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20 Weird and Unique Things to do in NYC, USA

Borrklyn Bridge for Unique Things to do in NYC, USA
The ultimate list of unique things to do in NYC, USA on a budget. Have an awesome time stargazing from the High Line, walking over Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, or tracking down a John Lennon memorial at Central Park. Plus some weird things to
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5 Reasons to Visit Meteora, Greece

Visit Meteora Guide: Things you must do and see! Meteora is a unique mountainous area right near the towns of Kalambaka and Kastraki in Thessaly. Filled with dramatic mountains and rock pillars coupled with precariously placed hand-built
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Take a ride on the Darjeeling Toy Train

Why ride on the Darjeeling Toy Train? Aside from being one of the highest elevated train tracks in the world, riding the Toy Train in Darjeeling is incredibly fun. It feels like it’s weaving along tracks suspended in the air, but actually, they
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