Colourful Cuba: A Photographic Rainbow

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      Scroll Down the Page and Watch Cuba Change Colours!

      Alluring, majestic Cuba. One of the most colourful and textured places to capture with a camera. Mess and madness in every corner, yet method to the madness.  As you scroll through you will notice a rainbow unfold down your page. Please enjoy!

      1. Propaganda wall and white building in santa clara cuba2. Happiest Cuban, doors in Trinidad and decrepit buildings, Cuba4. Malecon Havana. Building Trinidad and onion cart Cuba5. Lizard on sign and a yellow palm in Cuba6. Decrepit doors in, a man and his rooster trinidad Cuba7. Lime green door in Trinidad, lizard Cuba8. Old cowboy, green colonial building santa clara and old wooden cabin Cuba9. Car and building in Trinidad, grafitti wall and beach Cuba10. Homeless lady, vivid blue door and blue and white windows, Trinidad, Cuba11. Tree at dusk and the streets of Trinifdad at Sunset in Cuba12. Man in Trinidad, Classic chevroulet in Havana and a sunset in Baracoa, Cuba13. An onion seller, the Carnival Museum, and vintacge car Cuba14. Train Museum and Chinatown Havana, and homeless man in park CubaTobacco farmer showing off his seeds on the  farm (finca) in Vinales, Cuba.jpg

      Photos from Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. A wall full of propaganda, 2. A Ché Guevara Mural, 3. Colonial building in Santa Clara, 4. This man wanted me to take his photo, so I did, 5. Textured doors in Trinidad, 6. Decrepit buildings in Havana, 7. The Malecón in the afternoon, 8. Colonial building in Trinidad, 9. An onion cart on the streets of Havana, 10. Cuban Anolis lizard on a sign, 11. Palm tree leaf contrast, 12. Door in Havana, 13. The proud owner of a well-trained rooster, 14. Doors of Baracoa, 15. Cuban Anolis lizard on a stick, 16. Well lived man in front of wall, 17. Buildings in Santa Clara, 18. A cute cottage in the mountains of Baracoa, 19. Blue classic car in front of colonial building, 20. Street art in Santa Clara, 21. The beach at Santa María, 22. A content homeless lady in Cienfuegos, 23. A blue door in Trinidad, 24. Windows in Santa Clara, 25. Dusk in Viñales, 26. The streets of Trinidad, 27. Homeowner in Trinidad, 28. Classic Purple Chevrolet, 29. Brilliant sunset over the lake in Baracoa, 30. An onion seller in Havana, 31. Exhibit in the Carnival Museum, 32. A classic car in a garage, 33. Train Museum in Havana, 34. Chinatown in Havana, 35. A homeless man, also a fan of Ché Guevara, in Cienfuegos, 36. A tobacco farmer in Viñales

      PHOTOS: Alluring Cuba Photographed in Black and White

      Location Info

      Country: Cuba
      Language: Spanish
      Currency: 2 Currencies – Peso (CUP) and Convertible Peso (CUC)
      $1 USD = 26.5CUP or 1.00CUC
      I was here: January 2015

      Have you been to Cuba? What did you think of the colours?
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