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The Case of the Missing Toenail [READ]

The case of the missing toenail, a travel story - Castaway with Crystal
How does one even lose an entire toenail??? Pushkar is famous for being a predominantly Hindu town, frowning upon any meat or alcohol. The whole of India is quite conservative when it comes to women’s clothing, and this is very apparent in
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Naked for Satan [READ]

What do empty Coke bottles and being locked out of my room naked have in common? Hot and tired, back aching from the long walk, I slide my heavy backpack up to the counter of the ‘hostel’ I’d booked in Krabi, Thailand. I began to tell them I had
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A Disturbing Train in Tokyo [READ]

A Guy Tries to Commit Suicide on my Train in Japan At some point in my travels I’d mentally noted that Japan was said to have an unusually high suicide rate amongst its citizens, especially men. Jumping in front of the bullet trains was so
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