Eerie Photos from an Abandoned Ice Cream Factory in Taree

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      Peters Abandoned Ice Cream Factory in Taree poses for some Creepy Photographs

      I drive through Taree, bored, as there isn’t much to do in my hometown. My sisters and dog in the car, we cruise past an abandoned building. I pull over and vocalise my interest in abandoned places. My youngest sister tells me it’s the old Peters Ice Cream Factory and I immediately want to explore inside. I pick up my camera, and with dog in tow, we slip inside the broken fence.

      Taree has a strong dairy industry, well it did once upon a time anyway… The Peters Ice Cream Factory burst into action in 1939 producing condensed milk, which is the main ingredient in ice cream. Over the years it increased in size to accommodate demand, even adding a swimming pool for staff to enjoy. But just over 20 years later, the factory ceased operation and production was shifted to a more economical building. Here is what’s now left of this once booming factory.

      Photography by Crystal Egan, information collated by Brett Patman.


      If you would like to check this place out please take note that it is private property so entering would be at your own risk. Click on the picture below to be taken to the Map.

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      What to do

      Walk by the Manning River, head to Old Bar Beach for a secluded swim or drive 40 minutes to check out Ellenborough Falls, one of the longest single-drop waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere!

      Where to stay

      Cheap: A 2-minute drive from the town centre, Taree Country Motel has a great rating.
      Boutique: Boogie Woogie Guest House in Old Bar features uniquely decorated rooms inspired by music and art icons. Located 100m from the beach, this place is as good as it gets!

      Where to eat and drink

      May favourite café is The Other Side Art Café on the Pacific Highway. This cute place set by the river is adorned with artworks and ramshackle tables and chairs. They do great coffee. For a beer head to The Royal for some riverside brews.

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