Naked for Satan [READ]

What do empty Coke bottles and being locked out of my room naked have in common? Hot and tired, back aching from the long walk, I slide my heavy backpack up to the counter of the ‘hostel’ I’d booked. I began to tell them I had a booking, and
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A Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand [WATCH]

Motorbiking Around Thailand for a Day During Yi Peng Chiang Mai is a hot tourist destination and one loved by backpackers and expats alike. With cheap food, motorbike hire and hostels, but great internet, Chiang Mai is deeply rooted on the
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8 Life-Changing Things Asia Taught Me

Bali: How to Drive an Automatic Scooter After having the poop scared out of me from being doubled on the back of my boyfriends motorbike in high school, I vowed that those devil-machines just weren’t for me and was never going on one again. Then
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