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These are the brands I use every day when I travel. I use them to save money and because I trust them. Plus some of these companies give great discounts to new users!


FYI for pretty much all of the following deals, I am affiliated with the brand in some way. This is because I create relationships with brands I use and love. If you click on and purchase through any of these buttons or links, there’s a good chance I’ll make some money out of it, but at no expense to you.

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Accommodation Deals

BOOKING.COM is my go-to resource for the best hotel prices, always. They also have an amazing rewards program. After a few stays with Booking, they start to give you ‘Genius Discounts’ that are offered to you only. We have saved so much money by traveling through Booking!

Wherever you travel, do it for less. Enjoy 15% or more off stays between now and January 4, 2021.


If you are after the most budget accommodation possible and don’t mind staying in hostels, then you probably already know about Hostelworld. It almost always has more hostel options than hotel booking sites. Sometimes the prices are better, sometimes not. You’ll have to do the comparison if you want the absolute best price!

Travel Products

We buy most of our products either locally or through Amazon. Amazon consistently have have the lowest prices on almost everything and an extensive review system. I am still yet to buy something on Amazon that hasn’t been good quality!

Where in the world are you? We have an Amazon store close to you!



Osprey Hybrid Wheeled Luggage

I have used many backpacking rucksacks in my time and I know there are pros and cons to many different styles. But the one I now use, love and swear by is the Osprey Hybrid Sojourn. It’s a great piece of luggage that easily converts between a backpack and wheeled luggage. Plus they have a lifetime guarantee, so they will repair or replace any product damage at anytime, anywhere, no matter how old the backpack is.

I have been using this backpack for two years now and have found it great for the long-term/backpacking style travel that I do. Plus anything that you would use a suitcase for, it totally does that job as well. To be honest, I use it mostly on it’s wheels. But the few times I have turned it into a backpack have been very useful. For example, when I was walking down a muddy track in Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán I used it as a backpack. Then when I arrived at the port I could simply put the straps away and wheel it around the paved area and onto the boat. So easy!

Anti-Theft Backpack

For carry-on luggage and as my general daypack, I use the Pacsafe Venture Safe anti-theft backpack. This bag is like carrying a portable locker. I keep all of my valuables like laptop, camera gear and travel documents in it ands then keep it with me at all times. If I do need to leave it somewhere for a while (like in luggage storage) the extra security on the backpack means I don’t need to worry about it while I’m gone. I can even strap it to a piece of furniture so no one can swipe the whole bag.

I reviewed and compared across a whole bunch of anti-theft backpacks and this one was the best.


DSLR Camera + Lenses and Attachments

If a DSLR is a necessity for you, try to make sure it’s as small and powerful as possible and that it has good video! The DSLR camera that I use and recommend is a Panasonic GH5. I have used Panasonic cameras my whole life because they have some of the best video capabilities and the photos look gorgeous too!

GoPro + Attachments

Action cameras are becoming somewhat of an essential for everyone – and that’s awesome. There’s really not much they can’t do! If you don’t need a manually operated DSLR, a GoPro can easily replace this camera. You really don’t have an excuse not to buy one when their prices start at only $199 USD. I use both so that I always have a camera documenting my travels – especially my underwater adventures!

Camera Tripod or Octopod

There are loads of versatile and lightweight tripods that do some cool things like wrap around tree branches and fence posts. You can attach your camera, GoPro or your phone to this one. You can even use it as a stand for your phone or small iPad for those long-haul flights. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of camera equipment that I own!

Travel-Sized Camera Drone

Since the start of 2018 I have been travelling with a Mavic Pro foldable drone. This small, lightweight piece of technology has been one of the best investments I have ever made! There’s nothing more sexy than a crisp birds-eye view of the amazing scenery you see on your travels. Now that drones have been around for a while, the technology has made them small and seriously powerful. Read more about travel drones.


I don’t want to go too much into what I have in my backpack here but if you want a humongous packing list which includes everything I take travelling, then check out my Gigantic Packing List Post.