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Surfing with Lead [READ]

What does surfing and two AK-47s have in common? In the quiet backpacker town of San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua, Mad Mike was at war with the locals. He was one of those loud-mouth Americans who’d moved to Central America, threw a bunch of cash
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Follow Me Through Cambodia

16 crazy, beautiful, ‘off the beaten path’ personal experiences I had in Cambodia I travel extreme and on a budget; I endeavour to find the cheapest possible way to do anything. And travelling like this usually means I end up in sticky
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Breathtaking Photos from a Flight Over Taree

Fantastic Aerial Shots over Taree, Australia I had been pestering my family friend, Tez, for years to take me for a flight in his little passenger plane. He’s an aviation mechanic in Taree and owns a vintage Auster plane that is actually
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