Here’s why you would love to live in Sydney

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      Sydney is just THAT awesome!

      Sky-high bridges, bronze beaches, massive mountain ranges, endless blue ocean; you cannot deny that Sydney truly has it all. No wonder it is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the world, with more than 8 million visitors annually. People from all around the world come to climb the Harbour Bridge, snap pics in front of the Sydney Opera House, explore The Rocks and shop at Queen Victoria Building. But, if you ask me, or any other local as a matter of fact, Sydney is a city that has a soul; the power to draw you in and make you want to stay forever. That’s why I think you’d love to live in Sydney.

      I’ve lived here my whole life – I’ve made my first, baby steps at the corner of Ashmore Street and Malcolm Lane; I’ve learned how to swim on Bondi beach; learned how to ride a bike in Enmore Park, and in that same park, on an old grey bench, I had my teenage heart broken, for the very first time. This is where I grew, where I fell in love again, where I got married.

      The two of us, we travel, a lot, but always choose to come back. And this is why…

      From classical to punk rock…

      Many are those who come to admire the architectural wonder, the Sydney Opera House; but let me tell you something: under those massive white sales, this construction offers so much more than a great selfie opportunity.  Those who are fond of the classic, can go to see Richard the Third, La Traviata, or enjoy Australian Ballet. Me, on the other hand, I like getting my groove on with DJ Harvey’s hits, or spending a romantic night listening to Sampha’s heartwarming ballads. See – a bit of something for everyone!

      And when the Opera House is booked, we move to the state theatre – we just went to see the Beauty and the Beast premier on the 16th of March (not to miss out on!) and we bought the tickets to Moscow’s magnificent Ballet. Oh, and Patty Smith, the godmother of punk is here in April!

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      Mouth-watering delicacies

      More often than not, when deciding where to eat out, people turn to guidebooks and end up in a just-another-overly-hyped bar in the city centre, when this place has so much more to offer. To be completely honest, when we scouted for our family home and looked up real estate info, we took into consideration the proximity of schools, hospitals, and the overall atmosphere of the area. Sydney is known for its diverse network of suburbs, which give it a unique, international character. And no, you don’t have to go that far from the centre to experience this cultural diversity.

      Left of the George’s Riverbank, Cabramatta (or Cabra, as we local’s refer to it) boasts its delicious Vietnamese foodie culture and background. On the other hand, if you’re craving for something a little more European, you can head a bit north to Leichhardt and get a taste of one of the finest Italian dishes, get a sip of the strongest espresso, and shop on a piazza – all without having hop on a 24-hour flight to the west. However, if you’re looking to indulge yourself in something ‘local’, The Rocks, the oldest suburb, offers a wide range of refined restaurants all serving fresh sea specialities.

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      Something about those beaches…

      What a cliché, huh? But the truth is, beaches are Sydney’s most prominent feature. Especially Bondi Beach! We come here to escape the noise, forget about the stress, whether we’re looking to lay back and get tanned or wish to try our luck in fighting the waves. I’m not a surfer myself, God no! But don’t know what I would do on a typical Sunday morning other than pretending to read the book on the Long Reef Beach while secretly giggling at my husband who keeps crashing into the shore. He’ll never give up – have to admire him for that, though.

      It’s the everlasting summer…

      Although we do work 9 to 5 and it does at times feel a bit exhausting, it’s never boring; we never end up in a rut, because other than the city itself, the surrounding nature offers endless opportunities for exploration, and the always-sunny weather allows us to go whenever, wherever.

      On the north, there’s a Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, where wild turkey and wallabies roam; on the west, we climb the Blue Mountains and glide over the rainforests; and on the south, we explore the Royal National Park – we drive down the Wattamolla Road to the falls, and then allow ourselves to get lost in the surrounding nature.

      And at the end of the day, wherever you live in Sydney, you look up or at the horizon and enjoy that pink-purple colour of the sky, just moments before the sun sinks deep in the west.

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