Beautiful Black and White Photos of Cuba

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      WARNING: The following will make you want to go to Cuba, immediately

      Photographing Cuba was one of the easiest gigs I’ve ever had. This gorgeous country is like a well-trained model, effortlessly showing off her best bits… Only in a grungy, dirty, derelict way. The dirtiness is what makes her so beautiful and such an interesting country to capture. The following is a collection of my favourite black and white snaps taken from all over Cuba, showcasing the relaxed, anything-goes Cuban way of life.

      Photos from Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. A typical street scene in Havana, 2. A young Cuban boy hangs out in a Havana back alley, 3. A street in Havana filled with rubbish, 4. The skyline in Havana, 5. The Cuban Rap Agency with Bicycle taxi, 6. An Onion Seller, 7. Hamel Street Art in Havana, 8. An old wooden door in Trinidad, 9. The Malecon in the afternoon, Havana, 10. Woman walks in front of Colonial Building in Santa Clara, 11. A homeless man in a Ché Guevara shirt sits in a park in Trinidad, 12. A Chevrolet taxi diver in Havana, 13. U.S Army propaganda on the walls of Santa Clara, 14. The skyline of Trinidad with surrounding mountains, 15. Baracoa tabletop mountain, 16. A young Cuban girl and her father ride home on their horse in Trinidad, 17. A lone tree sits amongst farmland in Viñales, 18. The buffalo work the land in Viñales, 19. A tin house sits atop the hill after Hurricane Sandy on Granma Island, 20. A tobacco farmer smokes a freshly rolled cigar in his hut in Viñales.

      PHOTOS: How about Cuba in Colour now?


      Country: Cuba
      Language: Spanish
      Currency: 2 Currencies – Peso (CUP) and Convertible Peso (CUC)
      $1 USD = 26.5CUP or 1.00CUC
      I was here: January 2015

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