Breathtaking Photos from a Flight Over Taree

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      Fantastic Aerial Shots over Taree, Australia

      I had been pestering my family friend, Tez, for years to take me for a flight in his little passenger plane. He’s an aviation mechanic in Taree and owns a vintage Auster plane that is actually older than him! Did I mention I’m scared of heights? But I don’t want to be so I’m always pushing myself to do height-related activities to get myself out of my comfort zone. This was one of them. Taking off and landing are statistically the most dangerous times for an aeroplane, and we were taking off from a grass field. As the plane went up, so did my heart rate!

      The following photos are of Taree, Wingham and surrounding mountains, Chatham, Harrington and Old Bar Beach.

      Flight over TareeFlight over TareeFlight over TareeFlight over TareeFlight over TareeFlight over TareeFlight over TareeFlight over TareeFlight over TareePlease click on any of these images to see the full album


      What to do

      Walk by the Manning River, head to Old Bar Beach for a secluded swim or drive 40 minutes to check out Ellenborough Falls, one of the longest single-drop waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere!

      Where to stay

      Cheap: A 2-minute drive from the town centre, Taree Country Motel has a great rating.
      Boutique: Boogie Woogie Guest House in Old Bar features uniquely decorated rooms inspired by music and art icons. Located 100m from the beach, this place is as good as it gets!

      Where to eat and drink

      My favourite café is The Other Side Art Café on the Pacific Highway. This cute place set by the river is adorned with artworks and ramshackle tables and chairs. They do great coffee. For a beer head to The Royal for some riverside brews.

      NOTE: This article contains Affiliate Links. That means if you book a hotel/hostel using one of the links above I will receive a small commission of the booking at no extra cost to you. Affiliate Links allow me to make a little extra cash and keep the blog running.
      Location Info

      Place: Taree
      Country: Australia
      Language: English
      Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
      1 USD = $1.08AUD

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