A Day in Da Lat, Vietnam [WATCH]

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      Waterfall Canyoning in Da Lat, an Adventurous Day!

      Da Lat surprised us from the minute we stepped off the bus. This quaint French-influenced town had so much to offer. Nestled in amongst the rainforest adorned mountains, it’s a place many tourists skip over due to the moderate difficulty it takes to get there. But little Da Lat ended up being one of our favourite places in Vietnam. The cute towns shops burst with cute european-style cafes (the Vietnamese love their coffee) and bakeries. We were blown away by one particular bakery called Lien Hoa where you could pick and choose from a buffet of meats, salads and breads, pay by weight, and create your own little picnic. But hands-down the most fun we had here was discovering waterfall canyoning.

      Video of our day abseiling waterfalls in Da Lat

      A Quick Guide

      Where I went and how much it cost me when I was there…

      00:05 – Where we stayed
      We stay at Hotel Phuong Hanh at the top of the hill in Da Lat. This cute spot has huge clean rooms with great views of the city. There’s also a delicious street food store of Vietnamese soup right out the door! The owners were lovely and friendly as well. 60, 000 dong ($2.60 USD) per night.
      00:12 – Hired motorbikes from our hotel
      It’s easy as to hire motorbikes in Japan and it’s a great way to see to local sights and get around. We took ours to check out some of the mountain area around Da Lat. These cost us 80, 000 dong (or $3.50USD) for a half day.

      00:37 – Waterfall Canyoning Tour
      We heard from the other travellers that Green Horizon Tours were the absolute BOMB! And they weren’t wrong. We had literally the most fun and exciting day abseiling down these waterfalls! They took good care of us and gave us a damn delicious lunch as well! Cost: 500,000 dong ($22USD). Now that’s cheap thrills!

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      Here are some pics from the day…

      I can’t believe I just did that!
      This one was called the Washing Machine

      If you’re heading to Vietnam definitely make the effort to check out Da Lat. This adventurous, picturesque little town certainly doesn’t disappoint. Get there by 7 hour bus from Ho Chi Minh City, cost is about 600,000 dong ($23USD), with the same for return. Afterwards head to Nha Trang on the afternoon bus (3 hours) for about 300,000 dong ($13 USD).

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      Location Info

      Place: Da Lat
      Country: Vietnam
      Language: Vietnamese
      Currency: Vietnamese Dong
      $1 USD = 22,755₫ VND
      I was there: October 2013

      Have you ever abseiled down a waterfall? How much fun is it?

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