Photos: City Streets and Market Stalls of the Philippines

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      Most people come to the Philippines for the amazing beaches and strong culture. But as in every country, beauty can be found in every corner, even the dingiest ones. One of my favourite things to do is uncover and find this beauty. And usually it can be found at local markets, which I find fascinating in every country I visit.

      There is perhaps no better way for me to culturally immerse than to discover weird foods, find queer products and smile at happy local people while camera in hand I slowly peruse among the piles of things for sale. The following is a collection of my favourite photos taken on the streets of Manila and Puerto Princesa. Please relax and enjoy the eye-candy. line 4 JPEG

      A mechanic surrounded by old tyres, a decrepit large house on the street and fast mving vehicles under a Jesus loves you signFish seller at the markets in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, PhilippinesDifferent types of grains for sale and a boy behind the scenes at a Philipino marketPassions fruit and Mnago for sale, eggs coloured purple and mounds of rice with signs in the Markets of the PhilippinesThe streets of Old Manila, Philippines (Slum area)Behind the scenes in the markets and coloured tomatoes for sale

      Photos – Top to bottom, left to right
      1. A lonely mechanic on the streets of Puerto Princesa, 2. An old decrepit house at dusk, 3. Tricycles race through a busy intersection in Puerto Princesa, 4. A fish seller waits patiently for people to buy, 5. An array of types of grains for sale, 6. Peeking through a crack in the door to see the behind the scenes at the markets, 7. Green passionfruit and green mango for sale, 8. Eggs painted purple and white eggs at a market in Puerto Princesa, 9. Type of rice for sale, 10. The slums next to a dirty river near Chinatown in Manila, 11. A narrow alley leading through the middle of the markets, 12. brightly coloured red, orange, yellow and green tomatoes. 

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      Country: Philippines
      Language: Many; officially Filipino, but also Tagalog and English
      Currency: Philippine Peso
      $1 USD = 44.65
      I was there: May 2015Crissies logoThis photographic post was made with extra love (and a lot of work) by me, just for you.

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