3 Destinations To Take You Back To Nature

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      As a species, humans have always had a habit to crowd together. That’s how the towns and cities of the modern world were born; humans clustering to one another, spreading out, dominating the land. In the midst of this spreading out, nature had a tendency to pay the price– land cleared and trees felled to allow for an ever-more widespread expansion.

      The cost of progress, perhaps– but also at great cost to humans. Have you ever stepped into nature and just found yourself feeling… better? Walked through a forest and suddenly noticed you’re happier; played on a beach and felt more content with the world? Those feelings aren’t a coincidence; nature makes us feel good. As our cities grew and pushed nature back, it’s fair to say many of us have likely forgotten how much we enjoy the time we spend in nature.

      So to reap the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and being surrounded by lush greenery, why not make your next vacation nature-inspired?

      Yosemite National Park, USA

      Yosemite is arguably the best-known national park in the US, and there’s plenty of reason for its popularity. The park features a huge number of hiking trails, as well as wood cabins and lakes with watersports available for everyone to enjoy. Not to forget, there’s also the chance you might get to see one of the park’s famous bears!

      The highlight of your vacation could be a trip to Glacier Point; the views from this vantage point are among the most stunning available in the park. It’s a tough walk to the peak, but well worth it when you get there.

      Kimberley Outback, AUS

      By Bäras (selber fotografiert) CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

      Of course, if you fancy going back to nature, then there’s plenty right here in Australia for you to sample. The outback is an area most of us grow up knowing about, but have very little direct experience of– so why not change that and experience a staycation with a difference?

      Memorable Kimberley outback tours take in a whole range of sights and sounds of the outback, including the famed Horizontal Waterfalls and the Gibb River Road. Rather than constantly being distracted by the ping of a push notification on your phone, you’ll appreciate the quietness in the outback, as well as some of the wildlife you might have the chance to experience. There’s nothing quite like getting back to nature, and it’s even better when you can do it in your home country.

      Snowdonia, UK (Wales)

      Snowdonia is a National Park close to the west coast of Wales and offers some of the most beautiful, nature-rich experiences in the world. As you can see from the image above, much of the land is unspoiled, so you can hike and explore without the risk of being crowded out by other tourists.

      There are all the usual nature-related activities as Snowdonia; kayaking, windsurfing on the huge lakes within the park, cycling, mountain biking. However, this is definitely a place where you will be richly rewarded just for sitting and watching the world go by. Wales is a long way to go for a holiday, but Snowdonia might just be worth it.

      Do you think you might be tempted to let your next holiday take you back to nature?
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