5 Motorcycle Trips Every Travel Lover Must Try Once

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      What do you get when you combine your love of motorcycles with travel? Adrenaline at an unprecedented scale.

      For every bike lover and globetrotter with an unquenchable thirst for riding, here is a (bucket) list of five motorcycle trips.

      So, buckle up and read on. 

      1. Ceuta to Marrakesh Loop, Morocco

      If you have been saving up for a super exotic road trip, this 2,570 km stretch is worth every penny.

      Starting in Ceuta, a Spanish island city on the north coast of Africa which is popular for its rich culture, you move to Marrakesh. Here you get to explore the regional markets, historic mosques, gardens and Morocco’s ancient kasbahs and desert societies.

      The real flavor of old Morocco.

      You can also take a ferry from Ceuta to Spain. After that, you can head back through the wild Rif mountains to Fez, moving ahead for the Atlas mountains which are covered with snow in winters.

      So, if you aren’t a fan of snow biking, it’s recommended to ride during summers.

      All-in-all, the ride includes several twists and turns, beautiful hills and long clean stretches where you can test the throttle to its max, and not to forget, a wonderful ferry ride.

      2. The Great Ocean Road, Australia

      There are three types of bike riders.

      Riders that prefer offroading experiences.

      Riders that love the vibe of beautiful, clean roads.

      And the third category has riders that love them both.

      So, if you fall under the second or third category, you may as well fall for The Great Ocean Road of Australia.

      With beautiful ocean views on one side and greens on the other, this ride gives an experience that every rider must have at least once in their life.

      The total ride stretch is 290 km. Not the longest, but full of adventure at every twist and bend.

      3. Chasing Che, Cuba

      This is hands-down one of the most thrilling rides on the list.

      The ride is spread across a wild span of over 2,000 km. And as you hit the road, you may get lucky to enjoy the company of a variety of classic American cars riding by your side and your fellows from Havana to Baracoa.

      That’s a treat for every classic lover. If you are a fan of these, this Chasing Che, Cuba ride is the perfect fit for you.

      4. Istanbul to Anatolia, Turkey

      Welcome to the Eastern Edge of Europe treasures.

      The route offers a perfect blend of beautiful sceneries, an exciting culture and a world of delicacies that one just can’t resist.

      And the riding conditions?

      Well, you’ll get everything from smooth roads on the urban side to some bouncy tracks in the rural areas.

      Apart from that, riders can explore the Cappadocia’s troglodyte houses, ancient Roman and Byzantine ruins along with the breathtaking Black Sea and Taurus Mountains.

      The ride is 2,980 km long and also includes a ferry across the sea of Masmara. This will help you reach Bursa and then Safranbolu.

      5. Dales and Moors, Yorkshire, England

      And now comes the turn for this one day ride across North Yorkshire.

      For anyone who loves curves and bends, this ride offers plenty of them.

      The route is filled with wild beautiful sceneries along with stunning vales and market towns.

      From road number A684 you can reach Pennines, and then move south for Masham, Ripon and Thirsk. After that, the ride continues to heather-clad moors via Pickering dropping down to the beautiful fishing villages of Whitby.

      A joy ride for any bike lover!

      Final words

      If you are a motorcycle lover who has a passion for road trips, this post was just for you.

      So, which adventure are you starting first after the quarantine? Let us know in the comments below.

      Also, make sure that you buy your riding gear from a trusted manufacturer like Troy Lee Designs. Safety should be the first priority.

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