5 Reasons to Visit Meteora, Greece

Visit Meteora Guide: Things you must do and see! Meteora is a unique mountainous area right near the towns of Kalambaka and Kastraki in Thessaly. Filled with dramatic mountains and rock pillars coupled with precariously placed hand-built
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Cappadocia Guide: Everything you need to know

This is your mega Cappadocia guide (a magical wonderland in Turkey) Turkey is an awesome country! It’s got those Mediterranean vibes but without the cost of being in the European Union. And Cappadocia might just be the most famous place in
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How not to pee when camping [READ]

Reasons why I hate being a woman #3,728 Squatting is always interesting, isn’t it? It’s like gambling just without the fun… And with added public nudity. You just never know what the end result will be but you always stay
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