7 Essential Tips for Smoother Air Travel

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      Tips to Fly Like a Pro

      Even those that enjoy flying will admit that it’s kind of a hassle. With boarding passes, flight times and gate numbers to remember—on top of the endless mental notes you made on what to pack—it’s always a stressful time, even if you’re prepared.

      Next time you travel, consider this seven tips to make things run just a little bit smoother.

      1. Avoid Checking Bags

      When heading out on a new adventure, it’s tempting to overpack. After all, you don’t want to leave behind your best snorkelling mask or hiking boots. But try to condense your gear. If you can avoid checking bags, you will save time at the airport, both before you fly and after you arrive. Plus you’ll learn to pack only the things you actually need.

      If you’re in the market for a more secure carry-on bag, check out these anti-theft backpacks.

      2. Have Your Ticket Ready

      Most airlines let you check in ahead of time online to obtain your boarding pass. Whether you go with a printed or mobile version, having your ticket in hand when you arrive will expedite the process—especially if you took our advice not to check bags.

      This may not always be possible with international flights, as you often need to scan your passport, but if you have the option, take it.

      3. Get Some Quality Luggage—And Make It Colorful

      One of the biggest travel decisions you’ll make is which luggage to purchase. After all, your suitcase will be at your side no matter where you venture. Make sure to get something that will fit all of your travel necessities and that has good organization so you can find things when you arrive.

      Consider also getting a bag that is bright and colourful, like the Mandarina Duck at Luggage Direct. You’ll save a lot of time at the baggage claim if your bag isn’t black like everyone else’s.

      4. Dress Down

      Finding comfort on an airplane is hard to do. Make it easier on yourself and dress down for your next flight. You’ll be more relaxed throughout the flight and you’ll likely have a better experience because of it.

      Dressing comfortably can also benefit you at the security checkpoint. The less you have to remove before stepping through the scanners, the faster and less complicated the process will be.

      5. Choose the Early Flight

      There are many different benefits to choosing an earlier flight. Because most people don’t want to get up and make their way to the airport in the early morning, the flights are often cheaper. There also tend to be less people going through security or hanging around inside the airport—it fills up throughout the day.

      6. Pick Your Seat Carefully

      Where you sit on the plane itself can be very important, depending on your concerns. The front is ideal for those that want to get off right away after the plane lands—the closer you are to the front, the faster you’ll make your escape.

      Those that are frightened of turbulence should select a seat near the wings. Aside from the stellar views out the window, you’ll find that there’s less jiggle over the wing area.

      Studies have shown that the back of the plane is the safest in case of crashes so anyone with a fear of flying—or, more realistically, a fear of crashing—should stick to the rear.

      7. Be Prepared for Anything

      One of the most important things to remember with air travel is that anything can happen. Weather patterns can cause delays, flights can be overbooked, cancellations can occur for no good reason. Be prepared, no matter what happens. Being stuck in the airport is no fun, but if you have warm clothes, some headphones, a good book and your phone charger, you’ll be set to ride out the storm—literally or figuratively.

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