Best Merida Cenotes, Mexico (to visit in 2021)

The Best Merida Cenotes in Mexico

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      I had the amazing opportunity to explore the Merida cenotes in Mexico a couple of months ago! After discovering Mexican cenotes in Tulum in 2014, I have been somewhat obsessed with them. The ones in Merida, especially are among some of the best Yucatan cenotes because they belong to the “ring of cenotes” a 180-km-diameter semicircular band of sinkholes (cenotes) near Merida, Mexico that has been thought to have been left after the impact of a meteor.

      The cenotes in Merida are famous for snorkelling and especially diving. Where you can experience some of the most out of this world, cavern diving… in the world.

      I explored the amazing Merida Cenotes of the period of five days, cramming in as many as humanly possible. These are the cenotes I visited:

      The Cuzama Cenotes

      Sometimes referred to as “Ruta Cenotes Cuzama.” This is a series of 3 cenotes only accessible by horse and cart along train tracks. You can hire the horse and driver at the entrance where you park your car. Each cenote is different and impressive and if you go there early in the day you will have the entire place to yourself!

      The three cenotes you will visit on the horse and cart tour are Cenote Bolonchoojol, Cenote Chelentun and Cenote Chacsinicche – all very difficult to say, but totally worth the day trip!

      We paid $20 pesos for the Cuzama cenote tour by horseback. Be sure to try to talk the price down a little if you are on a budget.

      The Homun Cenotes

      Homun is a small(ish) town located on the outskirts of Merida. There are so many awesome cenotes to choose from, but hopefully, you can learn from my trip!

      The three Homun cenotes that I visited were Pool Uinic, Cenote Santa Barbara and Cenote Yaxbacaltun. Of the two Santa Barbara was my favourite with its open top and spectacular roots dangling into the water. It’s a very pretty cenote for sure!

      Cenote Yaxbacaltun was a little further from town so a car or a cenote tour is definitely needed to reach it. It wasn’t as pretty as Santa Barbara though.

      The Uxmal Cenotes

      There are also many cenotes you can visit around Uxmal. Some of them are really beautiful. My favourite was Cenote Yaal Utzil. Cenote Yaal Utzil was so cheap to visit too (only 20 pesos) so be sure to swing past if you are travelling from Merida to Uxmal.

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