The Best Beaches in Australia

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      COLLABORATION: Best Beaches in Australia

      Did you know that even if you visited a different beach in Australia every day it would take over 29 years to see them all? Most people just don’t have that kind of time! Instead I decided to make it my mission to find out which ones were the very best beaches in Australia. I asked all of my favourite blogging friends which was their absolute most favourite beach in Australia, and these are the responses…


      Radical Bay, Magnetic Island

      The beach at Radical bay is simply a slice of paradise. Clear turquoise water in a calm totally postcard perfect Bay. Surrounded by natural Australian vegetation, flowering wattle trees, mountains and big boulders. While on the beach you will find palm trees with fresh coconuts amongst other trees where you can sit in the shade and admire where the pristine sand meets the clearest water you have ever seen. It is the best beach on Magnetic Island in north Queensland. While Magnetic island is very easily accessible, in order to get to Radical bay you have to either have a high clearance car, walk in or come in by boat. As its not accessible to everyone and not a place you would just drive past, it makes this beach so special and not crowded.

      By Juli & Sam of Where Is Juli and Sam?

      Mission Beach, Mission Beach

      Mission Beach itself is a small town with you guessed it, a beach. If you talk to any of the 3000 locals they’ll tell you that it’s Australia’s hidden gem. The beach has packed sand making it perfect to walk along. It has that perfect shade of blue that you picture when you think of the ocean and you’ll more often than not have most of the beach to yourself.

      It’s a little private paradise that is the most famous spot in Australia to go sky diving. From the plane you get epic views over the Great Barrier Reef and you’re are guaranteed a beach landing every time. Mission Beach is a must stop whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation because this beach has both.

      By Taylor E. Lorenz from Taylor’s Tracks

      Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

      Whitehaven Beach in the Whit

      sunday Islands in Queensland is Australia is still by far the most beautiful beach I have ever visited. There are many ways to experience Whitehaven from day trips to helicopter rides. I opted for an overnight sailing trip and truly enjoyed every second of it. Whitehaven Beach its the perfect place to go for a little hike, swim, BBQ, and camp. Jellyfish can be a problem in the area, so I was required to wear a wet suit when entering the water. Fortunately I did not encounter any of those creatures. I did see a few stingrays and other fish in the crystal clear waters. Australia has done a wonderful job at preserving its natural beauty and the sand here is so fine and perfect that NASA uses it in its space gear!

      By Stephanie Rose of Ginger On The Go

      75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

      For me, my favourite beach in Australia has to be Fraser Island’s 75 mile beach. It’s not the same as most idyllic beaches, with relaxing sunbathing opportunities. But I have happy memories driving my rented 4×4 along the golden sands. And hearing the sound of the waves crashing around me. Having the sea on one side and luscious rainforests on the other is pure paradise.

      Fraser Island is itself a big beach, it’s the world’s largest sand island 123 km/76 m by 22km/ 14 m. The beach is so long you can even land a plane on it! That’s an amazing beach to explore. Up and down this rugged coast you can also see a shipwreck, which is very close to the shore. And don’t forget those cute little dingoes that roam the island… they are wild animals so remember to keep your distance. And to top it off you can even camp on the beach. So sat relaxing with a glass (or plastic cup) of wine watching the sunset is the perfect way to end your day.

      By Becky Angell of Becky The Traveller

      Noosa Main Beach, Noosa National Park

      Noosa Main Beach is not one of Australia’s most loved beaches for nothing. Facing north it is one of the few surf beaches in the country that offers warm and calm water year round, and is a great option for families, couples and water sports enthusiasts alike. 

      There is plenty to do with one of Australia’s most famous restaurant precincts, Hastings Street, running right along it which is also home to a lot of great shopping. On the Eastern end is the rocky headland that forms the beginning of Noosa National Park which is home to many more great beaches spread over 40 square kilometres. 

      Noosa Beach is patrolled by surf life savers year round and their surf club, with a stellar view right on the beach, is a great place for a meal or a cold beer.

      By Sandy Papas of Tray Tables Away

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      Noosa River, Noosaville

      Being a Queenslander we are spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches, but my all time favourite beach is the mouth of the Noosa River.  I just love how all the sand bars throughout the river, particularly at the river’s mouth, make all these tiny little islands which are postcard perfect with the white sand and shallow, bluish green, transparent, calm waters. 

      My favourite thing to do is to jump in a kayak, paddle out to one of these tiny sand bar islands and spend a few hours switching between sunbathing on my own deserted island and swimming in the warm water.  Another awesome activity is to hire one of the small boats (no boat license necessary) and go exploring the canals and jumping into the water wherever you please.

      By Melissa Delaware of Thrifty Family Travels

      Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast

      Welcome to Coolum, a relaxed friendly community and my favourite all time Aussie beach. Midway between Caloundra and the tourist mecca of Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Coolum is surrounded by beauty.

      Main beach is long and luscious, with intimate bays and rocky pools to the south. From Stumers to Three Bays there are surf breaks for all levels – including local boy made good – Surf Pro Julian Wilson.

      By Jan at Budget Travel Talk

      Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast

      Australia is known for its stunning coastline, golden beaches and tourist destinations but none is better known around the world than beautiful Surfers Paradise beach located on the Gold Coast Australia. I love this beach, it is gorgeous, especially at sunset or sunrise. This beach is 3km long, it is always busy with people swimming, running, surfing, taking photos or even just chilling out relaxing on the golden sand.

      This beach is surrounded by Surfers Paradise’s high-rise buildings, cafe’s and restaurants which just makes it even more beautiful. Surfers Paradise is the place to be if you want a beach holiday in the heart of the Gold Coast. Whatever time of the year you get to visit Surfers Paradise Beach, it will be stunning! This beach is a great tourist attraction and I would highly recommend people to go visit there. It’s beautiful!

      By Brittany White-Johnson of Born to Be Alive

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      New South Wales

      Dark Point Beach, Hawks Nest

      Coming to Dark Point Beach feels like it must have felt to find an oasis in the deserts of Africa or Asia. You trudge up over towering dunes as your calves burn and your skin prickles with the sting of a hundred thousand tiny grains of sand plucked up by the wind. Cresting that last dune makes the hard uphill slog worth it. Dark Point Beach is not near as ominous as its name might otherwise imply. It’s instead a glittering jewel of turquoise tucked away a short drive from the sleepy little coastal towns of Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest.

      We’re the only people within cooee when we arrive, and we spend a day spearfishing on the reef, swimming in the impossibly clear (and impossibly cold) water, and soaking in the October sun. It’s like we’ve died and gone to private beach heaven. Other beaches might have better surf or a nicer stretch of beach, but our little cove is one of the more beautiful spots I’ve ever come across.

      By Chris Walker-Bush of Aussie on the Road

      Dudley Beach, Newcastle

      Growing up in Newcastle meant we were spoiled for choice when it came to a day at the beach with about a dozen or so world class offerings. But I was a Dudley boy which meant Dudley Beach will always get my vote for the best in the region. It’s more than just local pride though as Dudley not only has hundreds of metres of golden sand and a couple of great surf breaks, but a unique volcanic rock platform at the Southern end.

      Kids love exploring the rock pools left behind when the tide retreats and the jets of water shooting from the natural blowhole can be spectacular when the tide comes back in. The beach is not patrolled by lifeguards which means swimming is at your own risk, but it also means you are unlikely to have the crowds interrupt your beach time.

      By Dean Williamson of Living La Vida Global

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      Wamberal Beach, Central Coast

      Wamberal Beach on the Central Coast, NSW is a bit of a local secret. While Sydney-siders flock to the more cosmopolitan Terrigal Beach, you can be lucky enough to get Wamberal all to yourself some days.

      The yellow sands of the beach are patrolled by the local Surf Life Saving Club and is a popular swimming and surfing location. If the waves are too big, you can always take a dip in the nearby Lagoon or go exploring along the rock pools at the northern end of the beach.

      Although quieter than Terrigal you can still find great places for coffee like the Lotus Cafe and enjoy meals with views over the beach at the Surf Club. It is also possible to talk a stroll from Wamberal beach around to Terrigal, admiring the beachfront properties. We often see dolphins play in the waves here and during migration season, Whales passing by.

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      By Kirsty Hill of Travel With Meraki

      Shark Beach, Nielsen Park, Vaucluse

      We’re a Sydney-based family who loves the great outdoors. When it comes to summer, we love nothing more than heading to the beach to cool off, relax and have quality family time. Over time, we have tried to find the “perfect” beach for us and finally found it a couple of years ago: Shark Beach in Nielsen Park, Vaucluse.

      At Shark Beach the ocean gently laps the sand. Whilst the tide goes in and out, there are no big waves, no rips and no unusual cold currents. There is shady spots with the trees a mere 10 or so meters from the shoreline, and plenty of grassy area. Toilets are nearby and even a cafe! We’ve spotted dolphins here and even caught stick insects in the bushes. It is the perfect family beach.

      By Leah Smileski of Kid Bucket List

      Shelley Beach, Manly

      Shelley Beach is by far my favourite beach in Sydney (and possibly Australia – it’s hard to choose just one!) Compared to most beaches in Australia, it’s calm, with virtually no waves – making it popular with young families.

      But there’s also a secret hidden out past the crowds paddling and bobbing around on its surface. It’s an excellent snorkelling spot, with lots of fish to be spotted if you snorkel out along the rocks either side of the beach, including a resident group of blue gropers. And if it’s a sunny day but not warm enough to swim (a reality during Sydney’s Winter and Spring, except for the brave), head to Shelley Beach but make your way to The Boathouse restaurant located right next to the sand. It’s the perfect spot for a Sydney-style brunch or a lazy lunch.

      By Shandos Cleaver of Travelnuity

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      Kiama Beach, Kiama

      Mesmerizing clear deep blue waters lapping at your feet in energetic gushes, huge rocks lining the beach at places, a majestic light-house in the distance, beautiful sea birds resting on the green grass behind you, deep blue sky and mystically deep green trees around you. Imagine that?

      Already transported you to a magical land, didn’t I?? 😉 You can have all this for real at the most beautiful beach near Sydney at Kiama. It’s an easy road trip from Sydney or a short 3-hour train ride away from the heart of Sydney. 

      Kiama beach makes for a wonderful weekend getaway for beach lovers like me. The train ride to reach Kiama itself is a scenic journey taking you through majestic landscapes and more pretty beaches. The part from Helensburgh is especially beautiful.

      By Priya Rajendran of Glorious Sunrise

      Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

      It’s pretty hard to narrow my favourite beaches just down to one, but if I had to pick, I would choose Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay in NSW. Like many of the beautiful beaches along the NSW South Coast, it’s a beautiful long stretch of beach and surrounded by a national park, undisturbed by buildings or large crowds of people.

      But what really makes it stand out is the brilliant contrast between the fine, white sand and the shades of clear, blue water. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Hyams Beach has “the whitest sand in the world” and when you see the dazzling brightness of the sand with your own eyes, it’s easy to believe this claim. And it’s not just a favourite for land dwellers; if you are lucky, you might even see dolphins or whales swimming by.

      By Kim-Ling Richardson of Travel-Ling

      Mill Beach, South Durras near Bateman’s Bay

      Australian beaches are stunning; there is no doubt about that but being able to watch kangaroos hop along it is even more magical. Mill Beach is situated at the Murramarang Beachfront Nature Resort near Batemans Bay in New South Wales and this is where you can see one of Australians most iconic animals on the beach.  As you watch the roos, you can sit back with the family and have a delicious BBQ or you can sit back with friends and knock back a couple of drinks.

      As you swim at Mill Beach, you can see the different coloured blues in the water and sand that is golden that it is just perfect. There are also these natural rock pools that are full of amazing sea life that is just screaming to be explored.  

      By Helena Kreis of Through an Aussie’s Eyes


      Norman’s Beach, Wilson’s Promontory National Park

      Wilson’s Promontory National Park in Victoria is the southern most point in Australia and offers pristine beaches and wilderness. The beach I like the most is Norman’s Beach located at the main campsite. The tidal river opens out onto the beach creating lots of places to play in the shallow waters. The beach is wide and flat and perfect for biking on at low tide. The best part about the beaches at Wilson’s Prom is how far from civilisation they are. There is no light pollution, no traffic noises, no houses or buildings; just pure unadulterated wilderness where you can get away from everything. 

      By Dawn Nicholson of 5 Lost Together

      Squeaky Beach, Wilson’s Promontory National Park

      Choosing a favourite beach in Australia is difficult, but there’s one that sticks out in my mind. That would be Squeaky Beach! This beach in the southernmost point of Mainland Australia in Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria is beautiful! The sand has a beautiful white colour, which just looks majestic against the turquoise waters! The scenery around the area is breathtaking, with rocks and dunes all around.

      However, the reason it’s my favourite beach in Australia is a bit stranger! The clue is in the name. Due to millions of tiny particles of quartz in the sand, whenever you set foot on the beach, you make a squeaking sound! It’s one of the quirkier places to visit in Australia, but definitely worth it!

      By Tom Stevenson of The Travelling Tom

      Gunnamatta Beach, Mornington Peninsula National Park

      I love being near the ocean but have never been one up for sharing the beach with thousands of sun worshipers. This means that when I stumble on to a beautiful and quiet beach it’s a match made in heaven. This was exactly the case when a friend of mine introduced me to Gunnamatta Beach off the coast of Melbourne.

      Gunnamatta Beach is located in the Mornington Peninsula National Park and is part of a 30km long sandy and rock coast that extends from Cape Schank to Point Nepean. A popular beach for surfing pros, where waves can reach nearly 2 meters high. While the waves lacked the height when I visited, they certainly made up in other ways. The rolling and foamy waves cascading against the shoreline were hypnotising enough to leave me relaxed and in a tranquil state. We had miles and miles of the coastline to share with only a few walkers, a surfer or two and a fisherman. My idea of sheer bliss!

      By Bianca M of It’s All Bee


      Bay of Fires, off Garden Rd

      I think Tasmania is overlooked when it comes to beautiful Australian beaches and I have to say they have some rippers down there. My favourites are definitely on the east coast of Tasmania. In particular the world-renowned Bay of Fires. Not far from Binalong Bay, which also has cracking beaches, the Bay of Fires can be a little difficult to find. If you persevere, you will be rewarded with crystal clear water, sand just as white and fine as Whitehaven and burnt orange rocks that just add to the allure of the surroundings. As you can see from the photo below, it really is a naturally beautiful spot, I took this photo in the middle of winter.

      By Sally Lucas of Our 3 Kids v The World

      Binalong Bay, South Bay of Fires

      Nestled in the beautiful Bay of Fires region – named so because of it was a popular spot for Indigenous communities to live and subsequently make fire – Binalong Bay is a wonderful Tasmanian beach. With picturesque blue waters and golden sands, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in the Whitsundays, not the much more temperate climate of Eastern Tasmania.

      Binalong Bay’s beaches are great for surfing and swimming, and those blessed with a four wheel drive can even drive onto the beach and – if it’s not too windy – camp right on the sands! There’s also lots of free campsites around Binalong Bay which can be found with wikicamps.

      The beach is adjacent town is a small society with a few local shops, restaurants and hotels. If you’re on a Tasmania road trip, Binalong Bay is a wonderful seaside stop for a few days.

      By Claire Martin of Claire’s Footsteps

      South Australia

      Blowhole Beach, Deep Creek

      Blowhole Beach is a world-class beach, but relatively unknown to those from out of town. It’s hidden away inside the popular Deep Creek Conservation Park about two hours from the city of Adelaide. The beach is very secluded and visitors need to walk down through the valley for about twenty minutes from the carpark before they can enjoy the crystal clear water.

      On the walk down you can expect to bump into a friendly group of kangaroos. Once you make it down to the bay, go explore the cliffs for views looking back towards the little cove as the waves crash into the shore. The swell gets up at Blowhole Beach but a reef makes it a perfect fishing spot rather than a surf hangout. If you are visiting South Australia make sure to get down to one of the most beautiful, off-the-beaten-path beaches in Australia.

      By Jackson Groves of Journey Era

      Swimmers Beach, Yorke Peninsula

      Most people think the best Aussie beaches are up north. That suits me and other South OZ locals just fine – that way, we get those awesome South Australian beaches pretty much to ourselves! Picking a favourite is tricky – but the amazing variety of surfing, swimming, fishing and just plain scenic beaches scattered along the Yorke Peninsula’s rugged coastline are the best.

      I don’t know the official name of my favourite, but the locals call it Swimmers Beach and it’s just along the coast from the Troubridge Point lighthouse. Take the steep, wooden staircase down the crumbling limestone cliffs towering above it, and walk the sweep of pure sand; explore its rock pools and reefs; fish for mullet and salmon in season; and bodysurf or swim in water so clear you’ll think you’re in the tropics. All that, and you’ll wonder why you’re the only one there!

      By Marion Halliday of Redz Australia

      Western Australia

      Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park

      Drive right onto the sands of Lucky Bay and you’ll feel very lucky indeed. The gorgeous beach has scenic white sands and rolling blue waves, dotted by dark rocks and frequented by a friendly kangaroo population.

      Cape le Grand National Park has lots of gorgeous beaches but Lucky Bay is the most famous, for good reason. Its aqua waters have become synonymous with South Western Australia and visitors flock to the bay to picnic, swim in the refreshing waters or even camp right by the shore. And if laying on the beach isn’t your thing, climb up  the nearby Frenchman’s Peak for a 360 degree view of Lucky Bay and the surrounding coastline… there’s nothing quite like it! Lucky Bay is located 40 kilometres east of Esperance and is a main stop on a Melbourne to Perth drive itinerary

      By Claire Martin of Claire’s Footsteps

      Little Beach, Two Peoples Bay

      Little Beach is one of the most stunning hidden gems along the southern Western Australia coast, about 30 minutes drive east on Highway 1 from the regional centre of Albany.  Being so far from a major city, only the most ardent of travellers venture this far, meaning on many a day, particularly off the summer peak season, you will literally have your own private beach! 

      True to it’s name its quite little, only a few hundred metres long, but some of the softest white sand you will ever feel under your feet and the most magnificent azure waters.  You’re facing the Southern Ocean so you still get to witness dramatic crashing waves but the water is also calm enough for kids to play and perfect sand castle building! This is pristine Australian beach front at its absolute best.

      By Keri Hedrick of Our Globetrotters

      Shell Beach, Shark Bay

      A few years ago, my husband and I toured the east and west coasts of Australia searching for the ultimate beach. We found so many stunning beaches, but the one which made the biggest impact on me was Shell Beach which is in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area in Western Australia.

      When we heard about a beach of shells, we pictured something like the pebble beaches we were used to in the UK but thought we’d stop by to take a quick look. Instead, we discovered the most stunning destination that took our breath away. The shells are the purest white, against the clear turquoise water and the big blue sky. At a distance, it just looks like powder white sand, but it is made up of billions of tiny, pretty white shells. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. And it was totally deserted too!

      By Karen Bleakley of Smart Steps to Australia

      Turquoise Bay, Cape Range National Park

      My home state of Western Australia is full of isolated, mind-blowingly beautiful beaches that most people never get to see. I was lucky last year to be travelling in the Cape Range National Park near Exmouth and visit Turquoise Bay. No guesses needed as to where that name came from! 

      But not only is it a stunning bay with perfect Indian Ocean water and a wide white sand beach, it’s also right on the Ningaloo Reef. Head to the southern end of the beach, wade in with your snorkel gear and you can actually drift up to the other end of the beach watching coral and fish along the way. If you’re ever up around the Coral Coast region, make the effort to come to Turquoise Bay, I promise you won’t regret it.

      By Amanda Kendle of Not A Ballerina

      Cable Beach, Broome

      Well, what can you really say about Cable Beach in Broome, my favourite Australian beach, that will do this spectacular stretch of sand justice?! I guess let’s start with the colours, the bluest of skies, descend to meet the Turquoise Indian ocean, which laps against the whitest of sand and is backed by the reddest of Outback earth. Yes this place offers a superb spectrum!

      And then of course there’s the sunsets – an incredible evening display each night when a huge red orb dips below the watery horizon. If you want to experience this part of the day in true Broome-style, then why not hop on a camel to enjoy the view. Or else drive your 4wd right onto the sand and toast the day the real Outback way!

      By Stephanie Parker of Big World Small Pockets

      Northern Territory

      Casuarina Beach, Darwin

      Stretching from the mouth of Rapid Creek, through Casuarina and along to Lee Point, Casuarina Beach is considered to be one of Darwin’s most popular beaches. Despite this the wide expanse of spotless sand is often totally empty, without a soul to disturb you as far as the eye can see. Whether you’re watching the sunrise behind the trees, or set along the water, Casuarina Beach is the perfect location to start and end the day.

      The beach is enormous, and it’s easy to productively waste an entire afternoon wandering along the sea shore. Yes, visitors do need to be mindful of jellyfish and crocodiles. Darwin is not really a swimming location, but for beachside rambles there’s no place better. The year-round tropical weather and stunning solar shows make Casuarina Beach an instant favourite to any visitor.

      Oceana Setaysha of Maps and Mandalas

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