Great Ocean Road Route for First-Time Caravan Adventurers

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      Great Ocean Road by Campervan:
      The only way to do it!

      The Great Ocean Road route or the drive from Melbourne to Adelaide is one of the world’s most scenic drives where you are treated with the fantastic coastline, nearby national parks, and hidden gems just waiting to be found.

      The Great Ocean Road is exactly 243 kilometres (or 151 miles) long. It takes at least 3 whole days, but you may extend it if you want to immerse yourself more in the experience. You may travel anytime, but winter may be too cold, so it’s your call.

      By OpenStreetmap, Gryllida, via Wikimedia Commons

      Heading West Along the Coast to Adelaide

      Grab an informational brochure before heading to the Great Ocean Road. Here’s a link to a downloadable brochure.

      The Australian Heritage stops include the following in order:

      ⚑ Melbourne

      As your journey’s precursor, experience the vibrant city of Melbourne: go shopping, eat at fantastic restaurants, and enjoy Victorian markets.

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      ⚑ Torquay

      Your first stop will be in Torquay, the first town you’ll encounter. The place is a famous surfing spot and is also where the Rip Pro Curl surfing contest is held yearly in Easter.

      ⚑ Bells Beach

      Found on the outskirts of Torquay, Bells Beach is where the world’s top surfers go to take on waves of up to five metres. Bells Beach features two right-hand breaks for intermediate and advanced surfers. The waves are virtually sure to be good, particularly from March to October.

      ⚑ Lorne

      Unwind or relax in the seaside town of Lorne for a bit. This quiet town fascinates tourists for more than a century with its soothing Mediterranean feel and pleasant scenery. Cool off in the sparkling waters of Loutit Bay or walk up to Shelley Beach to explore the rock pools. 

      ⚑ Kennett River

      Kennett River is where you go to see wild koalas in their natural habitat. You may be lucky enough to spot them chilling in the trees while you eat lunch. It’s also a campground so it’s a nice spot for a bathroom break.

      ⚑ Anglesea

      Located just ten minutes west of Torquay on the Great Ocean Road, this old-world surf town is a picture-perfect spot for natural adventures. Here you’ll find towering cliffs and expansive white beaches to rich flora, native wildlife and shore walking trails, Anglesea is truly a majestic experience by the water.

      ⚑ Triplet falls

      Triplet Falls is one of the most iconic visitor sites in the Great Otway National Park. Located among the ancient forests of Mountain Ash and Myrtle Beach, you will find three distinct and remarkable cascades flowing through shaded rainforests and clearings of mossy tree ferns.

      ⚑ Apollo Bay

      Apollo Bay is a delightful coastal town jam-packed with restaurants and local shops along the bay. You will encounter pop up markets and you will discover amazing seafood here. It’s the picture-perfect pit stop or place to stay for the night.

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      ⚑ Gibson steps

      Here you’ll be dwarfed by the 70-metre high vertical cliffs and marvel at Gog and Magog, the nicknames given to the massive limestone stacks rising up out of the sea. Visit the beach via the 86 steps that were engraved into the face of the cliff by local settler Hugh Gibson.

      ⚑ Loch Ard Gorge

      The Loch Ard Gorge is definitely one of the most-visited stop-off points along the Great Ocean Road. It’s nestled in the Port Campbell National Park, plus it’s only three minutes from the world-famous…

      ⚑ The Twelve Apostles

      The rugged splendour of the famous 12 Apostles is a magnificent sight to behold. This wonder is naturally created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs of the mainland around 10–20 million years ago. Take lots of pictures!

      ⚑ The Arch

      The Arch is a quick stop, it is a naturally formed archway from the rocks encircled by crashing waves.

      ⚑ Port Campbell – National Park

      A lively and vibrant seaside village, Port Campbell is a great place to stop and experience restaurants and cafes with views of the beach, bakeries, and a plethora of exciting shops and galleries to discover.

      By SkareMedia (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

      ⚑ The Grotto

      The Grotto is a fantastic place if you arrive during sunset or sunrise, where you can catch a sight of the Australian sun through the archway of the rock formation, where it mirrors gold and pink off the smooth rock pools inside. 

      ⚑ Bay of Islands

      This subtropical micro-region is famous for its equally stunning beauty and history. If you love the beach and enjoy water activities, stop here – it’s a paradise for reals!

      That’s it. Hey, if you want to make the most of your travel, you just have to visit all of these locations!

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      So How Do I Get a Campervan?

      The Great Ocean Road isn’t the easiest of roads to drive on, especially if you’re not an experienced driver or the weather is poor. You’ll need a top-rated campervan that has good handling and has the features you need. Thankfully, you can quickly book a campervan online ahead of your planned trip.

      Hiring a campervan is the perfect way to go as the campervan is usually packed with the essentials making it easy for you to jump in and drive away!

      Campervan/caravan or motorhome rental days are usually charged on a per calendar day basis and the rental period is 5 days. However, may always extend it if you have the time and to maximise your stay.

      Also, take note that demands are higher in Australia during the fourth quarter of the year, so secure a caravan for hire as soon as you made up your mind to avoid disappointment. 

      Without a doubt, the Great Ocean Road route is an epic road trip and a fantastic opportunity to take in some of the best landscape and coastline Australia has to offer for first-timers. Stay safe out there and have fun!

      Bobak Ha’Eri, via Wikimedia Commons

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