The 15 Best Hunter Valley Wineries to Visit in 2022

Woman taking photos of the view from one of the best wineries in the Hunter Valley

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      Discover the best Hunter Valley Wineries and why you should visit them.

      In this article, you’ll learn why you should visit these unique, small, and boutique wineries, gain some historical knowledge of the region, plus loads of general information about Wine Country including how to get around and how much to budget.


      How to Plan a Trip to the Hunter Valley

      The Hunter Valley lies just two or so hours north of Sydney in New South Wales. It has a rich viticultural history and today is one of the most prominent wine regions in all of Australia.

      Not only is there a really good chance for you to see kangaroos in the wild, but you’ll also cast your eyes on incredible views, and taste some equally as fantastic wines.

      How to Have the Best Experience in the Hunter Valley

      In the Hunter Valley wine region there’s not really a central location to get all your information from. If you just turn up and decide to drive around without doing any research (which is what I did at least three times previously) you’ll never know what hidden gems are inside each winery.

      We highly recommend you try wines from producers you have never heard of or never tried before. Doing so will open up your repertoire of wines you like and you may just find a new favourite or two to impress your friends with.

      In this article, we mainly recommend wineries that produce on a smaller scale to other wineries. They are often boutique, family-owned wineries that hand-make their own high-quality wines on-site using grapes grown in the Hunter Region.

      Plus, when you buy from these places, you’ll be supporting local farmers who’ve had an incredibly tough few years with drought, bushfires, lockdowns, and floods.

      Do You Need to Book the Wine Tastings?

      YES! The Hunter Valley has grown to be very popular, especially on the weekends, and social-distancing restrictions have put limits on the number of people they are allowed to serve at one time.

      To be safe, it’s best to book the tastings so you aren’t turned away at the door, or even better, go on a tour! Pre-booked experiences are always given preference, so it’s the best way to avoid disappointment when visiting anywhere on this list of Hunter Valley wineries.

      Why Trust My Advice?

      That’s a very valid question. With so many great wineries in the Hunter Valley, how can you trust me to help you pick the best cellar door experience?

      You’ve heard me mention tours a couple of times now, and that’s because I am a Hunter Valley tour guide with Dave’s Travel Group! I have spent countless hours in the Hunter Valley, getting to know the wine producers and their wines.

      I am very enthusiastic about this region and the people who create these wine-tasting experiences for you. Not only have I written about my own experience in the region, but I also have a countless number of friends and acquaintances who have spent a lot of time in the Hunter Valley and I have incorporated their advice into this article as well.

      📷 I’m so lucky I get to visit some of the best wineries in NSW so often

      Budgeting for a Weekend in the Huner Valley

      When making a financial plan for a fun (and likely lavish) getaway to the Hunter Valley, be sure to budget for expensive food and accommodation! Also, don’t forget about all the wines, beers, and spirits you’ll definitely want to take home.

      Many of the wines from this Hunter Valley wineries list cannot be bought in the bottle shops, so we highly recommend buying wines you like while you’re there!

      You can always sign up for their membership and have wine delivered to your door, but you’d also be committing to a certain number of wines per year (usually 24, or 2 cases).

      The wines in the Hunter Valley may cost a little bit more than you might be used to paying. This is because they are of high quality and usually produced by smaller operations. This makes the average price of a bottle of Hunter Valley wine costing around $30, which is a fair price in my opinion, considering how much work goes into producing boutique wine.

      Additionally, many of the grape vines grown in Hunter Valley are much older than most other places in Australia which means their wine is better in terms of quality, value, ageing potential, drinkability, and pairing, but it can also result in a smaller yield which creates strong competition.

      How to Get Around the Hunter Valley

      There are a few limited options for getting around in the Hunter Valley wineries, just be sure to sort it out ahead of time.

      Wine Tasting Tours

      It definitely helps to not have to even think about driving when touring and tasting wonderful wines all day. On a Hunter Valley wine tasting tour you can drink as much as you like and not worry about getting back to your accommodation!

      There are many different types of wine tasting tours in the Hunter Valley. Some tours will simply drive you from place to place, while others provide a knowledgeable guide who ensures you get the most out of your day and learn a lot!

      We at Dave’s Travel Group specialise in boutique, intimate tours designed to give you insight into the Hunter Valley not experienced by most. We offer behind-the-scenes tours at select locations where you go out back or into the vineyard and see how the wines are made and the equipment used plus, in the right season, you can also taste wines straight from the barrel!

      Our Hunter Valley wine tasting tours also include intimate wine tastings with knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining servers at three boutique wineries, a distillery, and chocolate and cheese pairings. Plus, we do pickups from not only the Hunter Valley but also Sydney and Newcastle so you don’t even have to stay!

      Hire a Bicycle

      For any active outdoor adventurer, cycling can be a great option. Check out Sutton Estate Electric Bike Hire. But keep in mind, that the road rules for cyclists in NSW are the same as for cars or other road vehicles and riding a bicycle while intoxicated is an offence.

      Uber, Taxis and Private Vehicle Hire

      Uber is expanding across the Hunter Valley and is currently in Braxton, Maitland, Cessnock, and Kurri Kurri. However, at this time of writing, most people find it extremely difficult to book an Uber from wineries or restaurants, especially during busy times and weekends, due to the limited service.

      Taxi services exist in some areas, try Cessnock Radio Cabs on 4990 1111 to get around the Hunter Valley, Cessnock, Pokolbin, Lovedale, or Branxton wineries at any time of day.

      Sydney Driver and Vintage Connections are a great option for hiring a private and exclusive car, as is King’s Hire Car.

      For a big group, you can hire a coach with Rover Coaches or a bus with a driver from Best Tour.

      Bus Transport

      Hunter Hopper and iHop Hunter Valley will pick up and drop you off anywhere you need but then need to be organised in advance.

      There are city buses connecting major areas of the valley, but this can be a time-consuming and logistically difficult option.

      Self-Drive Tours

      Most people visiting the Hunter Valley will drive their own vehicle. This is a great option if you have one, however, make sure the number of drinks the driver is having is being monitored and don’t drink and drive. There are RBTs in the Hunter Valley.

      Unique Ways to Get Around the Hunter Valley

      For anyone feeling gaudy, there are hot air balloon flights over the Hunter Valley, horse-drawn carriages and helicopters available with Hunter Valley Horses and Hunter Valley Scenic Flights.

      Sydney to the Hunter Valley

      If you want to get out of the city and you’ve been wondering how far is Hunter Valley from Sydney? It’s an easy 2-hour drive north up the M1 to the centralised parts of Pokolbin. This makes the Hunter Valley the perfect road trip from Sydney.

      For a more scenic route, you can take the Great North Road, which is an amazing engineering feat built by convicts!

      Hunter Valley History and Wine Information

      The Hunter Valley is the oldest wine-growing region in Australia, originally planted back in the 1820s and it now accounts for 3% of the continent’s total wine production.

      Not only is there an abundance of ancient sites, but it’s also a seriously recognisable area, marked by a legendary landscape that’s covered in natural wonders.

      For more than 30,000 years the land belonged to the aboriginal Wonnarua tribe. They developed a trade route from the valley that’s now known as the harbour. As Australia was used as a penal colony by the British Empire, they actually stumbled upon this verdant and fertile land by accident.

      John Shortland found the flowing Hunter River that runs right through it as he searched for escaped convicts. Soon after the discovery, it was then used as a valuable source of timber and coal for steamships.

      Today, there are over 150 wineries on the official Hunter Valley wineries map, producing an array of exceptional varietals reflective of their authentic and impressive origin. However, not all wineries in the Hunter Valley use grapes grown in the area, especially the larger operations.

      As we all know, it’s important to experience the real deal when in the Hunter Valley, to imbibe the great grapes grown on these very verdant valley grounds. That’s why reading articles like this will help you decide where to go!

      Grape Varieties and Wine Styles Grown in the Hunter

      The five iconic styles of wine grapes grown here are:

      ● Shiraz
      ● Semillon
      ● Chardonnay
      ● Verdelho
      ● Cabernet Sauvignon

      Most people can easily enjoy a fruit-driven Verdelho or a citrusy Semillon. They are easy to drink and are great as gifting wine.

      On the other hand, you may find the Shiraz different in the Hunter to what you are used to. In our opinion, the Hunter Shiraz is the best Shiraz we’ve ever tasted! It is typically medium-bodied, earthy, savoury, and spicy.

      As for the Chardonnay. You may be hesitant about drinking Chardonnay, and let’s be honest… it does have a bad rap. But stay open-minded in the Hunter Valley. They are famous for producing some of the best tasting and highest-quality Chardonnay in the world and it has even won awards internationally.

      How Many Wineries in the Hunter Valley?

      There are 150 cellar doors in this expansive haven for wine lovers. This seemingly endless list of Hunter Valley wineries is more than enough to keep you occupied for a weekend or two.

      Everything from boutique vineyards and unique wineries to high-quality cuisine and gorgeous scenery can be found here, ready for you to explore.

      Map of the Best Hunter Valley Wineries

      Use this map of the best Hunter Valley Wineries to easily find your way around, and book accommodation nearby if you’re staying!

      To download this map onto your phone, simply hit the frame icon in the top right-hand corner of this map and it will open automatically.

      Best Boutique Hunter Valley Wineries

      Want to visit a boutique winery in the Hunter Valley? These are the best small-scale cellar doors in Pokolbin and beyond!

      Glandore Estate Wines

      Glandore Estate is highly regarded as one of the best cellar doors and one of the best wineries in Hunter Valley. They aim to produce wines of great character, focusing on regionality and style above all else by selecting some of the most distinguished old vine vineyards, as well as producing some new and exciting varieties with a beautiful boutique balance.

      Everything is made in small batches, which feels super special, and is done through hands-on efforts, from handpicking the grapes to handbasket pressing. As a family operation, there are some charming touches like how all wines are named after the owners and their families.

      Glandore Cellar Door Tastings

      1595 Broke Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      These tastings are an hour-long experience, taking you through many of the Glandore favourites, from the Chardonnay to the Shiraz. Enjoy it inside the quaint newly renovated cellar and tasting room or take the tasting outside with picturesque panoramas looking out over the vineyards.

      Between $10 and $30 per person, you can pick a tasting perfect for a sweet tooth, or those interested in expanding their tasting knowledge, always paired uniquely and matched perfectly. Book your tasting now so you don’t miss out!

      Wines to Try at Glandore

      Black Label Fireball Cabernet Merlot 2014

      Easily my personal favourite red in the region and there aren’t many bottles left to buy! Full-bodied and deep on the palate, the aromas from the glass are incredibly rich and exhibit dark fruits, spicy French oak & a hint of mint from the Cabernet.

      Black Label TPR Tempranillo 2018

      Just a breathtaking bouquet of aromas! Plums and black currants, smoky oak, and rich rolling tobacco tantalise the taste buds. It’s a lively palette of intense dark fruits, grippy tannins, and soft acidity.

      Why Visit Glandore Estate Wines?

      ● One of the best boutique Hunter Valley wineries
      ● Learn how your tastebuds interact with food and wine and change the flavours of your chocolates and wine in an intimate pairing session
      ● Can buy your favourite chocolates and wines on-site
      ● Exclusive wines not readily available in bottle shops
      ● Gorgeous rustic architecture with a beautiful view of the vines from the cellar door
      ● Dog-friendly winery with resident dogs including a 3-legged kelpie
      ● Delicious vintage wines aged on oak and ready to cellar
      ● The grapes are sourced from all the best old vineyards in Hunter Valley
      ● Stay onsite in the Glandore Estate Vineyard Homestead

      Visit Glandore Estate Winery on a Tour

      To make the most of your time in the Hunter Valley, do a tour with a small agency like Dave’s Travel Group which has great relationships with the Hunter Valley winemakers, and strives to show you the best and most exclusive experience possible.

      Doing a tour can be the difference between having an average visit or having your mind absolutely blown! As a bonus, if you do a wine tour, you may get the opportunity to see how the wines at Glandore are made.

      They’ll also sometimes show you the cool machinery and in the right season, give you a tasting directly from the barrels!

      Horner Wines

      Horner Wines is a boutique winery in the heart of the Hunter Valley crafting authentic, small-batch, organic wines. It’s a great pick out of all the Hunter Valley’s best wineries.

      The winemaker Ash, lies out of the norm, to say the least, and he and his wife, Lauren teach visitors a wild amount about wine without a trace of snobbery.

      Horner Cellar Door Tasting

      188 Palmers Lane, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      The Cellar Door is set in the personal home of the people working to create something seriously cool from the ground up with their own two hands. It’s a really, really small space that boasts a warm and intimate feeling. The tasting is done in and among the wine barrels in a dark and cozy shed.

      The Horner wine tasting is suitable for all levels of wine lovers and boasts some of the best Hunter Valley wines made differently. The $10 tasting fees are redeemable when purchasing two or more bottles on the day. Being a small winery, it’s best to book your tasting early so you don’t miss out!

      Wines to Try at Horner

      Organic Verdelho

      Made using organic grapes from the Central Ranges of NSW, it goes through a cool fermentation in a stainless steel tank. Full of tropical fruit aromas this wine is very easy to drink.

      Ash’ the Rogue Shiraz

      Young, fresh, and fruity, this bottle is certainly a step away from the usual. It’s a lighter style of red that’s bottled after three months spent in old oak.

      ‘Mrs H’ Sparkling Rosé

      Certified organic, this fun bottle was made for Ash’s better half. Like all Horner wines it’s as individual as it is delicious, and it’s best to drink it fresh.

      📷 Learning how the wines are produced at Horner Wines

      Why Visit Horner Wines?

      ● Family-run winery
      ● Super small boutique tastings right from the barrels that surround you
      ● Organic and interesting wines
      ● The grapes come from varietals grown themselves or sourced from Cowra and Orange
      ● Dog-friendly
      ● Spectacular Palmer’s Lane Estate accommodation is just a walk away
      ● Hunter Wine Country Markets, Pokolbin Chocolate and Jam Company, and the Smelly Cheese Shop are all nearby

      Visit Horner Wines on a Tour

      We often visit Horner Wines on our tours to the Hunter Valley with Dave’s Travel Group. Occasionally, we do a production tour at Horner and learn how this dynamic couple produces their wines in an organic, low-intervention way.

      Most Unique Hunter Valley Wineries

      If you’re after wines that are out of this world, experimental and new wave, then definitely give these unique wineries in the Hunter Valley a try.

      Comyns & Co. Wines

      Comyns & Co. Wines is a new-wave winery. Scott crafts wines both familiar and unfamiliar, working with Shiraz, Semillon, and Chardonnay, as well as making an off-dry Riesling, Fiano, Tempranillo, and even a sparkling Grüner Veltliner. The winemaking style is simple, to allow the fruit to express its individuality from the vine to the bottle.

      The focus for Comyns & Co. is to create traditional styles from small-batch parcels of premium Hunter Valley fruit, whilst also venturing into the more emerging varieties and unique blends. It’s also super family-friendly with a kid’s corner and an all-pups-allowed policy making it a contender for one of the best Hunter Valley vineyards for families too!

      Comyns & Co. Cellar Door Tastings

      1946 Broke Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      Each wine tasting is 45 minutes to an hour and costs $10 per person at this special cellar door in Hunter Valley.

      You have the choice of being seated at the bar, lounge, table, or barrel to taste your way through eight different wines, including a Shiraz, Semillon, Pinot, and Rosé.

      Wines to Try at Comyns & Co.

      Popsy Sparkling Grüner Veltliner

      A fun and easy wine with a fine fizz, the profile of fresh, green, juicy pear is alluringly aromatic and so tasty. It’s refreshing and not too acidic.

      Mrs White

      This one is a unique creation full of length, richness, and tropical aromas. It boasts bold and zesty citrus notes with an added bit of spice.

      Shiraz Pinot

      This is the original Hunter River Burgundy Blend. The Pinot leads, offering plenty of body without being overpowering.

      📷 The kids’ corner at Comyns & Co. from Klook

      Why Visit Comyns & Co. Winery?

      ● Bold and edgy new wave winery
      ● A favourite for Hunter Valley boutique wineries
      ● Modern architecture with a beautiful, tranquil view overlooking the dam
      ● Vintage and barrel-aged wines using only Hunter Valley grapes
      ● Dog and family/child-friendly with a kids corner
      ● Close accommodations are Spicers Guesthouse, Grapevines Boutique Accommodation, and Wine Country Villas
      ● Hunter Valley Gardens, Harrigan’s Irish Pub, and Enzo’s Cafe nearby

      Oakvale Wines

      Oakvale Wines is one of the oldest vineyards in Hunter Valley, handcrafting beautiful bottles of wine since 1893.

      Their philosophy is minimal intervention, using modern techniques to highlight the authentic expression of the vines. This means fewer preservatives, sustainable production, and almost every single varietal here is vegan!

      Oakvale Cellar Door Tastings

      1596 Broke Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      The cellar door at Oakvale Wines offers many opportunities to explore the enchanting vineyard. Some tastings are done inside the production area, giving you a real insight into how all the magic happens. They also have tastings next to a big window that looks into the production area for days when it’s in use.

      All the proceeds from the general tastings go toward Meals on Wheels, so you can feel good about booking your tasting with Oakvale using the button below.

      Wines to Try at Oakvale

      Sparkling Bellini

      This best-seller feels much fancier than the price lets on. It’s an elegant bottle offering a mixture of Hunter-grown grapes with peaches for a sweet (but not too sugary) sparkling show stopper. It’s ready to drink right away with no cellaring required.


      With outstanding flavours and organic, it’s easy to see why this complex Chardonnay is another popular pick. It’s fermented using a native yeast of the vineyard, as well as contemporary and classic French barrel techniques.

      Organic Shiraz

      With notes of dark fruits and freshly cut violets, the Organic Shiraz uses wild fermentation and is then matured in French oak over the course of 15 months. 

      Why Visit Oakvale Winery?

      ● Minimal intervention certified organic and vegan wines
      ● Hand-crafted vintage and barrel-aged
      ● Good for all levels of wine lovers
      ● Elegant, rustic architecture set amongst a beautiful garden
      ● Kangaroos and birds can be seen in the vines on-site
      ● Family and dog friendly and provide water and treats for any four-legged friends
      ● Tasting inside the production area is sometimes available
      ● Grapes sourced from the estate and the best regional vineyards
      ● Stay at Oakvale with amazing views at Brokenback Vineyard Luxe Homestead
      ● The Gates Restaurant, Muse Kitchen, and Glandore Estate Wines nearby

      Visit Oakvale Cellar Door on a Tour

      As an organic, vegan, and experimental winery, we love visiting Oakvale on our tours with Dave’s Travel Group.

      Oakvale has a big window into their production area so you can see the whole operation, and in the off-season, we often get to do a tasting among the fermentation tanks!

      Best Wine Tastings in a Garden

      So it’s a gorgeous day in the Hunter Valley and you’re itching to get outside in the sun and soak up the Hunter Valley rays with wine tasting in a garden! These are the best Hunter Valley cellar doors with gardens and spectacular views!

      Wombat Crossing Vineyard

      Wombat Crossing is a boutique single vineyard winery within Hunter Valley. Aside from being one of the prettiest places to hit in the area, it’s famously known for the unique facet of helping to fund the local Wombat Crossing and Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue and Hospital. 50% of the proceeds from tastings are donated to this very worthy (and adorable) cause.

      This cause alone makes it one of the top 10 wineries in Hunter Valley, but they also have some of the smallest and most enchanting grounds around. From the wombat crossing signs to wonderful water vistas, and aromatic fruits and foliage covering the landscape.

      Wombat Crossing Cellar Door Tastings

      530 Hermitage Road, Pokolbin NSW 2330

      This is such a great spot to indulge in a 45-minute personalised wine tasting, with all distinct Hunter Valley varietals. Pick either the Currant Vintage at $10.00 per person or the Museum Release at $15. Limited edition ranges of wines are for sale through the cellar door.

      Don’t miss out on this gorgeous garden tasting in Pokolbin and pre-book your tasting before you go!

      Wines to Try at Wombat Crossing

      The Fuzzy Headed Wombat Sparkling Chardonnay 2021

      Created in a classic Blanc de Blanc style, this wine is made up entirely of Chardonnay grapes that are grown in their very own vineyard. It’s one of the best wines in Hunter Valley.

      Jump Up Creek Rose 2019

      Only 1,320 specimens were made of this beautiful bottle. It was created exclusively using Shiraz grapes that were grown on the Wombat Crossing grounds.

      Why Visit Wombat Crossing Winery?

      ● One of the smallest and most intimate vineyards in the Hunter Valley
      ● Do not sell any wines in the shops
      ● Grow Semillon, Chardonnay, and Shiraz grapes and only use grapes grown on the property
      ● Quaint and sustainable architecture with garden alfresco tastings
      ● Enjoy wonderful views of rolling vineyards and the distant mountains of the Barrington Tops National Park
      ● Wombats have been seen on-site
      ● Dog and family-friendly
      ● Serves yummy Italian Antipasto prepared by “Our Italian Table”. The lunch box for one person is filled with fresh seasonal and local produce and costs $25 per box. Vegetarian and Vegan options are available
      ● Accommodations nearby are Olive Grove Villa and Hermitage Hideaway

      Hanging Tree Wines

      A hidden gem and one of the best wineries in Hunter Valley is Hanging Tree Wines. It’s set on a vast scenic ridge spanning 40 acres in the heart of Hunter Valley, that looks out over the Brokenback Mountain ranges. It’s an idyllic setting to be sure.

      Aside from the verdant vineyard, you’ll find a serene rose garden, duck pond, and even the famously fun and Instagrammable giant chess game. The barnyard-style cellar door boasts a variety of reds, whites, sparkling, sweet, and fortified wines. 

      Hanging Tree Cellar Door Tastings

      294 O’Connors Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      Of all the Hunter Valley cellar doors, the tastings are full of rustic charm at Hanging Tree. They take place in an old cow shed, offering a very warm and welcoming ambience. At only $10 per person, this experience is well worth it with some of the best wine in Hunter Valley.

      It can get very busy in the Hunter Valley on weekends so pre-book your tasting at Hanging Tree using the button below.

      Wines to Try at Hanging Tree

      2017 Fume Blanc

      This Semillon is barrel-aged and goes great with a cheese platter or arancini balls. The flavour profile can be described as a tasty toasty caramel latte.

      Tawny Trop

      Sometimes said to be like sticky date pudding in a bottle, the Tawny Trop has a well-balanced acidity and mature oak tannins. Lush aromas reminiscent of marinated stone fruits linger in this port.

      2016 Hunter Valley Merlot

      Notes of cinnamon, strawberry, cherry blossom, violet, and oak blend in this bottle with very subtle tannins. It’s an exceptional example of the wines in Hunter Valley.

      Why Visit Hanging Tree Winery?

      ● One of the Hunter Valley’s hidden gems
      ● Large property with garden and pond and country chic architecture
      ● Uninterrupted views of the Brokenback Mountain Ranges
      ● They handpick the grapes to produce a variety of sparkling, whites, reds, sweets and fortified wines
      ● Family and dog friendly with three labradors living on-site
      ● Tours of the property are available
      ● Handcrafted olives, tapenades, and oils made from the wineries’ olive grove
      ● Buy local Hunter Valley cheese and wine platters
      ● Gorgeous accommodation is available on-site at the Hanging Tree Homestead
      ● Twine Restaurant, Iron Gate Estates, and Mira Wines nearby

      Hunter’s Dream Estate

      Sixty acres of mature vines are nurtured here to create some fabulous wines, but that’s not all they have to offer at Hunter’s Dream Estate Winery. As the owners of Nature’s Care, a sustainable supplement and skincare company in Australia, they source many ingredients for their products from estates such as this.

      The space includes an Asian ornamental garden, an olive grove, tea trees, beehives, fruit orchards, a pond, and an entire field of lavender which can make for some very special photo ops at one of the top Hunter Valley wineries.

      Hunter’s Dream Cellar Door Tastings

      149 Deasys Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      The cellar door here is warm and relaxing, with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for stunning panoramas of the surroundings. It’s one of the best Hunter Valley cellar doors with a 45-minute tasting experience and a wide selection of award-winning wines.

      Remember that you can even receive the $5 tasting fee back by buying some wine at the cellar door at the end of your visit.

      Wines to try at Hunter’s Dream

      2019 Trend Semillon

      Full flavoured and well-balanced, this bottle is ready to be enjoyed ASAP. It’s light with a natural sweetness and a full citrus bouquet.

      2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

      Notes of ripe berries round out this soft and full-flavoured palate. It’s balanced with French oak and a fresh acid finish.

      Why Visit Hunter’s Dream Winery?

      ● One of the oldest boutique wineries in the region
      ● Wander through the Japanese-inspired ornamental garden, lavender field, olive grove, and fruit orchard on-site
      ● Intimate and tranquil with an enchanting scenic setting and garden and modern architecture
      ● Family and dog-friendly, with a border collie living on-site
      ● Vintage and barrel-aged wines made using grapes grown on the grounds
      ● Group tours available
      ● Handcrafted high-quality culinary line available from locally sourced ingredients grown on the estate, including extra virgin olive oil and organic manuka honey

      Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard

      Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard is a unique operation and such a beautiful estate set among pretty provincial gardens with the spectacular scenery of the Wollombi Brook and Brokenback Range behind. It has been Certified Biodynamic Organic since 2007 and is one of the best wineries in Hunter Valley.

      It boasts a French-inspired boutique atmosphere, decked out with wrought iron chairs and peacocks. They use sustainably focused methods for a healthier and better quality product.

      Krinklewood Cellar Door Tastings

      712 Wollombi Rd, Broke NSW 2330

      You’ll get to try a wide variety of classic wines with this tasting, including Chardonnay, Verdelho, Shiraz, Rose, and Semillon for $10 per person. Pair these with one of their well-curated cheese plates, available in two different sizes from $25 to $35 for some of the best Hunter Valley wine tastings.

      It’s best to book your wine tastings in the Hunter Valley as early as possible so you don’t miss out. You can pre-book at Krinklewood using the button below.

      Wines to Try at Krinklewood

      Francesca Rosé

      This wine offers an aroma of Turkish delight, strawberry, citrus blossom, and heavenly hints of rose petal and violet. The palette is refreshingly dry and you’ll love the delicate pale pink look for photo ops.

      Basket Press Semillon

      The basket press varietal is full of bright aromas with a zesty finish and is a coveted classic of all the Hunter Valley wines. There are ripe lime and grapefruit notes with a herbaceous line. As a bonus, it also has excellent ageing potential.

      Sparkling Blanc de Blanc

      Made using traditional French methods, this Sparkling Chardonnay is fresh and lively. There are notes of citrus blossom, green apple, grapefruit, and an elegant bead with a crisp finish.

      Why Visit Krinklewood Winery?

      ● French-inspired boutique Hunter winery
      ● Rustic Tuscan architecture
      ● Set amongst Provencal gardens, urns, and fountains
      ● Wollombi Brook and Brokenback Range provide a spectacular backdrop
      ● Grapes are grown sustainably and holistically on grounds
      ● Herds of cows and roaming peacocks on-site
      ● Family and child friendly, and dog friendly if leashed
      ● Try their biodynamic and organic wines
      ● Cheese plates available
      ● Located in the Broke Fordwich Wine Trails
      ● Stay on-site in the unique Krinklewood Cottage & Train Carriages

      Best Hunter Valley Wineries with a View

      You came to the Hunter to see the gorgeous vineyard views. Though there are many amazing viewpoints all over the region, the following two wineries are the best cellar doors with views of the mountains and vineyards, perfect for a romantic picnic on a hill in the sun.

      Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard

      Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard offers some seriously amazing views and is one of the coolest wineries in NSW. You can even buy a picnic basket and sit on the grass with gorgeous views.

      They also produce some of the finest wines in all of Australia, and it’s a must-stop as one of the most visited wineries in Hunter Valley. There are uninterrupted panoramas of a perfectly picturesque scene to soak up with a glass of wine from perched atop a majestic mountain foothill.

      Audrey Wilkinson Cellar Door Tastings

      750 De Beyers Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      This is a favourite of all Hunter Valley cellar doors. Tastings here range from $10 to $85 per person, and with a variety of experiences to pick from it can be quite the personalised experience.

      Options include a picnic among the vines, twilight tastings, and a fortified and Fromage pairing all ranging from 45 to 90 minutes long depending on the package.

      Being a popular winery, we suggest booking your tasting at Audrey Wilkinson in advance so you don’t miss out!

      Wines to Try at Audrey Wilkinson

      Winemakers Selection Moscato

      This bottle is fermented at cold temperatures to keep all its rich aromas, natural sugars, and a slight fizz. Light and easy to drink, it manages to not be overly sweet. 

      Tempranillo 2018

      This well-balanced wine has a slight spice and medium body that encompasses the lifted aromas of many red fruits. It’s juicy, savoury, and soft and one of the best wines in the Hunter Valley.

      Verdelho 2021

      With grapes sourced directly from the vineyard, this Verdelho is pressed in a stainless-steel tank, followed by a cool ferment, and sulphured racked off yeast lees before being filtered.

      Why Visit Audrey Wilkinson, Hunter Valley?

      ● Experience 150 years of winemaking excellence
      ● Visit the winemaking museum on-site
      ● Colonial architecture and spectacular valley views
      ● Vintage and barrel-aged wines prominently made with estate-grown grapes
      Full picnic packages available with wine tastings
      ● Great place to try cheese and wine tasting in the Hunter Valley
      ● Stay in the Audrey Wilkinson vineyard accommodation with spectacular views
      ● Alternatively, stay in Tiny House 888, only 400m from Audrey Wilkinson for s seriously unique stay!
      ● Tulloch’s Wines and Baume nearby

      Red Door Collective Vineyard

      Red Door Collective Vineyard combines luxury with comfort and offers a stunning scene of rolling vineyards surrounded by mountains. It’s one of the smaller commercial vineyards in the heart of the Hunter on 25 acres but is often regarded as the best vineyard in Hunter Valley.

      It’s known for producing high-quality fruit that’s distinct to the region. It has a quirky cellar door that’s owned by a lovely couple who wanted to escape the city life, and who can blame them? It’s a funky and fun choice to visit for sure.

      Red Door Collective Cellar Door Tastings

      479 Hermitage Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      The cellar door here is best described as cozy and is also a cafe space serving premium coffee, locally sourced cheeses, and simple sweets.

      It’s a relaxed and authentic atmosphere for enjoying honest food and wine. Eight premium single vineyard wines are paired with delicious bites for a well-rounded tasting experience of the cellar doors in Hunter Valley.

      Wines to Try at Red Door Collective

      Pinot noir

      This Pinot in particular has won many awards. It’s an easy-drinking red that’s both elegant and soft. It has a very subtle strawberry and cream flavour.

      Precious Frizzante

      A lightly sparkling white, the Precious Frizzante is made from Chardonnay grapes grown on-site. It has a medium level of sweetness and notes of blended tropical fruits.

      Cabernet Sauvignon

      The Red Door Collective Cab Sav is ready to drink now! I love a wine that doesn’t require any waiting, plus its delightfully light for a red.

      Why Visit Red Door Collective Winery?

      ● Have fun with the funky red door elements on the property
      ● Breathtaking views of the Brokenback Ranges over the surrounding vineyards
      ● Modern architecture with a quaint country feel
      ● Only sells wine made from grapes grown on the property
      ● Vintage and barrel-aged wines
      ● On-site coffee lounge with light meals and platters available
      ● Red Door Collective has a boutique adults-only retreat onsite
      ● Hunter Wine Lab and Drury Lane Estate nearby

      Best Pet and Family Friendly Wineries

      You don’t need to leave your family at home to be able to enjoy all the amazing things that the Hunter Valley has to offer. Bring children of any age along and you’ll be sure to find something fun for them to do at the following cellar doors.

      With most wineries and many of the accommodation options being dog friendly, the Hunter Valley is regarded as one of the best places in NSW to travel with pets too!

      Tulloch Wines

      Tulloch Wines has been around for four generations and over 125 years, making it a staple of the area. It’s one of the best available options for families in Hunter Valley with unique offerings like junior tastings.

      A lovely landscape nestled among the vines in the foothills of the Breckenridge Mountains, plus kitschy touches like a truck converted into a tasting table really help to make the space. It’s also the first certified carbon-neutral winery in Hunter Valley.

      Tulloch Cellar Door Tastings

      638 De Beyers Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      There’s such a wide range of curated tasting experiences at Tulloch. It’s wine your way!

      There’s even an exclusive Cellar Door Release range. The standard is six wines, or go for a more unique tasting starting from $30 with a wine and chocolate option, all guided by expert wine educators.

      Plus, you can book a junior tasting for kids 3-12 or a kombucha tasting for older kids or non-drinkers. Talk about inclusive! It’s a superb selection for wine tasting in the Hunter Valley.

      Don’t miss out on this family-friendly wine tasting and pre-book as early as possible using the buttons below.

      Wines to Try at Tulloch

      Verscato Cellar Door Release NV

      Aromas of violets, rose petals, and Turkish Delight comes through in this varietal. It has a balanced acid and sugar, making it a joy to drink. The fruity finish is a scrumptious surprise at the end as well.

      Verdelho Vineyard Selection 2021

      This Verdelho is famous for being the best of the parcels of fruit for vintage conditions of the year. It’s sharp yet easy to drink, with some fruit notes in the nose.

      Why Visit Tulloch Winery?

      ● Bring the kids along for a junior tasting
      ● Kombucha tasting for non-drinkers
      ● Modern, funky architecture
      ● In and outdoor tasting spaces
      ● Wild animals like wallabies have been spotted here
      ● Very dog-friendly
      ● Grapes come from vineyards all around Hunter Valley
      ● Many tastings come with food pairings, such as charcuterie or chocolate
      ● Hunter’s Quarter, Poole’s Rock, and Baume nearby

      Misty Glen Wines

      Misty Glen Winery boasts a picturesque property spread out over 15 acres with perfect soil conditions for the classic Hunter Valley vines. The wines are made in both traditional and unusual styles.

      It’s a spectacular experience to sit outside among the rose garden with the verdant view of all the vines. The tables of the tasting room are even made from old oak barrels, and it’s such an all-around warm and inviting space and a favourite of all the Hunter wineries.

      Misty Glen Cellar Door Tastings

      293 Deasys Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      The cellar door offers stunning 180-degree vistas out over the vineyard. With super affordable tastings starting at just $5, this cellar door is certainly a great choice.

      The tastings include a wide range of wines from grapes grown on-site including Semillon, Chardonnay, Chambourcin, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

      Plus, the cellar door has its very own KIDS Zone to keep the little ones occupied while you enjoy tasting the heavenly Misty Glen wines.

      Wines to Try at Misty Glen


      The Chambourcin offers distinctive characteristics of this notoriously difficult vine. It’s soft and smooth with low tannins and berry notes. Fresh, clean, and earthy, with a hint of spice, this medium-bodied wine is super drinkable.


      A fan favourite, the palette of this dry white wine provides well-balanced acidity. It can even be a great option for cellaring until 2025.

      Why Visit Misty Glen Winery?

      ● Enjoy a friendly game of croquet or boules with family and friends on the lawn amongst the vines
      ● Child-friendly with their own KIDS Zone
      ● Dog-friendly with wine dogs on-site
      Intimate cellar door or virtual tasting options
      ● Bright and airy country architecture
      ● Sit at unique tables made from old oak barrels
      ● Spacious garden setting
      ● Vintage and barrel-aged wines made from grapes grown on the grounds
      ● Picnic boxes available with baguettes, cold meats, and cheeses
      ● Stay at the Misty Glen Country Cottage accommodation
      ● Esca Bimbadgen, Muse Kitchen, and Rothvale Winery nearby

      There’s always a reason why an attraction becomes popular, it’s because it has qualities that make it great for anyone to visit. These are the best popular cellar doors in the Hunter Valley that still retain charm and uniqueness.

      Brokenwood Wines

      Brokenwood Wines has a stellar reputation among the Hunter Valley vineyards. They source fruit from up-and-coming districts and generally have what feels like a fresh take on being a Hunter Valley vineyard in general.

      They also have a strong focus on sustainability, working to minimise the impact on the environment as much as possible, which means we can enjoy great wine responsibly.

      Brokenwood Cellar Door Tastings

      401-427 McDonalds Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      Casual, private, or group tastings are available here. Bespoke experiences are offered as well, all starting at $25 per person. There are three to choose from; Taste, Match, and Journey.

      Designed by innovative architects, this cellar door is the largest complex in the Hunter. There are unique pod-style spaces, an outdoor patio with picture-perfect panoramas, and private rooms.

      Use the buttons below to pre-book your favourite tasting option at Brokenwood Wines.

      Wines to Try at Brokenwood

      Graveyard Vineyard Shiraz

      Easily the most famous bottle of this winery, this varietal is made in large format French oaks. Supple and complete, it has a lovely flow from beginning to end. Subtle but powerful, it’s mid-density with notes of red spice and bramble fruit.

      ILR Reserve Semillon

      Highly lauded, lemon curd, floral, beeswax, and toast all come through in this varietal. Factor in the zesty acidity and the great length and it’s easy to see why it’s quite the crowd-pleaser. The 2014 ILR is especially lovely.

      Cricket Pitch Red

      This whole range is a fan favourite, but the red offers fine long tannins and an acid line that ages well. It’s berry and leafy with ripe fruit notes complemented by a bit of spice.

      Why Visit Brokenwood Winery?

      ● Wine museum overlooking the working barrel hall
      ● Five-star winery with gorgeous modern architecture
      ● Indoor and outdoor settings, with unique round bars
      ● Dog and family-friendly
      ● See how the wines are made on a production tour of Brokenwood
      ● Grapes sourced from all over Australia
      ● Casual and fine dining on-site at Cru Bar + Pantry and The Wood Restaurant
      ● For tastings try the ‘Match’ Food & Wine Tasting Experience
      ● McGuigan Wines, Goldfish Bar & Restaurant, and Wine House Hunter Valley nearby

      Tempus Two Wines

      Set within the Roche Estate, Tempus Two Wines goes beyond just following a tradition. They feel strongly about the freedom to enjoy wines anyway you wish, aka swirl like nobody’s watching! This makes for a laidback and fun environment, as one of the top wineries in Hunter Valley.

      They’re globally sourced and sold, some wines are even served from taps in the tasting room. It’s the best for bold and elegant wines that everyone can enjoy.

      Tempus Two Cellar Door Tastings

      Corner of Broke Rd & McDonalds Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      They offer a range of tasting experiences when visiting the cellar door here. A 45-minute session includes some of the finest Semillons in Hunter Valley.

      Private tastings in a private room are available as well as gorgeous group affairs in the larger cellar door space of an amazing Hunter Valley winery.

      Don’t miss out on this unique wine tasting experience and pre-book using the buttons below.

      Wines to Try at Tempus Two

      Copper Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

      This unique bottle is both bright and aromatic, with notes of pine and lime blended into a passionfruit profile. Overall, it has a juicy and zesty palate and refreshing finish.

      Lighten Up Pinot Noir

      Full flavoured and bursting with bright red aromas, this fun varietal is easy to drink and even easier to enjoy with a lasting finish.

      Why Visit Tempus Two Cellar Door?

      ● Try the wines behind the iconic trademarked bottles
      ● Modern architecture
      ● Alfresco patio space
      ● Grapes sourced from all over the world
      Try a unique Wine and Sashimi tasting
      ● The Smelly Cheese Shop and Oishii Japanese restaurant nearby

      Wine House Tasting Room

      Not technically a winery, the Wine House Tasting Room still deserves a place on any Hunter Valley list. It’s perfect to have a taster of a bunch of different wines produced locally, all in one go!

      They have varietals from so many small wineries all around the region. They truly provide a tailored time that focuses on individual styles and varieties. It’s welcoming, informative, and relaxing all in the same space.

      Wine House Cellar Door Tastings

      426 McDonalds Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320

      All the available experiences here are structured tastings based on a specific theme. You can also choose your own adventure with the guidance of a local expert.

      Themed tasting tours include Barrel & Blend, Cocoa Nib Chocolate & Wine, Hunter Unearthed, Icon Wine Journey, and Wine House Deli. 

      Wines to Try at Wine House

      Little Wine Co. Little Gem Barbera

      Aptly named, this bottle is filled with a dark and plush fruit palette, plus warm and velvety tannins.

      David Hook Old Vines Shiraz

      Bright and subtle aromas of spice and savoury oak, this palette has all the classic Hunter hits of leather, pepper, vanilla, and blackberries.

      First Creek Regions Semillon

      Delicate, bright, and crisp, this Semillon layers in rich complexity as it cellars. It’s one of the finest varietals in the valley.

      Why Visit Wine House Tasting Room?

      ● Try a huge range of wines from only the best Hunter Valley winemakers
      ● Cellar ambience and impeccable service
      ● Modern architecture
      ● Outdoor seating and forested grounds with a pond
      ● Family and well-behaved dog-friendly
      ● Plenty of vintages and barrel-aged options
      ● Organic and vegan options
      ● Menu grazing options included in certain tastings
      ● Brokenwood Wines, Tempus Two, and Oishii Japanese nearby

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      Enjoy your Wine Tastings!

      We hope you have found this article on the best Hunter Valley wineries informative. Feel free to ask us any questions you have using the comments form below. And make sure you save this post for future reference!

      Have you been to Wine Country? What were your favourite wineries to visit in the Hunter Valley?

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