University of Glasgow for Free things to do in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

15 Wicked Free Things to do in Glasgow, UK

The ultimate list of free things to do in Glasgow, UK as written by a lifelong local! Explore gothic buildings, bonnie lakes and other Glasgow activities; all totally free!

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woman does yoga outdoors for best travel yoga mat

The Best Travel Yoga Mats (Traveling With a Yoga Mat & Reviews)

We compare and review the best travel yoga mats on the market. Including foldable travel yoga mats, thin yoga mats and cheapest travel mats. Plus tips on traveling with a yoga mat.

The Best Snorkel Gear Sets for Travel

The Best Snorkel Gear: Choose the Right Snorkel Set For You!

This mega guide will help you choose the best snorkel gear on the market in 2020. Don’t get stuck with leaking rental gear, take a look at these awesome budget-friendly snorkel sets today!

Man waits at busy train station wearing an anti theft backpack for travel

The Best Anti Theft Backpack for Travel in 2020

The ultimate guide to the best anti theft backpack for travel. Choose between a huge range of secure backpacks and decide on one that suits you perfectly!

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Seattle ferris wheel for 3 days in Seattle Washington

3 Days in Seattle (Itinerary and Weird Things to Do)

Do you only have 3 days in Seattle? Don’t waste any time doing the boring sightseeing everyone else does! Instead, try out all of the unusual and weird things to do in Seattle by following our special curated Seattle itinerary; 3 days in the Emerald City!

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Cover for the Best Cenotes in Tulum, Mexico

The Best Cenotes in Tulum (2020 Mexico Expert Guide)

The number one list of best cenotes in Tulum (and Playa Del Carmen). All information updated in 2020. Plus a free cenote map that downloads onto your phone!

A drone flying above snow for the post: The Best Travel Drones

The Best Drones for Travel Videos and Photo in 2020

We compare and decide on the best drones for travel videos and photography in 2020. Are you a beginner drone operator? We will help you choose a travel drone that suits your needs!

Day of the Dead Oaxaca cover - Dia de los Muertos Oaxaca

How to Experience Day of the Dead, Oaxaca (The Mexican Way)

This is what a local will do for Day of the Dead, Oaxaca. A guide for people who want to experience cultural Mexico, and find out how to die like a Mexican.

10 of the Best Snorkel Fins for Travel - our Top Snorkeling Fins Reviews- a snorkeler dives to the bottom

10 Best Snorkel Fins for Travel (2020 Review Guide)

We help you choose the best snorkel fins for travel. Wondering what the best snorkelling fins are for you? Don’t get tired out or blisters that ruin your holiday. Pre buy fins for snorkeling to ensure you have the best trip ever!

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Reviews: Here’s How to Choose The Best Snorkel Masks

The Best Snorkel Masks in 2020 (Standard + Full Face)

We help you choose the best snorkel masks in 2019. Wondering what is the best snorkeling mask for you? Don’t ruin your holiday with a leaky mask that hurts you. Pre buy a snorkel mask and ensure you have the best trip ever!

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Cenote Zaci - Best Valladolid Cenotes

The Best Valladolid Cenotes (2020 Mexico Expert Guide)

This guide will help you find the best Valladolid cenotes in Mexico! Visit cenotes near Chichen Itza, visit the famous Cenote Suytun and visit a “haunted” cenote in Valladolid. Written by a Mexico expert.

Borrklyn Bridge for Unique Things to do in NYC, USA

20 Weird and Unique Things to do in NYC, USA

The ultimate list of unique things to do in NYC, USA on a budget. Have an awesome time stargazing from the High Line, walking over Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, or tracking down a John Lennon memorial at Central Park. Plus some weird things to do in NYC like visit the Houdini museum and grave. These are the best New York City cheap activities for the most fun travel ever!

header of Queenstown Hill for Free Things to do in Queenstown NZ

10 Fun Free Things to Do in Queenstown, New Zealand

This big list of fun free things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand will keep you exploring and enjoying, even after the funds run out!


How to Trek the Larapinta Trail Self-Guided

Here’s how to hike the Larapinta Trail: Self Guided. Everything you need to know about Larapinta transfers, food storage, the best sections and even an equipment checklist.

cover photo of Tangolunda bay for best beaches in Oaxaca post

13 of the Best Beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico (You Need to Visit)

Visit only the best beaches in Oaxaca! Go swimming, surfing or snorkeling, the coast of Oaxaca is a water-lover’s playground.

Angkor wat with buddhist in front Backpacking Cambodia Itinerary

The Ultimate Backpacking Cambodia Itinerary (2 weeks or 10 Days)

The ultimate backpacking Cambodia itinerary! Compare our 10 day or 2 week Cambodia itineraries. Mix and match to make them suit you!

Cenote Verde Lucero for Best Riviera Maya Cenotes

The Best Mayan Riviera Cenotes (in Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen)

This huge guide lists all of the best Mayan Riviera cenotes including La Ruta de Los Cenotes in Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen cenotes. Includes all you need to know, so you can visit the amazing natural cenotes in the Riviera Maya without paying for a tour!

Our top 10 reasons you’ll love Mexico! From the beautiful colors of Mexico, to strong Mexican culture and aesthetic. Fiestas, food and Day of the Dead. This is our Mexico bucket list full of culture and colours!
🇲🇽 💃 🌮 🌵 #Mexico #Food #CwC #photography #tips

10 Guaranteed Reasons You’ll Love Mexico

10 guaranteed reasons you’ll definitely love Mexico! From the strong culture, colorful cities and diverse landscapes. Mexico will surely steal your heart!

Free things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

7 Free Things To Do in Hanoi – Vietnam’s Capital City

Travel Vietnam on a budget with these 7 free things to do in Hanoi. There are so many activities in Hanoi, these are the best free ones!

Cactus reserve for driving in Mexico road trip planner

Mexico Road Trip: All You Need To Know About Driving in Mexico

Read this before heading off on a Mexico road trip. 2019 updated information about driving in Mexico plus 5 different road trips in Mexico to choose from!

Holi in Varanasi: A Travel Guide. Playing at the Indian Holi Festival party in Varanasi. Tips on how to celebrate Holi in India + things to do in Varanasi. Why you need a hotel in the Ghats of the Ganges River, sacred temples, cultures and the dangers for women. 🇮🇳 🎨 🕍 🏞 #Varanasi #India #Travel #CwC #Photography #culture

Holi In Varanasi, India: Everything You Need To Know

Is Holi in Varanasi right for you? The ultimate travel guide (with exclusive tips and advice) to help you prepare for the Varanasi Holi Festival in India this year.

The Ultimate Itineraries for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Huge KL Guide: 15 things to do in Kuala Lumpur + Kuala Lumpur 1 day itinerary + 3 day itinerary Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur Travel: Explore Batu Caves, Thean Hou Temple, KL tower for skyline views, Petronas Towers and Bukit Bintang Night Market. 🇲🇾 #KL #Malaysia #Travel #CwC #Food #Batu

The Ultimate 1 and 3 Day Itinerary: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Don’t miss out on any of these awesome things to do in Kuala Lumpur. This is the ultimate itinerary: Kuala Lumpur in 3 days or one day. Easy to use guide with every you’ll need to know.

Want to find romantic things to do in Sydney, Australia on the cheap? The best list of Sydney food, walks, markets and beaches. Plus loads of the best things to do in Sydney on a budget and Sydney trip ideas. Go to a cheap Sydney restaurant, do romantic summer activities, go to a famous Sydney beach or check out Sydney at night. 🏖 🌿 🥘 💕
#Sydney #Australia #Travel #CwC #Beaches #Tips #Romantic #Ideas

Romantic Things to Do in Sydney (on a Budget)

Want to experience all of the most romantic things to do in Sydney on a budget? An eight-year Sydney local exposes all. Find out about fun activities, romantic restaurants and incredible coastal walks!


Huge India Packing List (Everything in One Checklist)

The best India packing list you’ll find on the internet! Complete with clothing examples, necessities and a free packing for India checklist!

100 things to do this year in 2019

100 Things to Do in 2020: A Yearly Bucket List Game

Want to make 2020 the best year ever? How about a bucket list of 100 things to do this year to help you get off the couch and doing MORE with your life?!

The best list of 12 enriching free things to do in Bangkok, Thailand. Free cultural activities, beautiful temples you can visit for free, plus markets, hikes and gardens. What to do in Bangkok | Need to save money in Bangkok? This list is all you’ll need. 💃🏯🇹🇭 🕍 #Bangkok #Thailand #Budget #Free #CwC #travel #photography #Travel #Unique #Cities

12 Enriching Free Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is a city of hustle and bustle.  Amidst the mixture of parks, crowded streets, and tall buildings you will find a vibrant culture ready to be appreciated and explored.  However, if you are an avid traveler you know that exploring city after city can get expensive.  That’s why we are presenting you with […]

Cover pic of Fukishimi inarii shrines - Free Things to do in Japan

Top 10 Quirky Free Things To Do in Japan

The best list of quirky and FREE things to do in Japan. Try them all! Japan is arguably the world’s best country and home to the most successful civilization in history, but all that comes at a price. Indeed, it doesn’t take much research to show that Japan is one of the most expensive countries […]

The ultimate packing list for overseas travel! Never forget a thing when using this backpacking packing list for women and men. The ultimate packing list FREE PRINTABLE. Plus useful packing tips, products, templates, ideas and which are the best bags to put it all in! #Packinglist #Free #downloadable #travel #CwC #products #tips

The Only Long-Term Travel Packing List You’ll Ever Need!

Wondering what to pack for long-term travel? This is the ONLY long-term travel packing list you’ll ever need. Comes with a free printable travel checklist!

Fun Free Things to do in Brussels, Belgium

11 Authentic + Free Things to do in Brussels, Belgium

The best list of free things to do in Brussels, Belgium; Europe’s cosmopolitan centre. After trying all the fries, waffles and beers Brussels has got to offer, you may not have much money left. Do not despair, and most of all don’t go yet, because there are still many things you can do for free […]

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How to save money for long-term travel

How To Save Money for Long-Term Travel

This post will give you actionable tips and answer questions on how to save money for long-term travel, no matter where you are from or how much (or little) your job currently pays you. Whether you are based in the USA or India – you probably dream of travelling extensively one day. Long-term travel is […]

Free Things to do in Orange County California USA

10 Beachy Free Things to do in Orange County, California

The best list of free things to do in Orange County, California, written by a local. Orange County, California has been the glamorous backdrop for popular television shows like Real Housewives, Laguna Beach and The O.C (among others), leaving the impression that it may be too pricey and posh to have an affordable visit or […]

101 of the Best Safe Journey Quotes and Safe Travel Wishes on the internet!

101 Safe Journey Quotes and Wishes (to Inspire and Show You Care)

This is the biggest compilation of safe journey quotes you’ll find on the internet. Perfect to use on your Instagram caption to inspire wanderlust or to wish someone safe travels on their next journey. It’s very true that travel is about taking risks, but calculated risks do not have to be unsafe. If you are […]

Free Things to do in Auckland, New Zealand

10 Spectacular Free Things to Do in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland isn’t the cheapest place in New Zealand, which makes this list of free things to do in Auckland so necessary. But New Zealand is well-known around the world for its incredible natural landmarks and spectacular scenic views – and being in nature is pretty cheap. This makes my job easy when it comes to […]

Free Things to do in Hong Kong

Top 10 FREE things to do in Hong Kong

In the world’s most expensive city for expats, with the world’s most expensive real estate market, this is the last place you’d think of for having free activities. But actually, free things to do in Hong Kong are everywhere! Let me introduce 10 of the more unique and memorable free things to do in Hong Kong […]

The Top 10 Myanmar Attractions and activities

The Top 10 Myanmar Attractions (That’ll Surely WOW You)

Myanmar is an enchanting country for those who want to experience something unique and authentic in Southeast Asia. This destination entices visitors with its captivating temples, hidden waterfalls, beautiful lakes and untouched tropical paradises. Whether you are looking for a vacation to soak up the sense of Asia or a distinctive adventure, Myanmar has something […]

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Who doesn't like doing free activities? After having my wallet stolen in Buenos Aires I decided to make the most of my monetary situation. This is an extensive list of the best free things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Check out the colourful neighbourhood of La Boca, do a Free Walking Tour, explore the worlds most famous cemetery, of watch free live music. BA has it all! Have you tried any of these? #Free #ThingsToDoIn #BuenosAires #Argentina #Photography #CwC #Travel #Palermo #Tango

10 Free Things to Do in Buenos Aires; Argentina’s City of Passion

Buenos Aires is a beautiful modern city full of intrigue and activity. However, it is also one of South America’s most expensive spots, as I discovered during a month-long visit. Thankfully, I found that there are plenty of free things to do in Buenos Aires if you know where to look. Few countries are as […]

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Travel to oaxaca mexico - things to do in oaxaca

Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico (A Mega Backpacking Guide)

The Complete Guide to Traveling & Backpacking Oaxaca One of the most naturally beautiful places in Mexico, travel to Oaxaca seems like it’s one of those hidden gems, still undiscovered by the masses. With dramatic mountains and epic coastlines, the beaches in Oaxaca are some of the best that Mexico has to offer! There are […]

Did you know Denver has a thriving art and music scene? Get to know this city like a local with the ultimate list of Free Things to Do in Denver, Colorado. You can't do some of these awesome things anywhere else! Like the First Friday Art Walk, attend completely FREE summer festivals or watch a free movie at an amphitheatre made of natural rock! Have you tried any of these? #Free #ThingsToDoIn #Winter #Denver #Colorado #USA #Photography #CwC #Travel #Downtown #Hiking #Attractions

17 Free Things to Do in Denver That Aren’t in the Mountains

This is a city for the younger generation! With that comes loads of cool artistic and musical free things to do in Denver that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the USA. With a reported 300+ days of sunshine, a booming tech sector, and a generally young population (the median age is only 34!), it’s […]

Free Things to do in New York City

23 Offbeat Free Things to Do in New York City, USA

New York City has a reputation for being very expensive and it totally is. That said, it’s possible to enjoy a helluva lot of stuff for free if you know where to go and when. Take it from me, a New York City native who has spent her whole life avoiding crowded tourist traps, expensive […]

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10 Vibrant and Free Things to do in Melbourne

10 Vibrant Free Things to Do in Melbourne, Australia

Often dubbed as “the world’s most liveable city”, Melbourne offers a wide array of experiences for every kind of traveller. From appreciating literary arts and Aboriginal galleries to food markets and nature getaways, Melbourne never runs out of places to explore and things to do. Known as Australia’s cultural hub, anyone can spend a whole […]