Get More for Your Buck When You Visit the Niagara Falls

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      The Niagara Falls is a very touristy place. Every year, around 14 million people flock to there, and the surrounding area, for their holidays. In fact demand for accommodation, tours, and food is so high means that the prices tend to be too.

      However, that does not mean that a budget traveller cannot afford to stay there. Far from it, provided you follow the tips that we have put together for you below it is possible to enjoy an affordable holiday in the area and see the spectacular waterfall. Even, as you will see, treat yourself to some once in a lifetime experiences.

      Stay in a luxury hotel without breaking the bank

      The Niagara Falls Hotels and some of the other big chain accommodation firms in the area offer some stunning deals. If you are prepared to book a long way out you can often get a room for very little money.

      It really is worth putting aside some cash to experience staying in one of these places, especially if you book yourself a room with a falls view. At night, the falls are lit up.

      Plus, provided you book at the right time you can enjoy a fireworks display that takes place above the waterfalls. You will never forget this experience. It will also be possible to get some truly spectacular photos, so try your best to make this part of your holiday.

      Pre-book tours and attractions

      There are a lot of tours and attractions for you to enjoy while you are in the area. It really is worth taking one of the boat trips that take you to the base of the falls and visiting some of the areas fascinating museums. The Journey Behind the Falls and Cave of the Winds tours are also good.

      Most of these tours and attractions can be pre-booked. Usually, you get a discount when you do so. Plus, you will not have to waste part of your day queuing. So, if you can, sit down and write out an itinerary and pre-book your tickets accordingly.

      Consider buying an attraction pass package

      But, before you buy your entrance tickets, always check to see if it would be cheaper for you to purchase a package deal. You can usually find some great ones here.

      Just be sure to compare the total price of buying the package and the individual tickets. If you do not want to actually see half of the attractions that are part of the entry pass deal you can end up spending more instead of saving.

      Niagra Falls

      Don’t forget to do the free stuff

      There is plenty to in and around Niagara that is free. A lot of people get so wrapped up in the big attractions and experiences that they forget about these things.

      You can visit the Niagara Gorge Discovery Centre, the Oakes Garden Theatre, follow the Niagara Recreation Trail and do many other things without having to pay a penny.

      Save on eating out

      Instead of eating out every day in a restaurant plan a couple of picnics instead. The area has some wonderful parks. For example, Queen Victoria Park and the Queen’s Royal Park in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Take the time to enjoy a few hours in each of them.

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