A drone flying above snow for the post: The Best Travel Drones

The Best Drones for Travel Videos and Photo in 2022

We compare and decide on the best drones for travel videos and photography in 2022. Are you a beginner drone operator? We will help you choose a travel drone that suits your needs!


5 Days Trekking the Larapinta Trail: A Photo Story

Our Beautiful 5 Days Trekking the Larapinta Trail Trekking the Larapinta Trail was possibly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Five full days of just my girlfriend and I, our backpacks and the Central Australian desert. I’d never attempted to trek a multi-day hike without a guide before. So we […]


Hermoso San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

[Photos] The beauty of San Cristobal de las Casas San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico is nestled in the lush mountains of Chiapas. It is easily one of the prettiest places I have ever stayed in Mexico. The narrow cobblestone streets and brightly coloured buildings made a bountiful canvas for picture-taking. Chiapas is a strange […]


Getting my Hobbiton Hustle on [Photos]

Hobbiton: A photo series of the most adorable movie set ever! Hobbiton is a place to visit even if you aren’t a Lord of the Rings fan. I was fascinated by seeing the movie set because I am in the industry, but TBH anyone and everyone would have a smashing time there. Nestled in amongst […]


Volcanoes and Hot Springs of Rotorua [Photos]

Beautiful Photography of the Geo-Thermal Activity in the most Volcanic Town in New Zealand Rotorua is a geo-thermal wonderland. Encased by volcanoes, hot springs and explosive geysers and set amongst some of the most beautiful landscape in New Zealand, Rotorua is a must-see destination on the North Island. Bubbling springs and smokey peaks are everywhere […]


Nostalgic Photos from Glebe Tram Sheds

A Sydney relic, captured days before it was closed and locked down Rozelle Tram Depot was one of those mysterious, abandoned places that everyone had heard about, but only a few had actually been. Considered by some as a waste of space and a sad embarrassment, I actually thought the colourful, decaying space was quite magical. […]


Colourful Cuba: A Photographic Rainbow

Scroll Down the Page and Watch Cuba Change Colours! Alluring, majestic Cuba. One of the most colourful and textured places to capture with a camera. Mess and madness in every corner, yet method to the madness.  As you scroll through you will notice a rainbow unfold down your page. Please enjoy! Photos from Left to Right, Top […]


Beautiful Black and White Photos of Cuba

WARNING: The following will make you want to go to Cuba, immediately Photographing Cuba was one of the easiest gigs I’ve ever had. This gorgeous country is like a well-trained model, effortlessly showing off her best bits… Only in a grungy, dirty, derelict way. The dirtiness is what makes her so beautiful and such an […]


Food Markets in Indonesia: Mouth Watering Photos

Vibrant Photography from Night Markets in Indonesia Smells and sounds ignite your senses and the sight of all the different types of foods within arms reach creates excitement. The thick air hangs while people bustle about, the atmosphere rich and vibrant. Street food markets are my favourite way to experience the local food culture in Asia. […]