The Best Drones for Travel Videos and Photo in 2022

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      This huge buyers guide will help you compare between and decide on the best drones for travel videos and pictures in 2022.


      We have all seen those wanderlust-inducing travel drone videos all over social media. The best travel drones have helped to create some of the most successful viral videos of the last 12-months.

      For years, I had been fascinated by aerial photography. After plenty of research and a little bit of saving, I invested in what has proven to be one of my most sensible business moves to date. I spent hours trawling the internet reading reviews and scrolling through forums to figure out the best drones for traveling and my professional needs.

      Drones have totally changed the travel photography and videography game. What was once a piece of equipment reserved exclusively for big budget productions and master photographers is now highly accessible.

      So, I thought I’d share my research and experience with you now. Let’s explore the best drones for travel videos and photos.

      Mavic Pro the best drones for travel


      Don’t have time to read the entire guide? Just having a quick search for the best drones for travel? This is the drone I chose to travel with because I wanted a foldable drone with the best camera on the market. It must be lightweight but powerful. The Mavic Pro is all that plus more!

      It also boasts awesome features like a 3-axis gimbal (for super smooth video) and it’s also a camera drone that follows you and takes pictures using hand commands.


      Best Travel Drones Comparison Chart

      These are my top picks that will help you find the best drones for filming and more. We all know that the fun part is shopping, not researching!

      When it comes to finding the best beginner drones with camera and video though, it is advisable that you do actually read up at least a little bit. I’ve included everything you need to know about drones right here on this drone comparison chart!

      DJI Mavic Pro4K Video & 12MP Photo on Built-in Camera1.9 lbs
      (907 g)
      Up to 27 minutesBest Drone Overall
      DJI Phantom4K at 60fps Video & 20MP Photo on Built-in Camera3 lbs
      (1.3 kg)
      Up to 30 minutes Best Filming
      DJI Spark720p Video & 12MP Photo on Built-in Camera1.49 lbs
      (660 g)
      Up to 16 minutes Best Beginners Drone
      DJI Mavic Air4K Video & 12MP Photo on Built-In Camera15.2 oz
      (1.6 kg)
      Up to 26 minutesBest Travel Drone
      Ruko F11 Foldable GPS Drone4K Video & 13MP Photo on Built-In Camera18.34 oz
      (520 g)
      Up to 30 minutesBest Selfie Drone
      GoPro Karma4K Video & 12MP Photo on GoPro Camera4.27 lbs
      (2.1 kg)
      Up to 20 minutesBest GoPro Drone
      Autel Robotics EVO 28K Ultra HD Video & 8MP Photos on Built-In Camera2.4 lbs
      (1.08 kg)
      Up to 45 minutes
      Parrot Bebop 2 FPV1080p Video & 14MP Photo on Built-in Camera1.1 lbs
      (500 g)
      Up to 25 minutes
      DJI Mavic Mini 24K Video & 13MP Photo on Built-in Camera0.55 lbs
      (249 g)
      Up to 31 minutes
      Force1 F100GP GoPro Compatible Drone1080p and GoPro Compatible0.18 lbs
      (0.08 kg) Camera Not Included
      Up to 15 minutes

      Things to Consider When Looking for The Best Drones for Travel

      When it comes to buying the best drone with camera there is actually quite a lot to think about.

      For example, there are the best camera drones for videography and then others that are really just toys. Do you need the best drone for GoPro or do you want a built-in camera? It’s time to get your thinking cap on!

      🎒 Foldable

      Although this may seem an odd point to kick off with, it’s actually something that is easy to forget when looking for the best drone for traveling. Can your new drone fold away easily, or does it have to be dismantled to travel? Do you really feel like reassembling your drone every time you want to use it?

      Some of the best mini-drones don’t need to be folded or dismantled but the chances are, if you want a decent drone to travel with, you’re going to need it to be foldable. Foldability makes drone traveling just that much safer and easier.

      📷 Built-In Camera

      When it comes to buying the premium brand drones and those that are more advanced, it is almost a prerequisite that the camera will be built into the drone itself. Some of the best video camera drones have 4K video as standard. As you come down the price scale, you may find that either the camera quality of a built-in device drops significantly or is totally removed.

      Do you have the cash to buy a camera in addition to your drone? Do you have space to carry both while on the road?

      📏 Size

      Speaking of having space to carry your drone, do you have space in your pack for a bulky drone kit? Some drones come with a hell of a lot of additional accessories and require a big carry case. I prefer to travel with my drone in my hand luggage – I don’t like the idea of it being bashed about in cargo.

      Although the big monster drone may look impressive, is it the best portable drone for travel? Unless you’re shooting the next series of Planet Earth, I guess the answer is no!

      🔋 Battery Life

      Drones are notorious for sucking up battery life. Even the best drones for filming have a fairly short battery life. We’re talking only up to 30-minutes. Although professional photographers will tell you that if you can’t get the shot in that time, you need to go and refine your skills, you do need to think about when and where you’ll be using your drone.

      If you plan on heading off into the wilderness for a few days, filming as you go, maybe you’ll need to buy an additional battery. When you’re learning to fly your drone that 30-minutes goes pretty quick!

      🏁 Speed

      Most of the best drones for travel have been designed with a number of different speed settings. These are more than adequate for aerial photographers like you and I. Drone speed really comes into play for the cool kids who compete in drone racing. That stuff is super cool!

      For example, if you’re looking for the best drone camera that follows you, give a moment’s thought as to what you’ll be doing when you want it to follow. Walking through Grand Canyon National Park, no worries. Racing around an F1 track, you may need something a little more specific!

      ✈️ Range

      This is definitely something to think about. The range of the drone is how far it can fly away from you. My Mavic Pro has a range of seven-kilometers, which is insane! This is the kind of range that is amazing for safari or when exploring in the wilderness. Using your drone on a day-to-day basis though, it is unlikely you’ll be using it for over one kilometer away from where you’re standing. This is largely due to flight restrictions.

      When thinking about the range of your drone, you also then need to consider the speed and battery life.

      ⚖️ Weight

      Much like the size of your drone, you need to think about the weight. From a technical perspective, the weight of the drone impacts its flight speed and agility. Most drones have been designed to be as light as possible, but in being light, they must subsequently be made even more durable to withstand the elements. This makes them more expensive.

      From a practical perspective, you will have to lug your drone around with you. How much does your carry-on currently weigh? Most airlines only allow hand luggage to weigh seven-kilograms.

      📷 Camera Quality

      When searching for the best photo drones you have to consider the camera quality. What’s the use in investing in a super expensive piece of tech if the most important feature isn’t up to scratch? Most premium drones feature a camera that is capable of shooting 4K video footage, which is paramount for both aspiring and professional videographers who want the best video quality.

      Does the gimbal provide stabilization across all axis? Can you take both stills and video footage? When looking at the best drone for travel, spending time understanding the camera is so important if you want the best image quality.

      ⛑ Safety and Drone Travel Tips

      On top of all those things to consider when buying a drone, you have to take flight safety so seriously! It’s not daunting though. I’ll admit that when I started out I was a little overwhelmed as to where to start, but I joined a drone group on Facebook and got chatting with people about the do’s and don’ts of drone flying.

      I’ll keep it brief, but you’ve got to remember that all drones operate differently. Even different drones from the same brand can have different systems. There are some countries in the world where drones are illegal, and there are many areas within every country where drone flying is not permitted. When I flew from Germany to Cuba, I had to mail my drone to my next destination in Mexico. I wasn’t even allowed to bring it into Cuba! So if you are traveling to Central America or in my case, traveling to Mexico with Mavic pro or any other drone try to avoid Cuba. I’ve read too many stories of people getting their drones confiscated at the airport.

      You must store your drones batteries responsibly during flights. Always drain the batteries to 30% before a flight. Consider storing your drone’s batteries in a Li-Po Battery Safety Guard Fireproof Safe Sleeve. Take your batteries and drone in carry-on and be prepared to show and explain your drone carrying techniques and safety to customs security.

      As I said, there are so many rules when it comes to when, where and how you can fly your drone. Once you’ve got the basics down and know where to look for additional information, you’re golden. I’ll make a video explaining everything you need to know soon!

      There are great apps out there like Hover, AIRMAP, B4 U Fly and UAV Forecast that is essential for drone users. Get downloading!

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      Cacaluta Bay from the best drone for travel (the DJI Mavic pro) for the post Best Beaches in Oaxaca Mexico
      Photo taken on a Mavic Pro drone in Huatulco, Mexico

      Can You Take My Word For It?

      I’d like to think so! I have been using my drone for over 1.5 years now. Plus I am a travel blogger, vlogger and photographer! I have studied my craft and spent hours refining my skills. At first, I pretty much taught myself to fly my drone using a flight simulator and video tutorials. I did all the research myself before investing in my drone. I used ‘best drones for travel buying guides’ just like this before buying my drone, but felt that there was more information to be shared. So I wrote this!

      Having joined a drone Facebook group, I have spoken at length with others in the drone flying community. Not only to learn their skills but also to listen to their insightful opinions on every aspect of the drone industry.

      Is a Drone Worth the Investment?

      Hell yes, my friends! Here’s a fun fact for you: I spent more on my drone than I have ever spent on a car and it has proven to be the best investment I could have made.

      I believe that investing in a premium drone straight away is the best idea. Buy cheap, buy twice, right? The premium brand drones are worth their weight in gold and have a multitude of features that make them useable for complete beginners and perfect for pros.

      Picture of Tangolunda beach and shoreline taken with the best drone for travel - a DJI Mavic Pro. Pic for the post best beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico
      Photo taken on a Mavic Pro drone in Mexico’s Oaxaca

      What Drone to Choose for a Beginner?

      If you are a beginner drone operator and you are looking for the best starter drone with camera, I highly recommend any of the DJI drones. The remote control interface makes the operation of any of the DJI drones smooth and easy. Plus they have a flight simulator, which makes learning the operation of the drone a lot easier and stress-free. These are the best drones for beginners.

      I found it difficult to answer exactly what is the best drone for beginners with camera, since there are so many good options out there. But at the end of the day, DJI makes really good quality drones and have secured themselves in the forefront of the drone market for a while now, meaning any DJI drone you buy will be great quality and the best drone to learn on.

      We Review The Best Travel Drones 2022

      Have you been wondering what is the best drone to travel with? Let’s take a look at the best drones for travel photography (and videography) in greater detail. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. I have narrowed it down to the top ten best drones to buy and fly and also added a drone travel video at the end so you to see each drone in action!


      DJI Mavic Pro 2 Quadcopter Review

      So your looking to make epic drone travel videos? I may be a little biased, but the overall best drone for travel vloggers and people who love videos is the DJI Mavic Pro. Offering a seven-kilometer range and a max flight time of up to 27-minutes, the Mavic Pro is the drone with the best range on the market. The Mavic Pro makes learning to fly a drone a smooth process – there are loads of training videos and a flight simulator in the remote control.

      Mavic Pro boasts the ability to capture 4K video even when flying at full speed. The drone features an incredible three-axis gimbal and there is no Electronic Image Stabilization – meaning the footage captured is always smooth and crystal clear. And just when you think it’s already hit it’s value, the DJI Mavic Pro 2 offers upgraded intelligent flight modes which allows you to track and trace a subject, obstacle avoidance so you don’t accidently run into those pesky trees and many more awesome features. These cool specs make it the best drone for travel videos to buy on the market!



      • 4K Video
      • Beginner Mode
      • Flight Autonomy Technology
      • Best Drone for Flight Time
      • Best Drone for Travel Video and Photography


      • Expensive
      • Shooting at 60fps is harder to handle

      Tech & Specs

      4K Camera

      Built In Camera

      7km Range

      31-Minute Fly Time

      1.9 lbs (907 g)



      DJI Phantom Quadcopter Review

      No doubt about it, the best drone for videography is the DJI Phantom. A firm favorite with photographers around the world, the DJI Phantom is a cut above the rest. This drone has the ability to shoot 4K video and a 20mp camera, making it also one of the best drones for photography on the market.

      The Phantom has a seven-kilometer range and features Flight Autonomy System with five vision sensors. To put the icing on the cake, the DJI Phantom can fly up to speeds of 44-mph.

      The DJI Phantom is easily the best drone for photographers and videographers and is the first choice for professionals around the globe. It is the best drone for filming, mainly due to the fact that it can shoot 4K video at 60fps – which is essential for videography drones.



      • Shoots 4K at 60fps
      • Professional Standard
      • Best Drone for Photography and Video
      • Flight Autonomy System


      • Expensive
      • Heavy – 1.3kg
      • Not foldable

      Tech & Specs

      Tech & Specs

      4K Video

      Built-In Camera

      7km Range

      30-Minute Fly Time

      3 lbs (1.3 kg)

      20mp Camera


      DJI Spark Mini Drone Review

      The DJI Spark is the best beginner drone with camera, no doubt about it. Also one of the best drone for travel video. Light and compact and ever so easy to use, the DJI Spark is the perfect drone for enthusiastic amateurs who want to take great aerial photographs and fantastic aerial videos too.

      The deep learning of the DJI Spark makes it one of the best drones that follow you. The ActiveTrack technology is surprisingly easy to use and is a great feature for solo travelers. The TapFly Mode allows you to literally envisage your shot and the DJI Spark will work its magic!

      DJI make the best drones to learn on because they have flight simulation and loads of videos to help drone beginners learn how to fly.

      It is also the best video drone for beginners because it is cost effective and powerful! And the best drone for backpacking with it’s teeny tiny size. Plus DJI have great care packages if you are worried about crashing it! The DJI Spark also comes in five different colours, maming it one of the best looking drones.



      • TapFly Mode
      • ActiveTrack Technology
      • Best Affordable Travel Drone


      • No 4K Video
      • Short Flight Time

      Tech & Specs

      720p Video

      Built-In Camera

      4km Range

      16-Minute Flight Time

      1.49 lbs (660 g)



      DJI Air Quadcopter Review

      The DJI Air is one of the best drones for vacation. Travelers who want to take professional quality footage within a compact travel drone. DJI Air is one of the best drones with video camera and GPS, and features return to home technology. No matter how far you fly it, DJI Air will return to you at the press of a button.

      The DJI Air takes amazing HDR images as well as 4K video at 30fps. This drone is a great all-rounder, featuring an 8GB internal memory and the ability to fold down to be more compact.

      Due to how lightweight it is, this is one of the best vacation drones. Just chick it in your camera bag and you’re all set! DJI make really beautiful drones in looks and picture quality, and the smooth DJI Air comes in three different colors to choose from.



      • 8GB Internal Memory
      • 4K video at 30fps
      • Sphere Panoramas


      • Heavy 1.6kg
      • Average Battery Life

      Tech & Specs

      4K Video

      Built-In Camera

      4km Range

      21-Minute Fly Time

      15.2 oz (1.6 kg)



      GoPro Karma Drone Review

      The best drone for GoPro is the company’s very own GoPro Karma. Compact, light and easy to control, this is a great alternative to the drones offered by DJI. The drone is compatible with iOS9 and later, and the Android 4.4 through the free to download app. The GoPro Karma features the ever-popular GoPro Hero 6 camera that can shoot 4K video.

      One great addition to the GoPro Karma is the Karma grip that comes with the kit. The handheld grip offers you another string to your bow for a comprehensive travel drone with camera in an all-encompassing photography and videography unit.



      • Controllable Through App
      • Comes with Handgrip
      • GoPro Hero 6 Camera


      • Average flight time
      • Average range
      • Heavy

      Tech & Specs

      4K Video

      Built-In Camera

      3km Range

      20-Minute Fly Time

      4.27 lbs (2.1 kg)



      The Hover Camera Passport

      The Hover Camera Passport drone is referred to as the camera that flies itself. I refer to it as the low price, video drone that follows you. It’s also known as the best selfie drone or best hover drone. This lightweight aerial camera folds up into a travel-friendly size that can fit into a small bag or purse. Weighing in at only 242 grams, it’s the smallest and most portable drone on this list.

      But not only is this Hover one of the most portable drones for travel, but it’s also super smart. It will follow you around like a puppy and circle around you in a 360-degree panoramic video. It can also be controlled using hand gestures and it recognizes its owner by an app facial scan. The ease of use makes the Hover one of the best camera drones for beginners and people who don’t want to use the remote (ie. They want the drone to take video of them while they do an activity).

      While searching for compact drones for travel, I found that this beautiful drone has also won awards in design. Plus its enclosed carbon fibre form makes it possile to catch mid-air. I think this might be the most affordable and best mini camera drone on the market!



      • Good Beginner Drone
      • 4K Video
      • Flight Autonomy Technology
      • Best Cheap Video Drone
      • Lightweight Drone (no FAA registration required)
      • Foldable and Portable Drone


      • Average Photo Quality
      • Tight Range
      • Possible Connection Issues with Android Phones
      • Short Battery Life

      Tech & Specs

      13 MP Photos

      4K Video

      Built In Camera


      242 g (0.53 lbs)

      10-Minute Hover Time (No Wind)

      Up to 20 Meters Range

      Autel Robotics X-Star Drone Review

      The Autel Robotics X-Star Drone doesn’t have a big brand name, but that really doesn’t matter when you look deeper into the high specs of this aircraft. Offering a 4K camera and a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, this bad boy gives the big guns a run for their money. It’s one of the top camera drones on the market, just without the popularity!

      The Autel Robotics X-Star Drone can be linked with the Starlink App; your phone or tablet can be transformed into a controller. The HD live-view allows you to see in clear vision exactly what the drone is seeing up to 1.9-kilometers away. This super durable drone is ideal for beginners.



      • 4K Video
      • Affordable
      • Durable
      • Good drone with camera


      • Not Foldable
      • Heavy 1.4 kg

      Tech & Specs

      4K Camera

      Built-In Camera

      1.9km Range

      25-Minute Fly Time

      3.1 lbs (1.4 kg)

      3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

      Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Review

      The Parrot Bebop 2 FPV drone is ideal for wannabe videographers who are toying with the idea of a professional drone but are not fully committed to either the hobby or the profession just yet. Super affordable and offering all the technical specifications you could ask for, the Parrot Bebop 2 FPV is a great find.

      Boasting a 25-minute flight time and a 12-megapixel camera with a fisheye lens that produces a wide-angle effect, it’s a sturdy drone with easy to use controls. Also, if you’re searching for cool looking drones, you’ve found one! One downside to the Parrot Bebop 2 FBV is that its built-in camera is static – there is no rotation gimbal. If you are interested in the Parrot brand but want to spend a little bit more money on more functionality you should definitly check out the Parrot Anafi model.



      • Affordable
      • Easy to Use
      • Durable


      • Static Camera
      • No 4K Video

      Tech & Specs

      1080p Video

      Built-In Camera

      25-Minute Fly Time

      Up to 38mph

      1.1 lbs (500 g)

      Fisheye Lens

      Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera Review

      Yuneec Breeze is the best cheap drone for filming, hands down. Featuring an impressive 13mp camera that can shoot 4K video, there is a lot to love about the super affordable Yuneec Breeze. It may look a little flimsy, but this drone is durable and reliable and one of the best budget travel drone on the market.

      While looking for drones that have cameras, I found that the Yuneec Breeze is one of the best drones that follows you, and is particularly great for those advanced selfies and group shots. The social download app that links to the drone means your shots can be saved to your phone in milliseconds, ready to upload to Instagram and get those #DroneShot likes rolling in. It is the best cheap travel drone and has the best drone camera price on this list.



      • Best Budget Camera Drone
      • 4K Video
      • Easy to Use


      • Short Fly Time
      • Small Range

      Tech & Specs

      4K Video

      Built-In Camera

      14-Minute Fly Time

      Internal Memory

      1 km Range

      3.3 lbs (1.4 kg)

      5 Flight Modes

      Force1 F100 GoPro Compatible Drone Review

      The Force1 F100 is one of the best drones for GoPro. Compatible with GoPro and other adventure cameras of the same size, the F100 Ghost is a great GoPro Karma drone alternative.

      While scouring through the best drone reviews, I found the F100 has a 500-meter (1640 foot) range, which is ideal for a travel beginner drone – rarely do beginners send their drone further than this. Because it uses a GoPro Camera you know you will get great shots too. When you’re practising – just don’t attach the camera to your drone in case you crash. This is the perfect drone for beginners!



      • Built-In Camera & GoPro Compatibility
      • Affordable
      • Easy to Use


      • Short Range
      • Short Fly Time
      • Does Not Fold
      • Camera not included

      Tech & Specs

      GoPro Hero 3 & 4 Compatible

      500 m Range

      15-Minute Fly Time

      2.93 lbs (1.3 kg)

      2 Flight Speeds

      So there you have it! The best drones for travel on the market, put under a microscope, examined, scrutinized and scored so you don’t need to do any work at all. I hope you enjoy your new drone, remember to fly safe and take epic #droneshots!

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      If you have a question about the product just let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them! I know enough about awesome quadcopter drones and for sure I know it can be difficult to find the best traveler drone for your specific needs.

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