopai Business Laptop Backpack is. The Bopai travel backpack is a brilliant small anti theft backpack for travel.

      Innovative in every way this backpack features an invisible water bottle pocket and high-tech waterproof material. These features make the Bopai one of the best waterproof anti theft backpacks around.

      In terms of security features, the Bopai business backpacks don’t hold back. It has an invisible zip pocket where you can stow away your phone, laptop, passport and more. The zippers are ‘anti-explosion’ meaning that no matter how full your bag gets they’re not going to burst open.

      The materials used to create the Bopai Anti-Theft Business Backpack serve to increase its anti theft potential. The microfibre leather and durable ballistic nylon are near indestructible. It is also one of the only leather anti theft backpacks on the market and is also one of the best backpacks for business travel! The chic black design means that the The Bopai Anti Theft Backpack is gender neutral and can be used comfortably by men or by women.



      • Stylish
      • Hidden Laptop Pocket
      • USB Charging Portal
      • Near Indestructible Backpack


      • Not Slash-proof

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 11.4 x 5.7 x 16.9 inches (28.9 x 14.4 x 42.9 cm)

      Weight: 2.3 pounds (1.04 kg)

      Laptop Compartment: anti-theft 15.6 inch backpack

      Color: Black

      Invisible Water Pocket

      USB Charging Port

      Invisible Zip Pocket

      Anti Explosion Zipper

      Water Resistant

      Travelon Men’s Anti-Theft Heritage Backpack Review

      Inconspicuous in design the Travelon Men’s Anti-Theft Heritage Backpack has all the anti theft security features you could ask for plus a fashionable edge.

      Aesthetically, this looks like any other normal fashion backpack but it couldn’t be further from the truth. This secure laptop backpack is made with thick cotton canvas and suede that make it very difficult to slash open.

      Ideal for work, for school or for travel the Travelon Anti Theft Backpack can house a 15.6-inch laptop within its padded sleeve within the main compartment. The polyester lining of the main compartment helps to increase the longevity of the bag and is wipe-clean.

      The Travelon is one of the best backpacks with lockable zippers too. The zippers on both the main body and the front pockets are lockable for added security and peace of mind. The external water bottle pocket is great for travellers who are keen on keeping hydrated while they explore. Like, who isn’t though?



      • Fashionable
      • Padded Laptop Sleeve
      • Lockable Zippers


      • Not RFID safe
      • Not Slash Proof

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 13 x 17.5 x 6 inches (33 x 44.5 x 15.2 cm)

      Weight: 3.15 pounds (1.4 kg)

      Laptop Compartment: 15.6-inch

      Color: Pewter, Oatmeal, Indigo

      Cotton Canvas & Suede anti-theft travel backpack

      Polyester Lining

      Lockable Backpack Zippers


      PacSafe Slingsafe LX400 Anti Theft Backpack with Detachable Pocket Review

      Multifunctional, fashionable and with all the anti theft backpack technology you could wish for. The PacSafe Slingsafe LX400 features their amazing eXomesh fabric that protects your belongings from slash-and-run crimes. This is the best anti theft backpack mesh around and is well worth splurging on.

      The bag also features RFID-blocking material that prevents your data from being stolen from over 7m away.

      The detachable front pocket is ideal for when you’re just nipping out for an hour or so and don’t need to carry all of your tech with you. The cute tote features all the same security elements as the main bag and is big enough to fit the PacSafe RFID Safe Anti Theft Travel Wallet inside. These features make it one of my anti theft backpack favorites. 

      The bag is available in five different styles and each one features wire-embedded dynamo straps with turn-and-lock hooks to make this a serious security backpack.



      • Two in One With Cute Tote
      • RFID Safe
      • Anti Slash Backpack


      • No Laptop Pocket

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 17 x 29 x 44 inches (40 x 29.2 x 14.2 cm)

      Weight: 1.46 pounds (630 g)

      Capacity: 16L

      Laptop Compartment: N/A

      Color: Black, Tweed Grey, Denim, Grey Camo, Chilli Red

      Two Bags in One



      Turn-and-Lock Hooks

      eXomesh Anti Slash Fabric

      Wire-embedded Dynamo Straps

      Kensington SecureTrek 17’’ Lockable Anti Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack Review

      Ideal for weekend mini-breaks or business travel, the Kensington SecureTrek ticks all the boxes. With a professional and stylish design that allows for full functionality, this is an ideal anti theft backpack for travel.

      The bag features anti-puncture zippers that can be securely locked at each end so no one is going to be getting into your bag except you. The lock loop is ideal for when you are traveling through airports and is TSA-approved. On that note, the Kensington SecureTrek is cabin-luggage size and fits through security scanners easily. There is a padded device compartment where you can store your laptop or tablet or both.

      While reviewing theft proof bags, I found that this backpack comes with a 10-year warranty which is almost unheard of nowadays! The padded back and padded shoulder straps are ideal for the long walk from the transport hub to your hotel.



      • Carry On Luggage Size
      • Laptop & Tablet Compartment
      • Anti-Puncture Zipper


      • Not Slash Proof

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 8 x 13 x 19.5 inches (20 x 33 x 49.5 cm)

      Weight: 3 pounds (1.36 kg)

      Laptop Compartment: 17-inch + 10-inch Tablet

      Color: Black

      Anti-Puncture Zipper

      Secure Trek Lock Base

      Padded Back & Straps


      Bobby Compact by XD Design Review

      This is the smaller, cuter, little sibling of the Bobby Original by XD Designs. Just 16 cm tall this is the best anti theft travel bag for those who like to travel with just the bare necessities.

      The Bobby Compact features YKK zippers, anti cut material, and adjustable luggage straps. This is in addition to the road-safe reflective strips, quick access pockets and the integrated USB charging port.

      The adjustable opening angles help make the Bobby Compact a good security bag for travel. You can open the bag to 30-degrees, 90-degrees or the 180-degrees depending on your needs in any given moment. No need to go opening the bag to the full, and showing everyone what is inside, if there is no good reason to, right?

      Bobby Compact comes in a range of cute colours and is probably the most female friendly anti theft backpack for travel, in terms of design, to be featured on our list.



      • Compact
      • Slash Proof
      • YKK Zippers


      • Too Small for a Laptop
      • Expensive
      • No External Pockets

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 6.3 x 11.8 x 15.8 inches (7.8 x 16 x 13.4 cm)

      Weight: 1.81 pounds (997 g)

      Laptop Compartment: 15.6 or 17.3-inch

      Color: Pink, Yellow, Denim, Blue, Mint Green

      Anti Slash Material

      YKK Zipper

      Water Repellent

      Integrated USB Charging Port

      Reflective Strips

      Adjustable Open Angles

      PacSafe Camsafe V25 Anti Theft Camera Backpack Review

      Easily the best anti theft backpack for camera users on the market. The PacSafe Camsafe V25 has been designed specifically to ensure your camera kit is kept super safe while ensuring you can access your rig with ease, so as to make sure you don’t miss that life-changing shot.

      The PacSafe Camsafe V25 has RFID-blocking technology throughout as well as eXomesh slashguard stainless steel wire mesh. This helps to protect you from slash-and-run crimes. The inner compartment is a whopping 25 liters meaning you can carry all your tech equipment, cameras and more. The Pacsafe Camsafe anti theft backpack 15-inch laptop compartment is padded enough to secure away your expensive gear safely.

      There is a DSLR pocket inside that can be accessed either from the top, as is traditional, or from the easy access, secure side pocket. This is a serious theft proof camera backpack.

      While looking for the best anti theft camera bag, I found that the design is functional and stylish (I love the green one), meaning that you can use the theft proof camera bag in any circumstance; work or play. The Camsafe range are the best anti theft camera backpacks on the market!



      • RFID Safe
      • Camera & Laptop Compartment
      • Slash Proof


      • Expensive

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 20.1 x 11.8 x 8.7 inches (30 x 60 x 114 cm)

      Weight: 2.81 pounds (1.3 kg)

      Capacity: 25L

      Laptop Compartment: 15-inch

      Colors: Black or Forest Green


      Camera Pocket

      eXomesh Slashguard


      Ramp up your backpack security anti-theft accessories. Plus ways to keep your stuff safe without an anti-theft backpack.

      ✔︎ RFID Blocking Neck Pouch: A soft neck pouch that is designed to be worn under your clothing with slash safe strap.

      ✔︎ Lightweight Steel Bag Protector: For people without a slash-proof backpack, this option covers around your bag and locks onto furniture to keep your stuff safe when you aren’t around.

      ✔︎ Portable Safe: This small lockup wire mesh bag is a great alternative when you just needs to keep a few key items safe. You can also cable it onto furniture etc. Perfect for hotel rooms, the beach or by the pool.

      ✔︎ Retractable Cable Lock: This lock is great for people who have not got the ability to lock their backpacks to a piece of furniture, etc. Simply wind the cable through the backpack straps and then lock it to something solid.

      ✔︎ Small Cable Locks: The perfect size to lock literally anything onto anything. TSA approved.

      Thanks for reading our guide on the best anti theft backpack 2021. We hope you found all of the information useful and you feel safe and confident marching onwards to your next destination!

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      If you have any questions about any of the anti theft products listed, just let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them! I know there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider when choosing travel bags and anti theft, so finding the right secure bags for travel is no easy task.

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