Bora Bora Island: Travel Tips and Advice

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      Best Guide for Travelling to Bora Bora Island

      French Polynesia has been blessed with a jewel. Well, Bora Bora is actually known as the Pearl of the Pacific and is doubtlessly one of the most breathtaking locations of our planet. It’s a popular bucket list item of many travellers, but this doesn’t even come close to describing this South Pacific piece of heaven. This guide will help you make the most out of your trip to the Tahitian island of Bora Bora.

      A Romantic Haven for Newlyweds

      Full disclosure: Bora Bora isn’t really cheap. This, however, makes it perfect for trips which are expected to set you back more than a buck or two. We’re talking about honeymoons, of course, and we suggest that you go all-in here – don’t be reluctant to stay at Bora Bora’s most popular resorts with overwater bungalows with glass floors, since it will be a vacation to remember for the rest of your lives!

      Pure Fun

      Bora Bora is very much unlike your regular travel destinations. For example, one of the main allures that make this experience so special is outlined in the fact that there is no public transport here. If this seems like a downside, you’ll be happy to learn that you are wrong – this means that you get around either by rental car, bicycle or two-seat buggy, and this simply spells fun! There are many maritime activities to enjoy here, such as canoeing, snorkelling, diving and going on cruises and, although the island in itself is somewhat small (it can be travelled around in three hours), the lagoon is significantly larger! Some of the many popular daytime activities include fishing, parasailing, jet skiing, helicopter rides and swimming with sharks (if you want to experience something more adventurous and daring).

      Pick a Perfect Season

      In general, travel is extremely dependant on seasons, so picking a perfect moment is crucial and it often poses a problem, especially when it comes to peak vacation times and reservations. Well, temperatures in Bora Bora are somewhat stable throughout the year – the lows average at the mid-70s and the highs don’t go beyond 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that weather conditions are suitable for travel almost year-round. The only thing to keep in mind here are the rainfalls and high humidity, which are most common during the summer months from November to April; other than this, you’re pretty much good!

      Where to Stay

      When it comes to accommodation, the island of Bora Bora has become somewhat synonymous with overwater bungalows. As mentioned, you should aim at staying at one of these with glass floors, which will allow you to enjoy the natural life of the lagoon down below. We recommend the incredibly modern and chic InterContinental Bora Bora resort, which, of course, features popular lagoon-facing beds, glass walls and even an overwater wedding chapel – in case you decide to start a new chapter of your life here as you just might not be able to resist the romantic allure of Bora Bora if you’re travelling with a significant other by your side.

      The Locals

      There is nothing to be said about the locals of Bora Bora if not that they are kind, loving and welcoming. When it comes to the vibe that this place gives out, it is relatively quiet, which makes this island a bit more suitable for relaxation rather than partying all night. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the local culture, since the people of Bora Bora will gladly share it with you.

      The beauties of this gorgeous part of Tahiti cannot be described with words – we did the best we could and now it’s up to you to do your part! Book your holiday on Bora Bora Island and expect an experience of a lifetime!

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      Location Info

      Place: Bora Bora Island
      Country: French Polynesia
      Language: French and Thitian
      Currency: Pacific Franc (CFP)
      $1 USD = ‎₣111 CFP
      Post Updated: 27th June 2017

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