Best Places to Stay in Playa del Carmen

Stay in PLaya del Carmen on the beach (pictured)

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      This list will help you explore the best places to stay in Playa del Carmen including unique hotels, cool hostels, and the best areas to stay in.

      Playa del Carmen is a coastal city in Yucatan. It’s a nice place to visit because it’s less crowded and cheaper than places like Tulum or Cancun. Plus you can experience authentic Mexico here. There are beautiful beaches, good restaurants, and exciting day trips around Playa del Carmen.

      There are many types of travelers that Playa del Carmen attracts. Some travelers come here to enjoy the all-inclusive resorts. Others, like backpackers, come here to enjoy everything it has to offer. We found this beautiful to see. However, depending on your preferences, it is important to stay in the right area of Playa del Carmen so you can enjoy the area the way you want to. To assist you, we’ve gathered the best places to stay in Playa del Carmen.

      This list has been compiled by Travel your Memories, a travel blog by Cynthia and Alexander. They capture all tips and share them with others to make their travel experience better!

      We are sure that, with this guide, you will find your perfect accommodation in Playa del Carmen.

      Quick Guide: Best Places to Stay in Playa del Carmen

      Don’t have much time and you just want to know what the overall best hotel and hostel is in Playa del Carmen?

      Best of the Best Playa Del Carmen Accommodation

      Selina is our personal favorite. It is located on Fifth Avenue. The rooms are large, it has a swimming pool and you can take yoga classes or rent a bike right from the hostel. The big benefit is the breakfast, it’s really tasty!

      Compare Where to Stay in Playa del Carmen

      Having such a diverse mix of neighborhoods in Playa del Carmen allows the city to offer something for every type of traveler. To help you determine the best Playa del Carmen accommodation, here are the 5 best areas to stay in Playa del Carmen.

      North of PDCA quiet stay and beachOcean Zen SuitesChe Playa Hostel & Bar
      DowntownOn a budgetHacienda Maria BonitaHostel Izsla Playa del Carmen
      Fifth AvenueConvenience and viewsHotel LunataSelina Playa del Carmen
      Calle 12NightlifeClaro de Luna
      MayakobaEco-hotels and beachGrand Riviera Princess

      Best Things to Do Around Playa del Carmen

      ☀️ Enjoy the beautiful beaches
      ☀️ Take a ferry to Cozumel Island
      ☀️ Take a dip in some Cenotes
      ☀️ Day trip to Chichen Itza
      ☀️ Shop till you drop along 5th Avenue
      ☀️ Take your pick of one of the amazing restaurants
      ☀️ Dance the night away at the nightclubs
      ☀️ Gain local secrets through a local food walking tour
      ☀️ Snorkel with whale sharks

      The Best Places to Stay in Playa del Carmen

      Playa del Carmen is located in between Cancun and the well-known coastal town of Tulum. Many people who travel in the Yucatan are looking for a place where you have a relaxed atmosphere, are not too busy, can do fun things, and have fantastic natural sights. Guess what: Playa del Carmen is that place!

      Now we are going to delve into more detail about which areas to stay in Playa del Carmen and the best accommodations are in each area. The first step in choosing where to stay would be to determine which neighborhood you prefer. Each area and hotel ensures a completely different travel experience from the other.

      Best Places to Stay in North of Playa del Carmen

      The north of Playa del Carmen is ideal for first-time travelers. The area is a lot quieter than the city center, and you can still enjoy the beautiful beaches. The city center is only a taxi, bicycle or a walk away.

      In our opinion, it is the best area to stay in Playa del Carmen for most people’s needs. Plus the best beach hotels in Playa del Carmen can be found in this area.

      Best Hotels in the North of Playa del Carmen

      Ocean Zen Suites

      One of the best hotels in Playa del Carmen, not just because of the quiet surroundings, Ocean Zen Suites is a hotel with a beautiful view of the jungle from your room. The rooms are very neat, and the beds are extremely comfortable. You can enjoy the sunrise or sunset while swimming in the pool.

      Best Hostels in the North of Playa del Carmen

      Che Playa Hostel & Bar

      A great hostel where you can easily connect with other travelers. The common area is great, and they have a small swimming pool where nice music is often played. Che Playa Hostel is an ideal place to discover Playa del Carmen and make friends.

      Things to do in the North of Playa del Carmen

      ☀️ Walk north to enjoy the beautiful quiet beaches almost all to yourself
      ☀️ Take a boat trip to Cozumel Island and hire a jeep, soak in the sun, or go scuba diving on the incredible reefs
      ☀️ Got kids? Visit Playa Punta Esmerelda for shallow natural sea pools
      ☀️ Try out kiteboarding
      ☀️ Go parasailing on Playa Maroma – the most beautiful beach in the world!

      Best Places to Stay in Downtown Playa del Carmen

      Downtown is ideal for travelers on a budget since there are so many choices of accommodations, so the prices are more competitive.

      The biggest advantage of staying downtown is that everything is within walking distance. You have shops, bars, restaurants, beaches, and more within a stone’s throw. The nearest beach from the center is Playa Caribe, which is the busiest tourist beach filled with hawkers, loud music, and a general buzz.

      Best Hotels Downtown Playa del Carmen

      Hacienda Maria Bonita Hotel

      If you want to stay in a hotel that has that Mexican charm, Hacienda Maria Bonita is the place. If you want centrally located, bright colorful walls, Mexican art everywhere, big beds, air conditioning, and a pool to cool off in, this place is for you. Maria Bonita has nothing but positive reviews from travelers who have stayed here. In my opinion, this is the best playa del Carmen hotel on the list!

      The Green Village Boutique Hotel

      Many visitors call this the best place to stay in Playa del Carmen. The reason is that the rooms are unbelievably clean and very comfortable. The facilities, like the kitchen and swimming pool, are of excellent quality. There is a great vibe at The Green Village hotel which makes it that you certainly have a great time!

      Lahun Suites By Xperience Hotels

      This hotel is centrally located, only steps away from Fifth Avenue and 400 meters to the beach. The Lahun Suites is a relatively new property with only 11 suites, which gives you the boutique feel. Fantastic reviews about the cleanliness and hospitality of the staff. The big benefit is the swimming pool on the rooftop, which boasts a panoramic view of Playa del Carmen.

      Best Hostels Downtown Playa del Carmen

      Hostel Izsla Playa del Carmen

      Hostel Izsla Playa del Carmen is a good hostel where you can get a good night’s sleep. The roof terrace is great with a nice view. If you are looking for a decent hostel for not too much money, this is for you.

      Wabi Hostel

      The hostel is located right in the middle of Playa del Carmen. At the Wabi Hostel, rooms are spacious in comparison with other hostels in the same price range. Although the bathrooms and showers are shared, other travelers have expressed their satisfaction with the cleanliness. The rooftop is great for chilling out. If you are looking for a quiet hostel then this hostel is recommended.

      Che Playa Hostel & Bar

      Looking for a hostel where you can party? Well, look no further! Many travelers think Che Playa Hostel & Bar is the best party hostel in Mexico. Besides the parties, you can join activities organized by the hostel. This is a great way to meet other travelers. On the rooftop, you can enjoy the swimming pool and have a great time at the bar.

      Things to do in Downtown Playa del Carmen

      ☀️ On the beach, you can Parasail over the ocean
      ☀️ Visit Rio Secreto’s natural underground rivers and caves
      ☀️ Visit one of the world’s greatest nature parks Xel-Há
      ☀️ Dance salsa at Zensi Beach Club
      ☀️ Experience authentic Playa del Carmen
      ☀️ Enjoy the cozy streets
      ☀️ Try an Authentic Mexican Cooking Workshop in a local Playa del Carmen home
      ☀️ Go on a sunset sailing trip
      ☀️ Get up at sunrise and start your paddleboarding adventure

      Best Places to Stay on Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida)

      Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida) is difficult to miss, this main pedestrian road cuts right through the heart of Playa del Carmen. Full of restaurants, clubs, shops, artesian markets, hotels, and more. The big advantage to staying near or on Fifth Avenue is that you can walk everywhere! Everything is accessible from Quinta Avenida.

      Best Hotels on Fifth Avenue, Playa del Carmen

      Hotel Lunata 5th. Avenue

      Hotel Lunata is a beautiful boutique hotel with the friendliest staff you can find in Mexico. Beautiful, spacious rooms with many amenities, such as hot showers and soft beds, make this hotel a great value. It’s best if you don’t choose a room facing 5th Avenida since it can be noisy.

      Unic Design Hotel

      Like the name suggests, in this hostel, you find a lot of interesting design work. All aspects have been thought of when furnishing this hotel, which makes it quite special to stay here. Unic Design hotel is located in the center of the city, so it is likely to be noisy. With vines creeping down the sides of the central area of the building, this is one of the most unique accommodations in Playa del Carmen.

      Hotel Bosque Caribe

      Officially, the hotel isn’t located on Fifth Avenue but is half a block away. As a result, this location is fantastic. All of the conveniences are close by, but you still get to enjoy the peace and quiet. At Hotel Bosque Caribe, the decor is typical authentic Mexican with a wonderful garden and each room has a balcony to overlook the pool.

      Best Hostels on Fifth Avenue

      Selina Playa Del Carmen

      A truly beautiful typical Mexican building and a great stay. Apart from the fact that the rooms are very spacious and there’s a large pool. At Selina Playa del Carmen, you can take yoga classes or rent bicycles, which is the perfect way to discover the area. They also serve a good breakfast and organize many fun activities to get involved with. A great stay at an incredibly popular hostel!

      Note: We only recommend hostel Selina on the Fifth Avenue, other hostels on Fifth Avenue aren’t worthy to stay.

      Things to do in Fifth Avenue

      ☀️ Shop ’til you drop at all the best shops
      ☀️ Have a cocktail at a rooftop bar (Be Playa is recommended)
      ☀️ Enjoy yourself at a beach bar
      ☀️ Eat at a great restaurant (el Fogon is one of the best)
      ☀️ Enjoy the vibrant nightlife
      ☀️ Visit museo Frida Kahlo and Museo del Helado (Ice Cream Museum)

      Best Places to Stay near Calle 12

      Calle 12 is perfect for party-loving travelers. Here you will find all the famous clubs in Playa del Carmen. The best-known clubs are Coco Maya and Coco Bongo. Keep in mind that staying in this area is a bit more expensive compared to Fifth Avenue and North Playa del Carmen.

      Best Hotels in Calle 12, Playa del Carmen

      Claro de Luna

      Claro de Luna is a beautiful hotel where you have your kitchen in your room that you can use. It’s an apartment in a hotel, which is nice. Besides, the hotel has a nice swimming pool. The hotel is also close to the clubs, which makes it a perfect base.

      Capital O Hotel Yukon

      The hotel is near Calle 12. We recommend this hotel if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle but still close to the city center. Rooms are very clean and in the style of a US motel. I recommend staying here for a couple of days as it is very quiet. According to other travelers, the laundry service at Capital O Hotel Yukon is great as well.

      Angelo’s Hotel

      Excellent hotel for the experienced and budget-conscious traveler. The rooftop with the pool is one of the best to find in Playa del Carmen. The rooms are simple and neat. Breakfast is good and the staff is always willing to help you. Check out Angelo’s Hotel here.

      Things to do Around Calle 12

      ☀️ Do a Playa del Carmen Food Tour
      ☀️ Have the whole beach to yourself on a Sunrise Guided Paddleboard Tour
      ☀️ Hire a Yacht with an Open Bar
      ☀️ Spend the night at the mind-blowing bar Coco Bongo
      ☀️ Enjoy full open bars all night
      ☀️ Get involved in the abundant street art scene on a Graffiti & Munchies Bike Tour

      Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Mayakoba

      Mayakoba is a complex that competes with Playacar. It is also a luxury resort, but with a major focus on ecotourism. Due to its unique ecotourism experience and proximity to some gorgeous beaches, the prices here can be high but worth the stay.

      Best Hotels in Mayakoba, Playa del Carmen

      Grand Riviera Princess

      Grand Riviera Princess is a resort where you can find all the luxury. Normally we do not recommend places like this, as they are not ideal accommodation for backpackers. But Mayakoba focuses heavily on ecotourism and Grand Riviera Princess is the best all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen in terms of price and quality in the area.

      Sandos Caracol Eco Resort

      Sandos Caracol Eco Resort is easily one of the best resorts in Playa del Carmen. Located in the middle of the jungle, each morning you can glimpse at the different animals sauntering around before the heat of the day. Since the swimming pool has a number of waterslides, children will have the time of their lives. Sandos Caracol Eco Resort also has a private beach that you can enjoy with a few other travelers. A great place if you are looking for a resort to relax in and enjoy a typical Mexican beach vacation.

      Note: there are more excellent hotels in Mayakoba, only prices are really high in comparison with Grand Riviera Princess and Sandos Caracol Eco Resort.

      Things to do in Mayakoba

      ☀️ Ultimate relaxation on the beach and in the complex
      ☀️ Book a tour to visit the incredible Mayan Ruins of Coba and Tulum
      ☀️ Visit Akumal to swim with sea turtles
      ☀️ Enjoy the luxury and tranquility in the surrounding jungle

      Our Final Thoughts on Where to Stay in Playa del Carmen

      You can do fun things at Playa del Carmen’s south end, but we do not recommend staying there. This is certainly worth a visit. You can swim with sea turtles, visit a Mayan ruin or visit one of the most beautiful beaches (Xpuha beach).

      Wondering where is the best place to stay in Playa del Carmen? Our recommendation is to stay in the north of Playa del Carmen. It is our opinion that this is the best area to stay in Playa del Carmen. You will have peace of mind as well as be able to avoid crowds when you want. It is very affordable and you get real value for money.

      Also, we recommend visiting more than just Playa del Carmen. Why not do a road trip around the Yucatan? Or if you want to know more about which destinations and are you looking for an itinerary we recommend reading this article: The perfect #1 Mexico itinerary for backpacking in Mexico to discover the highlights of Yucatán.

      One of the best places Cynthia & Alexander, travel bloggers from Travel your Memories have visited is Bacalar. Besides being very close to Playa del Carmen, it is also one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Check this article for more information: 7 best things to do in Bacalar.

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