Get Yo’ Stalk On!

Here we are… My ‘About Me’ page.

This is where I’m supposed to impress you with witty comments or interesting facts. 

Instead, how about I just tell you what I’m going to do for you?

I help YOU become a fearless traveller who grabs life by the big ol’ balls!

I want you to get excited about the things I’m excited about!

Here are the three main types of travel I do

  • Adventure Travel
  • Budget Travel
  • Eco-travel

I’m here to help you plan and book your next adventure!

I want to inspire you to travel to new destinations and try new things

On Castaway with Crystal, you’ll find budget guides, musings and stories, off-the-beaten-path knowledge and suggested itineraries, silly videos and a bunch of pretty photographs.

Plus interesting tips on ways YOU can save money and get the best bargains for your travel!

But what makes my blog any different from the thousands of others?

I’m more creative in the way that I find out my information. I don’t just do the same things all the other tourists do.

I talk to the locals and travellers, I use apps to help me find interesting places and I’m not afraid to jump a fence or go off-course to find something new.

My blog is a direct reflection of my way of living… Fearless and alternative.

Speechless, castaway, and wry, a spellbound oddity am I. My feet are planted in the clay, my gaze is locked upon the sky.
– Cecilia Dart-Thornton



Probably not…

You want the juicy stuff.

Like, who am I? What’s my deal? What’s the meaning of life?

Well to surely impress you, I will summarise my life in dot point form to save time.

I was born in 1986 in a tiny mountain town called Mt Barker in South Australia into a weird cult religion. I got my name from this cult because they believe in the healing power of Crystals. My brother and dog were also named after the cult.

My mum (who raised me) never had a job so I’ve always been real good at saving and managing money.

I nearly died of an asthma attack at two hours old and the doctors got me breathing again by swinging me around the room by my feet!

Growing up I wanted to be a Veterinarian because I LOVE animals. But then I did a week’s volunteer work in a Vet Clinic and after seeing dead puppies I decided that career just wasn’t for me.

I was in a really, REALLY bad car crash when I was 16 years old. If you want to know more about that then watch the documentary I made about the crash aimed at young drivers.

Travel has been a part of my life since I was born. At one year old, I was dragged around rural Australia in a camper van…

READ: HELP, a dingo ate my baby! 

…And since eight years old we never lived in a single house for more than a year.

At 18, I went to SouthEast Asia and since then I haven’t been able to stop travelling despite my monetary disadvantages. Even at university, I travelled every mid-year break I had.

Doing voluntary road safety work got me into the film/television industry that I worked in for five years, developing my storytelling skills.

Before I left Sydney I ran my own small-scale production company; Nostalgia Films, that makes promotional videos, music videos and other small-scale shoots.

I have since taken this company with me and make travel videos as I go.

I now travel the world with my Girlfriend, occasionally getting into sticky situations and making videos as I go!

The countries I have been to are

Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Japan, India, New Zealand, England, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Cuba, Greece, Turkey, Italy and the Philippines so far…


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