Here’s what your travel pants should have

tactical pants for travel to Everest basecamp

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      Travelling requires you to make a lot of arrangements. First and foremost, you need to get the hotel room booked. Travel arrangements need to be made, and flight tickets need to be booked. All in all, there is a lot that needs to be done. Making arrangements for travel is a real task.

      Packing things for your trip happens to be one of the most important tasks. If you are planning to travel solo, then you need to make sure you have everything you need. As a solo traveller, you need to be self-reliant. This means that you’ll have to make sure that you carry all of the things you need.

      If you are going to camp in the wild, then you can bring your tactical pants along. These pants are just like your regular pants in terms of the look and feel but are way more hardwearing than your regular pants. 

      tactical pants for travel in snow

      Here’s what you need to look for in your pants:

      They’re water-resistant

      Water-resistant pants will go a long way in ensuring unmatched comfort. You cannot travel through the woods with ease if your pants keep causing trouble. A wet pant isn’t cool, right. It does not matter what time of day it is; all of us just love to stay clean and dry. You need to ensure that the pants you buy are water-resistant. Also, pants made using breathable fabrics are better than those made using other non-breathable fabrics. 

      Pack small

      A good pant is the one which doesn’t end up occupying too much space. As a traveller, you need to opt for pants that can be packed with ease. If you are an experienced camper/traveller, you’ll be able to ascertain which pant is good and which one isn’t. You should be able to pack your pants with ease. Just fold it and stuff it inside the backpack.


      Yes, that’s an important point. Camping pants should always be stretchable. It shouldn’t be too loose, but it should still be stretchable. Make sure it fits you well, even in the absence of a belt. If you are fond of sporting a leather belt, then you can definitely go for the ones with a slightly loose-fitting. 

      tactical pants for landscape photography


      In simple words, moisture-wicking fabrics keep sweat and moisture at bay. These fabrics rely on some sort of ‘capillary action’. It can be defined as the movement of the sweat through the spaces (tiny ones) within a fabric. Well, you do not need to revisit your science lessons. Just remember that these fabrics keep moisture and sweat away. 

      Wrinkle-resistant and doesn’t weigh much 

      Nobody likes to wear a wrinkled pant, right. Even if you are roaming around and camping in the woods, you do not want your pants to get crushed. This happens a lot during packing. Most of the pants you buy will get wrinkled if they are stuffed inappropriately inside a backpack, but there are pants that are wrinkle-free. You can opt for these types of pants at a reasonable price. 

      Zippered pockets will come in handy

      Having pants with zippered pockets will come as an added plus. Such pants can be used frequently to store essentials. Pants with zippered pockets can be used to store your smartphone. If you love to carry loose items inside your pockets, then go for the pants having zippered pockets.

      So, that’s pretty much about it. Keep these pointers in mind if you are going out to buy pants for an upcoming trip. First-timers need to be extra careful. As a camper, you should stay prepared for just about everything that comes your way. 

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