How to Use Next Vacay to Save Money on Your Next Adventure

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      Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. You get to meet new people, learn about different cultures, try new foods, and come home with great photos and memories. One of the biggest challenges a traveler faces when planning their trip is finding affordable airplane tickets. However, when you use Next Vacay to find cheap flights for you, you can focus on finding lodging and planning your adventure, all while saving money on one of your biggest travel expenses: airfare.

      About Next Vacay

      Based out of Atlanta, the founders of Next Vacay, Naveen and Shaylee Dittakavi, have always loved to travel, yet found that trying to find affordable plane tickets was often challenging. They knew that inexpensive flights were available, if only they could find them. Naveen, who is a software developer, put his skills and knowledge to work creating a software program that makes finding cheap flights a breeze.

      At first, the couple used their system just to help themselves find flights, then they got cheap deals for friends and family. After realizing how important their software was in helping travelers find inexpensive airfare, they offered their company’s services to the public.

      One of the best things about Next Vacay is that the company makes its money not from airline kickbacks or any commissions, but by the small annual fee the members pay for the subscription-based service. All the cheap deals that come to you are unbiased and honest low airfares from legitimate airlines. Next Vacay isn’t a travel agency, and you won’t receive deals for lodging, car rentals, or cruises. The sole focus of Next Vacay is to find you the cheapest airfare to get you to your destination.

      How To Use Next Vacay to Find Great Flights

      4 Ways Technology is Transforming Traveling Experience

      Airlines don’t make finding cheap flights easy. They like to keep them as hidden as possible so that travelers end up having to pay full price for airfare. When cheap flights do become available, they get bought up quickly. When you start to plan your adventure, vacation, or trip, usually the first thing you do is find a flight to your destination.

      Searching airline websites trying to find the cheapest flight available is time-consuming and often quite overwhelming. Some people end up paying full price for the ticket, decide to go somewhere cheaper than their preferred location, or just give up altogether. Next Vacay does the work for you so you don’t have to. The software scours airline databases to find great deals based on your information. Once the system detects a cheap flight, you receive an email alert with a link to the airline so you can book directly with them. That’s it. It’s really easy.

      Simply set up an account with Next Vacay, give them your name, email address, the airport you’ll use to fly in and out of, your preferred destinations, and possible travel dates. You’ll usually get one to three emails per week, and if you find a deal that suits you, grab it quickly because they don’t last very long.

      The Kind of Deals You Can Find on Next Vacay

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      Have you ever dreamed of seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan? How about scuba diving in Bali or seeing the aurora borealis while soaking in hot springs in Iceland? While it may seem that airplane tickets to these amazing places could be astronomical, Next Vacay may be able to find a cheap flight for you.

      Members have found deals such as a round-trip ticket to Barcelona, Spain, with a price tag of $600. Others were able to go to Japan for $393 round-trip, and some lucky members scored a round-trip ticket to Costa Rica for a crazy low price tag of $273.

      Sometimes, you’ll receive notifications for destinations that you didn’t even think about traveling to. Getting these emails is like looking through a travel magazine and dreaming of new adventures ahead. If the destination and dates work for you, all you have to do is book the flights directly with the airline, have your travel documents in order, pack a bag and go on a fascinating adventure.

      The founders of Next Vacay understand that most people can’t just jump on a plane right away to be whisked off on vacation. There’s coordinating with work, the kids’ schedule, and other details involved with traveling. Most of the deals you receive notifications for are at least one to ten months out. Depending on your lifestyle, this generally gives you plenty of time to organize your travel plans.

      Almost Everyone Can Benefit Using Next Vacay

      4 Ways Technology is Transforming Traveling Experience

      Anyone who travels, enjoys saving money on plane tickets, and doesn’t want to take the time to scour endless airline websites for cheap flights can benefit from using Next Vacay. Busy working professionals love using Next Vacay. Professionals often love to travel but are sometimes time-constrained by work and family obligations. Finding affordable flights is one of the hardest parts of traveling, and Next Vacay can take that part of an adventure and make it easier.

      When families travel together, they have to buy an airplane ticket for each person. As you can imagine, the cost of paying full price for multiple tickets can seriously hurt the family’s wallet. All of Next Vacay’s deals offer multiple seats, and when you find the one that works for your destination and timeframe, you’ll have extra money to spend on the family vacation.

      People who love traveling to a variety of locations greatly benefit from using Next Vacay, especially if they have a flexible schedule. If a deal pops up for a getaway in a month or two, travelers with flexible schedules can take advantage of the cheap flights and head out on a journey.

      Folks who travel during peak season or the holidays may benefit from Next Vacay as well, especially if the search starts early enough. During peak travel times, like the holidays, summer and spring break, and during popular events such as Mardi Gras or the Super Bowl, airlines often raise the prices for airfare. During these busy times, it can be a challenge to find an affordable ticket, and Next Vacay may help you find one.

      Newlyweds or those on a budget who have dreamed of going on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation benefit greatly from Next Vacay. Because airfare is one of the biggest expenses, getting a cheap deal helps people who are on a budget to travel.

      The Advantages and Challenges of Using Next Vacay

      Next Vacay offers many advantages to travelers. Cheap airfare, less work trying to find the right tickets, and knowing you can go to your desired destination bring peace of mind. Next Vacay is best suited for those who have a flexible schedule and destination in mind, but even if you have fixed dates and a set location, the chances of scoring cheap flights are still pretty good.

      If you’re an all-time traveler going to lots of different places without a permanent home base, Next Vacay may not be ideal for you. In order for the system to find cheap flights for you, you need to have a home airport, and often, full-time travelers fly from many airports. The best way to use Next Vacay from different airports is to have a couple of subscriptions, as each one is tied to a home airport. The annual fee is so minimal that you’ll still save loads of money on cheap and easy airplane tickets.

      People who have the time and energy to spend hours searching for cheap airfare may not use Next Vacay to its fullest potential. Also, if they understand how to use frequent flyer miles, don’t mind opening up credit card accounts to use points for flying, and know how to utilize travel hacks, then Next Vacay may be too easy for them to use. Generally, most people can benefit from the ease of using Next Vacay as well as saving money on crazy cheap airplane tickets.

      Give Next Vacay a Try

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      Next Vacay is a subscription-based, member-supported company. In order to use the service, you just pay a small annual fee of $25 each year. If you’re not sure that Next Vacay fits your lifestyle, give it a try with the one-month free trial. You’ll receive the same benefits that paid subscribers get, like email notifications along with links to book with the airline directly.

      If you find that Next Vacay is awesome and you plan on booking lots of inexpensive flights, continue using the service with the annual subscription fee. If you decide that Next Vacay is not for you, simply let them know before the trial period is over and you’ll be done with no output of money on your part. If after six months you decide you don’t want to use Next Vacay anymore, you can cancel with a full refund.

      Enjoy the new, modern, and easy way to find cheap airline deals using Next Vacay. Sign up today and start planning your next vacation or adventure.

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