Beach-Bum? Here is Your Ultimate Bucket List of Beaches You Need to Visit

Ultimate Bucket List Beaches You Need to Visit

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      Imagine yourself immersed under the sun, lying on a beach chair, with your feet tingling in the sand. You can’t get enough of the sun rays reflecting on the bright blue, crystal clear water on a Caribbean island resort. While this is a dream to many, it can become a reality with a little guidance.

      The world is full of fun-filled beaches which can easily provide you with all the wonderment your heart desires. Are you among those beach bums who can’t get enough of it? Well, there are lots of places you can experience beach life. Here are some of the best beach destinations to include on your bucket list

      1. Bohol, Philippines

      Bohol, Philippines beach for Ultimate Bucket List Beaches You Need to Visit

      Bohol is one of the most iconic islands in the Philippines, which will certainly make you want to stick around for days. The experience of Chocolate Hills (a wonder of the world) is superb.

      Panglao Island which is part of Bohol, located southwest of Tagbilaran City, has to be your go-to destination if you’re a serious beach vacationer. Panglao Island hosts a whole lot of breathtaking white beaches, along with many other scenic features.  

      2. Sardinia, Italy

       Sardinia Italy for Ultimate Bucket List Beaches You Need to Visit

      With its turquoise waters and white sand beaches, Sardinia needs to be the destination for your next beach holiday. Its coastline is blessed with isolated coves and beaches. This is a perfect spot for beach activities such as snorkeling, relaxing, tanning, and enjoying a light wind on the hot sand.

      One remarkable feature of Sardinia in that despite its growing popularity, you won’t see rows of sunbeds, beach umbrellas or kiosks, like on other beaches. You will need to pack food and water for the whole day because you will not find a kiosk or a cafe here!

      This destination is also known to be windy and therefore popular for different water sports. The island is also home a beach called Pollo to the north, which is great for windsurfers and sailors. Catch an Italian “aperitivo” and unwind after some tiresome water sport activities. Or sip a bellini as you watch the sunset.

      Be sure to visit Sardinia in either June or September; the start and the end of the busy summer season. Take advantage of lower prices for accommodation, tours, and flights. This is the perfect season to enjoy the beaches here before Italians swarm in during the school holidays.  

      3. Jeju Island, South Korea

      Jeju Island for Ultimate Bucket List Beaches You Need to Visit
      📷 Republic of Korea

      Jeju Island in South Korea was formed through volcano eruptions and has some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see! With white sand, clear blue waters and beautiful cliffs, it deserves its place on this best beaches bucket list.

      It’s nicknamed the Maldives of Korea due to its exotic features and stunning beaches, including Hamdeok Beach. This beach is easily accessible by either public transport or rental car and has free entry and parking for buses near the entrance. 

      The best seasons to visit this island is in spring and autumn. Go out and enjoy a couple of cafes and restaurants, as well as swimming and other beach activities. It’s only fair to include this destination in your best beach holidays list.

      4. San Andres, Colombia

      San Andres Colombia for  Ultimate Bucket List Beaches You Need to Visit

      This stunning beach is located along the Caribbean. San Andres is a popular island in Colombia, South America. Although San Andres is a small island, there are a lot of activities to enjoy here. What I like to do the most is drive around as I explore the island.  

      San Andres boasts a host of beautiful beaches, including The City Beach, and smaller islands such as Jhonny Cay, Acuario, and Haynes. The presence of so many islands means you will definitely enjoy a day island hopping. You will also love the scuba and snorkeling, so be sure to try them out!

      The best time to visit this San Andreas is in April, May, November, or December. I guarantee that this spot won’t disappoint, so be sure to add it to your list for the next beach holiday. 

      5. Yucatan, Mexico

      Cozumel Island from a drone for Planning a trip to Mexico on a budget

      Mexico’s iconic Yucatan Peninsula is punctuated with stunning beaches to explore. If you’re a serious beachgoer, then this spot has to be on your bucket list.

      Head to Akumal and swim with turtles, then to Isla Holbox which is full of whale sharks at the right time of year. Or explore the iconic beach bars and eco-resorts of Tulum. Whether you want to swim in Cenotes or do a road trip to the pink lakes of the Yucatan Peninsula, the possibilities are endless.  

      The most beautiful thing about the Yucatan Peninsula is that it’s warm all year long. But just in case you don’t want wet-season rain, then consider going there from November to May during the dry season. Hurricanes here are unpredictable, but avoid August and October as this is when they are most frequent.

      6. Algarve, Portugal

      Algrave Portugal for  Ultimate Bucket List Beaches You Need to Visit

      Have you ever heard of Praia da Marinha beach in Algrave, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sit on the soft sand and gaze over the dramatic cliffs nearby. Or grab a board and go for a surf! There are loads of cool things to do in Algrave.

      But a trip to the Algarve is not complete without swimming along the Benagil cave, or better yet, taking a boat tour to see all around this beautiful area.

      The Algarve is a brilliant place to visit all year round. The spring and summer months are way longer while the winter is mild. But you have to take note of high season (July and August) and avoid them completely. All in all, Algarve is undoubtedly one of the best spots to include in your beach destinations bucket list. 


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