The 3 Best Places to Volunteer in Bali

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      Where to Volunteer in Bali

      Have you ever had that feeling traveling/living abroad where you feel completely lost and like you have no purpose? I have many times. I used to fix it by visiting a bar most afternoons at happy hour. Now I’ve learned the best way to combat that feeling is to volunteer some time into a purpose. (Okay – sometimes happy hour still wins…)

      I moved to Bali 3 months ago and joined a co-work space in Canggu called the Dojo. Being a member at the co-work space has given me an opportunity to be involved in co-giving operations between dojo members and non-profits. The co-giving is facilitated by a young Indonesian man, Juli, who is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.

      I’ve checked/helped out with 3 different projects so far, all of which I encourage wholeheartedly. Coincidently, they all have a different theme which has given me a large overview of the culture and people of Bali.


      I got to meet Elijah and Danielle, the on-ground driving forces behind Troveko through the Dojo community. They are both inspiring, intelligent and friendly people who have turned a personal passion for “travel with purpose” into something amazing. Troveko is also running programs in India.

      THE AIM

      “Troveko invests in cultural heritage and ecological conservation by seamlessly connecting travelers with educational homestays in rural and remote communities” – Troveko


      Over your stay, you are educated on religion, culture, the environment and the traditional political system ( Subak) of the Bali villages. You also get to visit the waterfalls, hot springs, and rice fields. You are paired with a “travel buddy” who helps translate as a majority of the community in these areas don’t know much English. 40% gets invested into partner organizations’ initiatives, 30% goes directly into the homes and pockets of your host family and 30% re-invested into Troveko to deliver more impactful experiences.


      Go on a trip! Or encourage friends visiting Bali to do a trip! I did and it’s been the highlight of my time over here so far. You can read more about it on my travel blog here.

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      I first came across Stella’s child through one of Julis co-giving events in which members took an excursion to Stella’s Child school to talk with the students and Stella’s founder Timothy Cameron.

      THE AIM

      “Stella’s Child exists to support Indonesian youths from deeply disadvantaged backgrounds as they prepare to leave children’s homes and orphanages and enter the world of work” Stellas Child Website


      Founded in 2013, Stella’s Child supports their students by providing social, life and business skills. These skills grow their opportunities in the workforce and help break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. Currently, the students have grown their own clothing/design label. As it continues to grow there are visions of a self-teaching program and multiple schools.


      You can donate money or your time. Although the co-giving project at Stella’s Child is for dojo members only, the nonprofits openly welcome donations or help from anyone.

      There is a direct link for donation here where you also can find out about how your donations help. Alternatively, if you have time you can email and ask to go visit the school and dedicate some time to helping the students. Even a bit of English practice or praise on their work makes a difference.

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      MPH – (Merah, Putih, Hijau)

      A group of Dojo members, myself included, went to the MPH facility in Pererenan to better understand the waste management system that exists and what MPH is doing to try to improve it.

      THE AIM

      Help the local community to build infrastructure and a color-coded waste separation strategy (Merah, Putih, Hijau – Red, White, Green). As well as educate on the importance of sustainable waste management and the environment. Check out the MPH website.


      MPH founder and manager Sean Nino collaborates with other events across Bali to bring awareness to the waste management problem. There are continuous fundraisers, talks at schools and stalls at various events. The MPH facility in Pererenan sorts waste but also helps the local community by providing waste separation bags, educational flyers for homes and restaurants, and building a village accounting system that can prove the waste centre can generate profit for the local banjars (communities in the area).


      You can donate directly to the cause here. Additionally, Nino is always happy to have people come to visit the facility so long as someone is free to show you around. It helps to be educated on what they’re doing if you want to take some time to then help with any volunteering at events/fundraisers. The men who work at the facility are lovely people!!

      There are plenty more opportunities to volunteer and give back while you’re travelling in Bali. I chose these purely as they are the ones I’m confident to promote as I’ve spent time with them. Feel free to get in contact if you want any more information on these organizations or just to say hey! You can follow my travel blog, or comment directly on here!

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