Day of the Dead in Mexico [Photos]

      Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Oaxaca; a day to remember loved ones who have passed

      I heard it said we die two times.
      The first is that final breath
      and when nobody speaks
      our names aloud
      we die a second death
       – Lift souls on the Day of the Dead, by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

      This beautiful ceremony is a day for families and friends to come together in honour of a passed loved one. At the grave of the deceased, music is played, the favourite foods and drinks of the one who passed are eaten and fond memories are discussed. Day of the Dead is a celebration to ensure that the loved one is honoured and their spirit continues to live on. The famous sugar skulls are usually made by family members to be eaten by the graves. I had been obsessed with seeing this festival since I did a drama project on it at University. For me, this festival is the pinnacle of a culture very different to my own.

      I realised how special this tradition is when attending for the first time in November. Instead of mourning, the Mexican people celebrate with their loved ones past. I wish and hope that when I die, I can die like a Mexican. 

      MexicanDayoftheDead-22Day of the Dead in Mexico - Castaway with CrystalMexicanDayoftheDead-15MexicanDayoftheDead-11MexicanDayoftheDead-13Day of the Dead in Mexico - Castaway with CrystalMexicanDayoftheDead-8MexicanDayoftheDead-5MexicanDayoftheDead-1MexicanDayoftheDead-6

      To see more of my Dia de los Muertos photography, check out the gallery.

      These photographs were taken in 2014 in Oaxaca City. Read my Budget Guide to Oaxaca if you plan to go there.

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      Location Info

      Place: Oaxaca
      Country: Mexico
      Language: Spanish
      Currency: Mexican Peso
      $1 USD = 18.92 Mex$
      I was here: November 2014

      How do you honour your loved ones who have passed?

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