Rubbish Rant; A Complaint Letter

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      Dear Trashy Tourists,

      Recently I went for a hike around the picturesque Royal National Park, just outside of Sydney and just as I was beginning the hike I saw a pile of coffee cups and cans dumped on the ground next to the entry. Seriously…?

      This isn’t the first time I’ve seen rubbish in beautiful places in Australia and around the world. Far from it. In Bali I would see streams that ran straight onto the swimming beaches choked and overflowing with rubbish. In India passengers throw leftover food and plastic bags right out the window of the moving bus. Who knows where it landed. Who cares, right? And Chai shops perched atop touristy waterfalls would make their ‘end-of-the-day’ clean-up easier by sweeping the shop rubbish straight into the top of the waterfall. The waterfall that is the SOLE reason anyone comes to their chai shop at all.

      I think about how the fishermen who throw their fish bones and guts back into the water alongside swimmers are asking for trouble, as this practice will eventually tempt sharks to come closer and closer to shore. I’ve seen rubbish everywhere, from the highest peaks, down to the depths of the ocean. But I always thought that this was a developing countries problem, that Australia wasn’t that bad… My memories of Australia are that of pristine oceans and parks, of everyone disposing of rubbish responsibly in their appropriate bin. But since I’ve been back it’s become apparent that I have been under the wrong impression. Totally. What has changed? Is there more rubbish nowadays, or are people forgetting their responsibilities as a consumer? Or perhaps I just never noticed it all before…

      Rubbish dumped in the river in Changgu Bali, Indonesia

      I just don’t get it. Why would you drive for an hour to go to a national park to see beautiful natural sights, just so you can litter it up with your drink bottles and chip packets? Fuck you. How is it that you can trek an hour with a coke can in your hand but not put the empty can in your rucksack for the rest of the trek? Fuck you too. So you arrived at that beach and needed a cigarette? Fine. But why do you think you can just throw the butt in the sand next to kids playing instead of emptying out the ash and putting the butt in your pocket? Fuck you as well. I have to arrive after you and while scanning over the gorgeous views, my eyes only fall onto brightly coloured litter scattering the bushes. Seriously. Fuck you.

      Sometimes I get so worked up about the amount of rubbish I see that I spend entire afternoons, bags in hand, picking up mountains of rubbish from beaches. It cleanses my soul and makes me feel so much better. But I know in a day or two it will be just like it was before.

      Rubbish Rant - A Complaint Letter by Castaway with Crystal

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      Here’s an idea. Let’s all start taking responsibility for all the plastic and crap we consume and simply dispose of the rubbish sensibly and maturely. Keep Mother Earth clean, because we all like to enjoy her. Don’t be a fucking tosser.

      K thnx baiiiiiiii!


      Where is the worst place you’ve seen rubbish dumped? Tell me in the comments…

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