Top 10 Quirky Free Things To Do in Japan

Cover pic of Fukishimi inarii shrines - Free Things to do in Japan
The best list of quirky and FREE things to do in Japan. Try them all! Japan is arguably the world’s best country and home to the most successful civilization in history, but all that comes at a price. Indeed, it doesn’t take much
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Mega Japan Itinerary: 14 Days or 7 Days

Japan is definitely a place where you don’t have to travel too far to be able to experience their country to the full. We had just over 2 weeks so our Japan Itinerary included travelling south of Tokyo all the way to Beppu. If you only have 1
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Golden Week in Japan: Should you go?

Should I go to Japan During Golden Week? Hard questions you may be asking before you book your ticket. I myself decided to head to Tokyo right in the middle of Golden Week, despite reading countless blogs telling me not to. I did this
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A Day in Beppu, Japan [WATCH]

Video of a Full Day Being a Tourist in Beppu ‘The Hot Spring City’ Beppu, down on the southernmost part of Japan, is a great destination for travellers wanting to get a really authentic feel for Japan while escaping the crowds.
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A Day in Kyoto, Japan [WATCH]

Video of a Full Day Being a Tourist in Kyoto Fast-Forwarded to 2.5 Minutes This video was put together three years ago after I visited Japan for the first time in 2013. I had always intended to do a segment on my blog called ‘A Day
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