The Best Travel Yoga Mats (Traveling With a Yoga Mat & Reviews)

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      This super comprehensive guide will help you decide on the best travel yoga mats, so you can stay fit on your travels. Plus, how to choose your mat and useful tips on traveling with a yoga mat.




      Don’t have time to read the entire yoga mat guide? My pick for the best lightweight yoga mat overall is the YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat. I  bought this yoga mat seven months ago and just love it because even after loads of use in the rain, on the beach and on rough and hard surfaces this mat is still amazing to use.

      It ticks off all of the features you could need or want in a lightweight, portable and comfortable yoga mat. To see reviews and check the price of the YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat click the button below.


      If you’re dedicated to your daily yoga practice, even when you travel, then you’re going to want to know what the best travel yoga mat is. If you don’t want to be weighed down traveling with the everyday yoga mat that you use at home, then you’re in luck because there are numerous travel size yoga mat options on the market designed to be portable, durable, and perfect for maintaining your yoga practice when you’re jet-setting around the world.

      In fact, I recently decided to take a backpacking yoga mat with me on my travels and found myself searching online for the best yoga mats for travel. I read a variety of the best travel yoga mat reviews which helped me work out what to look for in the ideal yoga mat for travel. I then shortlisted a few before deciding on purchasing the Yogo Ultralight travel mat (which I just love, keep reading below for my full review).

      I have decided to put all my research to good use and so put together this guide to help you find the best yoga travel mat in 2022. In this guide I go through the various features you should consider when purchasing a traveling yoga mat, as well as compare some of the best portable yoga mat options currently on the market.

      In this review, we look at a range of compact yoga mat options from a variety of yoga mat brands. Whether you are after the best light yoga mat, the best foldable yoga mat, the best thin yoga mat, or just a good cheap travel yoga mat, you will definitely find it in this guide.

      Traveling with a Yoga Mat?

      I know you are probably wondering how to travel with a yoga mat when they are kind of big and bulky? Well, that’s why you need a packable yoga mat because they are lightweight, compact, and super easy to travel with.

      Some of these travel yoga mats roll up tiny, while others fold into small squares, making them super lightweight and portable. They can also become dirty and need to be transported before you have a chance to clean them.

      This is where a bag for your yoga mat comes in handy for the rollable yoga mats, which I talk more about at the end of this article. For travel foldable yoga mats, you simply fold them in such a way that the dirty side of the mat faces inward and does not touch any of your other luggage.

      Are you looking for information on how to fold a yoga mat for travel? We’re talking about a regular yoga mat and not a travel-sized mat here, by the way. I can only tell you that I don’t recommend folding a mat that isn’t supposed to be folded. Doing that will make it really hard to get the kinks out when you arrive.

      READ MORE: Traveling with a Yoga Mat: Everything You Need to Know

      Instead, roll it as you usually do and put it inside of a yoga mat bag to protect it, and try to strap it to the outside of your backpack or luggage. If that is not possible, a cheap yoga bag should stop it from dirtying anything inside of your luggage and may help to keep its shape somewhat.

      Keep reading just below to compare yoga mats and to see my tips for deciding which of the top 10 yoga mats for travel is right for you.

      Best Yoga Travel Mat Comparison Chart

      Check out my easy travel yoga mat comparison chart below where you can see all the main features of each mat side by side to make it easy for you to compare yoga mats. Click the links to see the most recent prices, especially if you are looking for cheap yoga mats because sometimes products go on sale! YAY!

      For the full reviews of each yoga mat for traveling, keep on reading below.

      Yogo Ultralight24x68 inch
      (61x173 cm)
      2.2 lbs
      (1 kg)
      1.5 mmBest Overall
      Jade Travel Yoga Mat24x68 inch
      (61x173 cm)
      3.2 lbs
      (1.45 kg)
      3 mm
      Manduka eKo SuperLite24x68 inch
      (61x173 cm)
      2 lbs
      (0.9 kg)
      1.5 mm
      Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat24x68 inch
      (61x173 cm)
      1.8 lb
      (0.8 kg)
      2 mmBest Price
      Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat24x72 inch
      (61x183 cm)
      1.75 lbs
      (0.8 kg)
      6 mmSuper Lightweight
      Liforme Travel Yoga Mat26x71 inch
      (66x180 cm)
      3.53 lbs
      (1.6 kg)
      2 mm
      AURORAE Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat24x72 inch
      (61x183 cm)
      ~3 lbs
      (1.4 kg)
      5 mmHot Yoga Mat
      Lole Travel Yoga Mat24x72 inch
      (61x183 cm)
      2.2 lbs
      (1 kg)
      1 mm
      Yoga Design Lab Travel Yoga Mat24x70 inch
      (61x178 cm)
      1.8 lbs
      (0.8 kg)
      1 mmThinnest Yoga Mat
      Khataland YoFoMat24x72 inch
      (61x183 cm)
      2.7 lbs
      (1.2 kg)
      4 mm

      What to Consider when Looking for the Best Travel Yoga Mats

      Before you buy any old yoga mat for travel, here are the 6 things to consider when purchasing a yoga mat for travel.

       🎒 Portability / Packability

      Given you are purchasing this yoga mat for traveling, you really want one that is easy to pack into your suitcase or backpack.

      Yoga mats for travel either roll nice and compactly with easy-to-carry handles or, alternatively, fold up nice and small. If you are thinking about how to fold a yoga mat for travel? Don’t worry, in the full reviews below, I have noted whether the yoga mats roll or fold, so check it out if you prefer either style.

      ⚖️ Lightweight

      Since you will be carrying your yoga mat around with you, you want something lightweight. This is even more important if you do carry on only luggage. Look for something around 1 kg or less.

      Most of the good yoga mats in this guide are less than 1 kg – they go from an ultralight yoga mat of 450g through to 1.6 kgs.

      👷‍♀️ Durability

      A travel yoga mat not only needs to be portable, but it must be durable as well. If you’re going to be on the road for a while or traveling to several destinations it is likely that your mat may cop a bit of a beating being unpacked and repacked in your bag.

      Perhaps some of your yoga practice is going to take place outdoors? In this case, it needs to be able to withstand different surfaces and be easily wiped down or machine washed.

      📏 Size

      Ever wondered; “what size yoga mat do I need” while researching? Given you’re looking for a travel yoga mat, you are going to have to compromise on size a little bit here but of course, it still needs to be big enough for your yoga moves. You will find that most yoga mats for travel are around 61 x 173 cm. This is a good size for your practice and you can easily put it in your suitcase or even in the water bottle pocket of your backpack.

      I have included the size of all the mats in this review in the handy table above.

      📏 Thickness

      Do you prefer a thick or thin yoga mat? Travel yoga mats are usually much thinner than your everyday mats to ensure they are lightweight and portable. However, if you are someone who needs extra padding around your knees or knows they will be doing their practice on hard surfaces then you may want to opt for a thicker mat.

      This review includes yoga mats from 0.45 mm right up to 3 mm in thickness and various thicknesses in between. Check the table above for a thickness that suits you.

       🧘‍♀️ Mat Stickiness and Comfort

      Of course, above being packable and durable, you want your yoga mat to function well and therefore it needs to have a good grip and be comfortable whilst you complete your yoga practice. To be able to perform your yoga poses with confidence you don’t have a mat that slips all over the place or one with an inadequate stickiness that has you slipping and sliding.

      What are Yoga Mats Made of?

      What should we check when purchasing a travel yoga mat? Firstly, check that eco-friendly and biodegradable materials are being used.

      Most yoga mats are made from PVC, which you may know as vinyl. This material is man-made and not biodegradable.

      The PVC mats are usually thicker mats and have good traction, but they are not very eco.

      Rubber is another material that you may come across in your yoga mat selection. It is natural and biodegradable. It is usually heavier but it has good traction.

      Finally, there is TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which is made-made but biodegradable. It is soft and lightweight but may not be very durable.

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      woman does yoga outdoors for best travel yoga mat

      Best Travel Yoga Mat Reviews

      In this section, we compare and review all the best yoga mat brands. So, let’s take a look at the best travel yoga mats available.


      Yogo Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat Review

      The Yogo travel mat is the mat I have and I just love it! It’s also my pick for the best yoga mat for travel overall, because it’s lightweight, portable, and foldable so it ticks all the boxes. It is also one of the best quality yoga mats I have ever used.

      My Yogo Ultralight Travel Mat review is only full of plusses. These Yogo mats are so compact they pack down to about the size of a newspaper or a large water bottle, perfect for storing on the side of your backpack. At 1 kg it’s also a lightweight travel yoga mat, and an ultra-thin yoga mat at 1.5 mm thick.

      Despite being super thin, I still find the Yogo yoga mat provides great support and is plenty big enough for my yoga practice. It also has great stickiness, so you won’t slide around whilst you’re doing your yoga poses. I love how eco-friendly it is too with the sticky material on the mat being sustainably harvested rubber and the company also plants a tree every time a mat is purchased.

      Some other great features of the Yogo travel yoga mat include the unique origami-type folding making it fit into small bags with ease. Plus the attached straps and clips which keep it rolled up tightly and the ability to wash the mat down is great if you’re doing yoga outdoors. It’s so good, I would say this is the best foldable travel yoga mat in this article!

      This is one of the more expensive mats in this guide, but for me, it still deserves its spot as the best-rated yoga mat for travel overall due to its great features. Hot yoga or Bikram yoga, however, may actually decrease the stickiness. I would recommend using your yoga towel over the mat for this activity.

      Lastly, the material of the Yogo yoga mat is completely eco-friendly. Using natural tree rubber, you can avoid the toxic chemicals that are often used to make yoga mats (such as PVC).


      ✔ Lightweight

      ✔ Super grippy high-performance rubber

      ✔ Long

      ✔ Cleaner folding technique (best folding yoga mat)

      ✔ Folds to the size of a newspaper and fits in small bags

      ✔ Attached straps form a handle and making it easy to hang up and dry

      ✔ One tree planted per mat


      ✖ The ultra-thin rubber might hurt the knees

      ✖ Smells like rubber even after several washes

      ✖ More expensive than a few others

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 24 x 68 inch (61 x 173 cm)

      Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

      Thickness: 1.5 mm

      Portability: Origami folding and buckle closure design

      Color: Plum, Forest, Charcoal, Raven, Sage, Slate


      Jade Yoga Travel Mat Review

      If you’re someone who requires extra padding for your knees during your yoga practice, then consider the Jade Yoga Travel Mat, one of the thickest mats in this guide.

      With a thickness of 3 mm, the Jade Travel Mat is one of the thickest yoga mats in our reviews, which also makes it one of the heaviest at 1.45 kgs. However, it is nice and compact, folding down to the size of a yoga block or you have the option of rolling it.

      Being a thicker mat, the Jade travel yoga mat is certainly cushier than the other mats in this review, giving you extra support for your poses. It is also plenty sticky enough to provide adequate grip. If you want something lighter, they also make the Jade Voyager yoga mat which weighs 0.7 kg but is also thinner as well at 1.5 mm.

      To minimize environmental impact, the Jade foldable yoga mat is made from sustainable natural rubber and does not contain any PVC, EVA, heavy metals, or synthetic rubber. And like the Yogo mat, Jade also plants a tree every time a mat is sold.

      Reading any Jade travel mat review, you will find happy customers. One Jade yoga mat review stated they had used the packable yoga mat daily for 18 months and it’s still going strong.

      The Jade mat comes in 5 different colors and is also available in two different sizes – 173 or 188 cm long.


      ✔ Thick but lightweight

      ✔ Sustainably made in the USA with natural rubber

      ✔ Non-slip rubber provides great grip

      ✔ Resilience and cushion

      ✔ Folding travel yoga mat

      ✔ Jade plants a tree for every mat sold


      ✖ Negative reviews say the mat started breaking down early

      ✖ Loses stickiness over time

      ✖ Heavier than others

      ✖ Can smell toxic

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 24 x 68 inch (61 x 173 cm)

      Weight: 3.2 lbs (1.45 kg)

      Thickness: 3 mm

      Portability: Rolls or folds up compactly

      Color: Black, Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Purple

      Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat Review

      The Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat is an excellent choice for a super lightweight travel mat at a great affordable price. The Manduka SuperLite travel mat also comes in a whopping 17 colors, so no matter what your preference, there is bound to be a color you love.

      At only 900 g this Manduka travel yoga mat is one of the lightest mats in this guide, but it still offers plenty of support with a thickness of 1.5 mm. This mat folds up nice and compactly just like a towel, so it’s super portable and easily packed away in your bag. Whilst this is a foldable yoga mat for travel, there is also the option of rolling it up and attaching it to your backpack.

      Despite being a thin yoga mat, the Manduka eKO SuperLite travel yoga mat offers plenty of support and just the right amount of stickiness for stability and grip. In fact, reading one Manduka travel mat review one customer reported they found it stickier than their everyday mat and so the Manduka foldable yoga mat soon became their everyday yoga practice mat. This makes it one of the highest quality yoga mats out there.

      The Manduka eKO travel mat is made from biodegradable natural tree rubber and with no toxic chemicals being used in the manufacturing process.

      While putting together this Maduka Yoga Mat review, I found that if your knees need something a little cushier, the eKO travel yoga mat also comes in the Manduka eKO Lite travel mat version which is 4 mm but also weighs 2 kg.


      ✔ 2 lbs. to fold and go

      ✔ Orange peel surface texture

      ✔ Made from natural tree rubber

      ✔ Lightweight for ultimate portability

      ✔ Tightly woven scrim for durability


      ✖ The ultra-thin rubber might hurt the knees

      ✖ Can get slippery from sweat

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 24 x 68 inch (61 x 173 cm)

      Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 kg)

      Thickness: 1.5 mm

      Portability: Folds or rolls compactly

      Color: 17 Colours Available


      Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat Review

      If you just want the best cheap fold-up yoga mat for your travels, then the Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat is a great choice.

      This Gaiam travel yoga mat has all the features you need for a functional travel yoga mat. It has a great sticky texture for stability and grip, so you will still be able to perform all your yoga poses without being concerned about slipping all over the place.

      You will love how compact the Gaiam folding yoga mat is. It folds into a 25 by 30 cm square so is super easy to put in your suitcase or backpack. At 800 grams it is one of the lightest mats in this guide and yet it still has a 2 mm thickness.

      Reading the Gaiam yoga mat reviews you will note many customers love this mat even with its cheap price tag. One Gaiam foldable yoga mat review even said they loved how it can easily fit in the laptop section of their backpack and plenty of reviews mentioned the perfect level of stickiness for stability when they performed their yoga poses.

      For the price, you really can’t go wrong with the Gaiam travel mat, it really is one of the best affordable yoga mats available. It also comes in a range of colors, so you can choose one to suit your individual style.


      ✔ Scored yoga mat

      ✔ Folds to a 10″ x 12″ compact square

      ✔ Fits easily in your carry bag

      ✔ Sticky texture provides stable footing


      ✖ Can get very slippery

      ✖ A bit heavier than others

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 24 x 68 inch (61 x 173 cm)

      Weight: 1.8 lb (0.8 kg)

      Thickness: 2 mm

      Portability: Folds compactly

      Color: 6 Colours Available


      Ewedoos Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Review

      If being lightweight is a priority for you, then you will love the Ewedoos eco-friendly yoga mat. At only 800 grams, this is one of the lightest yoga mats in this guide.

      Despite being one of the lightest travel yoga mats, at 6 mm the Ewedoos eco-friendly travel mat is also the thickest, so provides plenty of cushion for your knees and hands during your practice. This mat rolls nice and tightly so you can easily store it in your backpack or suitcase.

      While putting together my Ewedoos eco-friendly yoga mat review, I found that the Ewedoos eco-friendly travel yoga mat has a two-sided texture surface and non-slip properties to ensure standability during your poses. It is also eco-friendly and made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), a substance that makes it anti-microbial and easy to clean.

      If you want a lightweight mat yet don’t want to compromise on mat thickness, the Ewedoos Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat is a natural choice and one of the top yoga mats in this guide. It even comes with alignment lines to help you focus and master your craft!


      ✔ Alignment lines to help you focus

      ✔ Free carry strap

      ✔ Double-sided non-slip surface

      ✔ Waterproof and easy to clean


      ✖ Cheaper materials

      ✖ Can get slippery on the top

      ✖ Can make feet sweat

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 24 x 72 inch (61 x 183 cm)

      Weight: 1.75 lbs (0.8 kg)

      Thickness: 6 mm

      Portability: Rolls compactly

      Color: Dark Blue, Gray, Purple, Light Purple, Green

      Liforme Travel Yoga Mat Review

      The Liforme Travel yoga mat might be the most expensive in this guide, but customers are absolutely raving about the quality, making this one of the highest-rated travel mats in this guide.

      Whilst this is a lightweight yoga mat, the Liforme mat is not the most compact when it comes to yoga travel mats, however, it does roll up nice and compactly. It also comes in its own hand-carry bag.

      The Liforme travel mat has the perfect amount of stickiness for stability. A great additional feature is the “AlignForMe System” which is etched laser markings on the mat. These markings work as a navigational tool to ensure your hands and feet are always in the correct place during your poses. This is regularly mentioned in any Liforme travel mat review as helping people improve their practice.

      For the environmentally conscious, you will be pleased to know Liforme manufacturers with a no-waste process and they only use a biodegradable natural rubber with no PVC.

      While putting together this Liforme yoga mat review, I found that it is not as compact as other yoga mats in this guide so probably not ideal for those of you who like to travel light. But for those that want a top-quality durable mat for their daily yoga practice during their travels, you will love this mat.


      ✔ Bag included

      ✔ Original “AlignForMe” alignment system

      ✔ Revolutionary “GripForMe” material

      ✔ Made using ‘body kind’ and eco-friendly materials

      ✔ Longer, wider, and thicker than other travel yoga mats


      ✖ Not as cushioned as a normal yoga mat

      ✖ Quite heavy for a travel yoga mat

      ✖ Expensive

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 26 x 71 inch (66 x 180 cm)

      Weight: 3.53 lbs (1.6 kg)

      Thickness: 2 mm

      Portability: Folds or rolls compactly

      Color: Blue, Green, Grey, Pink


      AURORAE Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat Review

      Want a hot yoga mat with over 1200 5-star reviews? Then the AURORAE Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat is perfect for you!

      The AURORAE Synergy 2-in-1 hot yoga mat is made with a non-slip microfiber towel on top to absorb sweat which ensures an excellent grip even if you are super sweaty. The wetter the mat gets, the more grip you’ll get!

      Underneath the microfiber towel layer, there is a 5mm PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) yoga mat layer that really gets the job done in terms of grip. And amazingly, this yoga mat is machine-washable but just remember to hang dry it!

      This is a compact and thin travel yoga mat. It folds up small and weighs in at around 1.4 kg, so it’s not going to weigh you down during your travels. It definitely isn’t the lightest yoga mat on our list, but for its ingenuity, the weight is something we are willing to forgive!


      ✔ Gets more grippy when wet

      ✔ Full size rolling yoga mat

      ✔ Absorbent microfiber towel on top

      ✔ Odour-free

      ✔ Clean in a washing machine


      ✖ Relatively heavy

      ✖ Can get slippery when not wet

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 24 x 72 inch (61 x 183 cm)

      Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg)

      Thickness: 5 mm

      Portability: Rolls compactly

      Color: Amethyst, Onyx, Sapphire, Emerald, Tahiti Tide

      Clever Yoga Clever Towel Review

      Headed to a yoga retreat in hot and tropical South East Asia or like to practice hot yoga? Then you will love the Clever Towel hot yoga mat since not only is it light and compact, but it is machine washable too!

      This yoga mat is made with a soft suede microfiber with an embedded double-sided silicone design that will grip the mat or floor while giving you a nonslip practice surface. It absorbs sweat which ensures an excellent grip even if you are super sweaty. And amazingly, this machine-washable yoga mat can be thrown in the dryer too!

      This is a super compact and ultra-thin travel yoga mat. It folds up super tiny and weighing in at 680 grams it’s not going to weigh you down during your travels. It has a rubber backing to avoid slipping and sliding and the perfect amount of stickiness for grip.

      Made from eco-friendly natural rubber, this mat is a great choice for travelers wishing to maintain their daily yoga practice and are also looking for the best hot yoga mat.


      ✔ Guarantees a slip-free yoga practice

      ✔ Full size rolling or folding yoga mat

      ✔ Absorbs sweat and moisture without bunching or wrinkling making

      ✔ Portable and lightweight

      ✔ Clean in washing machine and dryer


      ✖ Some reports of it smelling bad

      ✖ Thin design could hurt knees on hard surfaces

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 72 x 26 inches (72 x 66 cm)

      Weight: 1.5 lbs (680 g)

      Thickness: 10 mm

      Portability: Rolls compactly

      Color: Dark Blue, Grey, Lilac, Turquoise

      Lole Travel Yoga Mat Review

      Yet another great choice for a lightweight and compact travel yoga mat is the Lole Travel Yoga Mat. Lole makes some of the best yoga gear out there, meaning this yoga mat is a seriously strong contender.

      This is a 1 mm super compact and ultra-thin travel yoga mat. Like a towel, the Lole travel mat folds up super tiny and weighs in at 1 kilo, so it’s not going to weigh you down during your travels. The Lole mat has a slip-resistant backing to avoid slipping and sliding and the perfect amount of stickiness for grip.

      Made from 100% natural rubber, this mat is a great choice for travelers wishing to maintain their daily yoga practice. This mat comes in a range of colors too.

      NOTE: After seeing my Lole Yoga Mat review, I was asked if this mat is the same as the Lole Explore yoga mat. I have looked into it and concluded that, yes, the two are almost exactly the same.


      ✔ Compact size

      ✔ Good grip

      ✔ Slip-resistant back


      ✖ Cheaper materials

      ✖ Can get slippery on the top

      ✖ Can make feet sweat

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 24 x 72 inch (61 x 183 cm)

      Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

      Thickness: 1 mm

      Portability: Rolls compactly

      Color: Dark Charcoal, Dark Berry, Lole


      The Travel Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab Review

      If you want your mat to look good whilst being functional and compact, then you will love Yoga Design Lab’s Travel Yoga Mat.

      Available in over 10 different colors, designs, and patterns this will no doubt be the best-looking yoga mat at your yoga retreat (and it’ll look fantastic in those Instagram shots too). Stylish it may be, but it is also a completely functional extra thin yoga mat.

      Similar to the AURORAE yoga mat, the Yoga Design Lab travel mat is designed to work better whilst you sweat. So thin is the yoga mat that you can even use it as a towel to dry yourself off after your sweaty practice. After your session, you can just throw it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry. Yoga Design Lab even promises the color won’t fade.

      This is an eco-friendly mat made from natural tree rubber and microfiber from recycled bottles and water-based prints. And every $1 from a sale of these mats goes to support kids in youth yoga programs in need.

      This is a great compact mat, easily foldable, or roll it up compactly and throw it in your pack. Not only is this ideal as a travel yoga mat but also perfect as a travel pilates mat or travel exercise mat.


      ✔ Designed to grip better with sweat

      ✔ Foldable mat and towel in one

      ✔ Natural tree rubber and microfiber made from recycled bottles

      ✔ Throw in the washing machine and hang to dry

      ✔ Printed mat won’t fade

      ✔ $1 of each purchase goes to support youth


      ✖ Not as grippy as others, especially when dry

      ✖ The thin material might hurt the knees

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 24 x 70 inch (61 x 178 cm)

      Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg)

      Thickness: 1.5 mm

      Portability: Folds compactly

      Color: 14 Colours / Patterns Available

      Khataland YoFoMat Review

      If you prefer a compact mat with extra thickness, then the Khataland YoFoMat is worth checking out, one of the thickest mats in this guide.

      Despite being a 4 mm thick mat, this is still a super compact mat folding up to the size of a large book, making it great for throwing in your backpack or even a large handbag. Weighing in at just over 1 kilo, it’s lightweight too, although it is one of the heaviest in these reviews.

      The mat provides the right amount of stickiness for grip and stability. It is also slightly longer than most mats in this guide with a length of 183 cm.

      If you want a compact travel mat but additional support for your knees and hands, the Khatland YoFoMat is a great choice. This mat also comes in a range of colors and has its own carry bag.


      ✔ Mat folds similarly to a large book

      ✔ Extra long

      ✔ High performance, high density

      ✔ Sanitary and easy to clean

      ✔ Non-allergenic, non-toxic materials used

      ✔ $1 of each purchase goes to support youth


      ✖ Gets squishy

      ✖ Not as small and compact as others

      Tech & Specs

      Size: 24 x 72 inch (61 x 183 cm)

      Weight: 2.7 lb (1.2 kg)

      Thickness: 4 mm

      Portability: Folds compactly

      Color: 7 Colours Available


      We have compiled a shortlist of awesome yoga gear to go with your travel mat.

      ✔︎ Comfortable Yoga Pants: Great for use on long buses and even sightseeing. A good quality, comfortable pair of yoga pants will go a long way when you travel!

      ✔︎ Padded Yoga Gloves and Yoga Socks: A great addition to add if your mat is too thin and you find it painful. They fold up small so they are better in your luggage than a thicker mat.

      ✔︎ Travel Yoga Towel: Can double as a bath towel in emergencies (or hostels).

      ✔︎ Resistance Bands: Great for a workout while on the road.

      ✔︎ Yoga Mat Bag: So your rolling yoga mat can be easily carried places. It will also protect your mat from becoming dirty or damaged if you keep it on the outside of your luggage or backpack when you travel.

      ✔︎ Yoga Mat Strap Sling: No room for a yoga bag? The string is much smaller and does the same job! Plus it doubles as lightweight yoga straps.

      ✔︎ Yoga Mat Wipes: Sometimes it can be difficult to properly clean your yoga mat while actively traveling. Here’s a quick, easy way.

      ✔︎ Small Yoga Block

      I hope you have enjoyed comparing these travel yoga mats as much as we have! Just remember to get the best mat for your needs and you’ll be sure to enjoy your healthy and relaxing time away (in between all of your adventures!) Salud. 

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      If you have a question about any of the best travel mats for yoga just let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them! I for sure know it can be difficult to find the best travel yoga mats for your needs.

      Travel Yoga Mat FAQs

      What is the best 1.5 mm yoga mat for travel?

      There is no better 1.5 mm yoga mat for travel than the YOGO Ultralight. Made with 100 percent tree rubber, it is totally natural and non-toxic. The mat weighs about 2.2 lbs (or 1kg) so it’s very light and easy to carry around. Whether you decide to fold or roll your YOGO yoga mat, it offers the ultimate portability. If you are in the market for a 1.5 mm thick yoga mat, consider the Yogo Ultralight yoga mat!

      Can you travel with a yoga mat?

      Before you take out your credit card and start ordering yoga mats, can you actually travel with and bring yoga mats on the plane? The answer is… YES! According to TSA, yoga mats are allowed in both checked-in luggage and carry-on luggage, so don’t worry about taking them with you on your next trip!

      What is a good thickness for yoga mats?

      The thickness of the yoga mats depends on your personal preference. The thicker the mat, the more cushion, and more protected your hands, elbows, knees, and feet are. The yoga mats with less thickness will (obviously) have less cushioning, but they will certainly be easier to carry as they are light. In general, we recommend you start out with a 1/8-inch thick yoga mat (about 3.18 mm). Do some yoga on the mat and see for yourself whether you need a thicker or thinner mat!

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