12 Enriching Free Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand

The best list of 12 enriching free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand. Free cultural activities, beautiful temples you can visit for free, plus markets, hikes and gardens. What to do in Bangkok | Need to save money in Bangkok? This list is all you’ll need. 💃🏯🇹🇭 🕍 #Bangkok #Thailand #Budget #Free #CwC #travel #photography #Travel #Unique #Cities

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      Bangkok, Thailand is a city of hustle and bustle.  Amidst the mixture of parks, crowded streets, and tall buildings you will find a vibrant culture ready to be appreciated and explored.  However, if you are an avid traveler you know that exploring city after city can get expensive.  That’s why we are presenting you with this list of 12 free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand. And, believe us, it won’t disappoint!


      Visit Princess Mother Memorial Park

      A beautiful place to spend an afternoon, Princess Mother Memorial Park is a modern park established in 1993 to memorialize Srinagarindra, the Princess Mother of Thailand. The park offers a beautiful sculpture of the princess mother, perfect for an Instagram-worthy picture, a small museum, and other attractions you can walk through at your own pace.  This beautiful, free activity in Bangkok is a perfect way to spend your day!

      Princess Mother Memorial Park - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand
      Hdamm [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

      Explore Hidden Bangkok Street Art

      Tucked behind the alleys and big buildings of Bangkok is a hidden culture of street art that is underappreciated by visitors to the city.  Bangkok street art is free to see, and fun to find as it can pop up nearly anywhere you turn.  However, some of the most popular locations to find Bangkok street art are Ratchathewi Station, Chairman Park, and the Saen Saep Canal.  Each of these locations offers vibrant art and a great story.  Don’t forget to take your camera!

      Bangkok Street Art - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

      Take Pictures at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

      Damnoen Saduak Floating Markets is one of the busiest locations you will find in Bangkok any day of the week. Although you can purchase goods and delicious foods at them, there is no fee to get in and it is one of the best free activities for any tourist.  We recommend photographing all of the unique foods, goods, and people you see to hold the vibrant memories of the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market for a lifetime. And, if you get tired of taking pictures you can always just kick back, relax, and watch all of the people walking by.

      Damnoen Saduak Floating Market - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

      Sunrise Over Wat Arun Temple

      Although all of the temples in Bangkok are incredibly beautiful, Wat Arun is one of the most intriguing and visually enticing sights you can see in all of the city.  Therefore, if you are looking for things to do in Bangkok for free, watching the sunrise over Wat Arun is highly recommended.

      The design of Wat Arun represents the center of the universe, which is easy to see as it stands out among all of the other Bangkok towers.

      Wake up really early and soak in the magical atmosphere of a morning Bangkok – the only moment when the city is relatively calm and silent.

      Wat Arun Temple - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

      Have a Picnic in Lumpini Park

      Of course, you won’t be able to find a picnic for free, but enjoying an afternoon in Lumpini Park is at the top of the list of free activities in Thailand.  Locals and tourists alike love this location for the lush green grass, generous shade trees, and views of the city.  If you go in the late afternoon or evening there is likely to be a free concert to catch as well! And, if you don’t want to pack a picnic simply roll up your blanket and spend the afternoon lounging – there’s nothing better!

      Picnic in Lumpini Park - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand
      Photo by eric molina / CC-BY

      Hike at Khao Yai National Park

      Thailand is a country filled with beautiful national parks. Some of them are located far from Bangkok such as amazing Mu Koh Lanta National Park in Koh Lanta or Khao Sok National Park in Surat Thani Province.
      Luckily Khao Yai National Park is located only 14 km away from the capital city of Thailand and can be easily reached by public buses.

      Big, scenic views and a variety of hiking trails can be found at Khao Yai National Park. This location is famous for the variety of hiking trails it offers to visitors. Each one of them offers a different distance, which means no matter your skill there is a hiking trail for you.

      If you plan to visit Khao Yai National Park as one of your free activities in Bangkok, be sure to reserve a whole day for your trip! You are going to want to spend as much time soaking up the scenery as possible.

      Khao Yai National Park - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

      Enjoy the Butterflies at the Butterfly Garden

      Inside of the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden is the home to hundreds upon hundreds of butterflies who feed off the sweet nectar of the flowers in the nearby gardens.  The enchanting ambience of the butterflies and flowers makes for a relaxing afternoon or inspiring morning.  No matter when you visit the garden you will want to be sure to take your time and take every photo opportunity you can – we guarantee you’ll want to remember this experience.

      Butterfly Garden - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand
      Photo by Gitane Reveilleau / CC-BY

      Indulge Your Senses at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center

      A place of music, theatre, design, and art, the Bangkok Art and Culture Center is the perfect place to enjoy the afternoon and learn a little bit more about the world around you.  As you meander through the multiple floors of the center, you will find countless exhibits tucked away in corners and sitting right in the wide-open.  Depending on your preference you can just see a few exhibits on your way to another free activity in Bangkok, or you can spend the whole day enjoying all there is to be seen at the Art and Culture Center.

      Bangkok Art and Culture Center - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

      Observe Thai Dancing at the Erawan Shrine

      If you are visiting a foreign country and enjoying a new culture, then you should attempt to observe as much of that culture as possible while you are there.  So, if you are visiting Bangkok, you should take the opportunity to take in some of its rich cultures by watching Thai dancing at the Erawan Shrine.  The shrine is free to visit and there are multiple times per day that you can enjoy watching the traditional dances.

      Erawan Shrine - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand
      Photo by James Mellor / CC-BY

      Stroll Through Chinatown

      There are great people watching to be had in Bangkok Thailand’s Chinatown, and the great news is, it’s all for free! This busy market is a hub of activity morning, noon, and night. In fact, Bangkok’s Chinatown is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world and is historic too, as it was founded in the 1700s.  Along with people watching you will also find great photo opportunities while in Chinatown—don’t forget to tag your location!

      Once there you should take advantage and visit another beautiful monument – Wat Mangkon Kamalawat Temple.

      This is the most important Chinese Buddhist temple in Bangkok with a very interesting architecture and there’s no admission fee.

      NOTE: Don’t forget that a long skirt or pants and sleeves are required as there is a dress code!

      Chinatown - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

      Explore the Famous Flower Market

      The most famous flower market in Bangkok is with no doubt the Pak Khlong Talat. It is located right next to the Memorial Bridge Ferry N6 terminal, which is only a few stops from the Sathorn Pier main terminal and also, in this case, it’s totally free.

      Despite being considered the main attraction when visiting Bangkok you typically won’t find many tourists walking around. This is a significant advantage since you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the daily routine of the locals without being distracted by the usual tourist-made shops.

      One tip is to try to get there in the early morning when all the fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables arrive from all around Thailand: a truly unique experience for all your senses!

      Flower Market - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand
      Photo by Ninara / CC-BY

      Marvel at Wat Saket (The Golden Mount)

      The Wat Saket is one of the most peculiar monuments in Bangkok. This fantastic Buddhist temple is located at the very top of an artificial mountain that boasts fantastic views of all the city.

      Although not technically free, the admission ticket is only 20 THB (approx. 0.60 USD) so we can’t miss having this place on the list. While if you really are on a budget, you might want to simply take the pictures of the temple from the bottom without entering. In any case, it’s definitely worth visiting being also strategically located in the center of Bangkok.

      We hope you enjoy your time in Thailand and take advantage of this list of free things to do in Bangkok while you are there! Happy Travels!

      Wat Saket (The Golden Mount) - Free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand
      Photo by Xiquinho Silva / CC-BY


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      Folk Poshtel Asok

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      Chan Cha La 99 Hostel

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