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How to Be a (Super Cool) Green Traveller

Mastering; ‘Not Being an Asshole’ (aka Green Traveller) and Why it’s Important This is a list of super-awesome environmental considerations I take into account every day on my quest to be a Green Traveller. Step outside into nature
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Bloggers Eat Weird Filipino Food [WATCH]

Weird Street Food in the Philippines Deliciously slimy, fantastically gross. So sheltered we are to the delights that can arise eating the strangest of foods. When all of the animal is eaten, nothing is wasted, and you may find yourself
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Festival Survival Tips

Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your Festival Experience Festival Realities So you spent all your money on the ticket and now you’ve got no dinero to party when the date rolls around. Need some unique tips on how to get the most out of
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