Free or Cheap Things to do in Mazunte

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      Mazunte is known as the sleepy beach town near surfer-lovers Puerto Escondito. It’s common for backpackers to party and surf it up in Puerto and then head to Mazunte for some much needed R&R. But that’s not all it’s got going for it! Apart from the gorgeous, long beaches, cheap massages and delicious fresh fruit juices on every corner, Mazunte has an obvious hippy vibe, which brings with it some pretty awesome benefits for the budget traveller.

      1. Try deep mediative yoga with Hridaya – BY DONATION

      Hridaya Yoga Retreat offer drop in classes to their Hatha Yoga from Mondays to Saturdays. Their classes focus on getting intimate inner knowledge of the physical body and spiritual heart. Classes are quite heavily meditative so as to access deep relaxation on all levels of being. If you are considering joining the Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive, you can try your first day free. The drop in classes classes go from 8:30-10:30am on Mondays through to Saturdays and are paid by conscious donation. Additionally, they offer complimentary group meditations from 7:00-8:00 am daily.


      2. Watch the sun rise or set from Punta Cometa cliff tops – FREE

      Punta Cometa (Comet Point) is an awesome cliff jutting out from the beach where you can see the sunrise and sunset from the same place. The views of the sunrise/set are far-reaching and unobstructed, which makes this a really popular spot. Punta Cometa is easy to find, just follow the path alongside Alta Mira Bungalows and follow look out for the signs. The walk will take about 30 mins from town.


      3. Eat vegan at Prasad – BY DONATION

      Delicious vegan/vegetarian food is served up every Sunday by volunteers and is paid for by donation – whatever you can afford! They serve lunch and dinner, tea, coffee, fresh juice and desserts. The place gets really busy though so try to get there early.


      4. Do Hatha Yoga with Om Shanti – BY DONATION

      For more yoga there’s Om Shanti, based in the centre of Mazunte. Join them for drop in classes at their yoga-shala daily at 9AM. The yoga is organised through a community called Casa Om Shanti, where you can live and co-exist in the house with other like-minded individuals in exchange for your volunteered time or donations.


      5. Drink on the beach – CHEAP

      It’s totally acceptable to do this in Mexico and you’ll often find parties and bomb fires scattered over the sands at night. Watch the sun set over the water while drinking $1 beers. #bliss

      6. Go to the nude beaches in Zipolite – FREE

      Zipolite beach is a short taxi colectivo from Mazunte (catch them along the main road). Zipolite beach itself is a nude beach but you wouldn’t know, as there are restaurants, bars and cabins all along it with mostly dressed people. If you’re real keen on getting your kit off in a more private area, go to Playa de Amor up one end of the main beach or hide behind the rocks on a little sectioned off beach on the other end.


       Well that’s my short list of awesome things you can do in Mazunte when you’re on a bit of a budget. Hopefully you’ll get some good use out of it and I’ll see you on the beach !

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      Location Info
      Place: Mazunte
      Country: Mexico
      Language: Spanish
      Currency: Mexican Peso
      $1 USD = 18.92 Mex$
      I was here: November 2014

      Are you into any of these free / cheap things? Tell me about it in the comments below…

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