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Awesome Free Things to do in Atlanta, USA

Free things to do in Atlanta GA
For a city this big, Atlanta is seriously cheap. Students and thrifty families alike can find many fun free things to do in Atlanta, GA. There will never be a dull moment. Plus, it’s full of other budget luxuries like affordable housing,
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11 Free Things to do in Shanghai, China

Shanghai’s cost of living may seem crazy high to many, especially those that are looking for Western-style activities, food or places. But in reality, there are many free things to do in Shanghai that will give you a taste of what this amazing
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10 Fun Free Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles can be an expensive city to visit.  I can’t deny that the hotels and restaurants in this city aren’t cheap.  But there are a surprising number of free things to do in Los Angeles (commonly known as LA) on the west coast of
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The Evolution of Travel Luggage

Did you know that the modern wheeled luggage with retractable handles that we see everywhere these days only became popular during the hippie era? It was the late 1960s, a period marked by fast-changing trends in politics, fashion, art, social
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Best of Country New South Wales

Best of Country New South Wales, Australia Chances are you’ve heard of Sydney, with the beautiful Harbour Bridge and Opera House, and the infamous sands of Bondi Beach. However, there is so much more to New South Wales! Beyond the east coast
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The 3 Best Places to Volunteer in Bali

Where to Volunteer in Bali Have you ever had that feeling traveling/living abroad where you feel completely lost and like you have no purpose? I have many times. I used to fix it by visiting a bar most afternoons at happy hour. Now I’ve
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