7 Reasons to Visit New Zealand in Spring

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      Why visit New Zealand during the spring off-season:
      September, October, and November?

      If you think it’s only worth going to New Zealand during the summer or winter, think again. Spring is one of the most beautiful times to see the country, and there are a tonne more reasons why you should head to kiwi-land during the low-season. 

      1. It’s quiet season so there are less people around when sightseeing!

      No waiting in lines to get a photograph, no missing out on a tour, no traffic, no pretty much anyone! It’s totally peaceful and you’ll feel like the entire country is YOURS for the taking.

      2. Everything is beautiful and green (because it rains so much)

      The hills are alive with NZ’s rain! Think glistening early morning grasses, birds singing in the rain, life everywhere, green all over. I’ve heard from many people that New Zealand is the most naturally beautiful country they’ve ever been to, and this is just accentuated by the colours of spring.

      3. The food and wine is actually better

      Ever heard the saying “spring lamb”? New Zealand is the epitome of this saying, what with its cute little lambs bouncing all over the place. But “spring lamb” just means the freshest of the fresh, really. It’s also the time that most of the many wineries are celebrating the release of their new season’s stock. The king salmon season starts in October and delicious whitebait is only available in spring as well. What a time to be in NZ!

      4. A lot of the activities, accommodation, and campervan hiring places are cheaper

      Because it’s still low-season in spring, you’ll find tours and hiring of vans or cars at almost half the price as high-season.

      Some of the tours companies will combine tours and others will give off-season discounts. Either way, spring would have to be the cheapest time to do a road trip in New Zealand.

      5. Because, baby animals and pretty flowers, everywhere!

      Think baby lambs in green pastures at every turn! We even saw one getting born on the side of a hill as our car drove past. Their long tails and little frolicking feet are just too adorable. But lambs aren’t the only animals; you’ll see new life popping up just about anywhere.

      Hobbiton, NZ’s most famous garden, absolutely comes to life in spring with vegetable patches scattered around and new flowers lighting up the walkways and doorways.

      6. It’s a great time to soak in the many thermal hot springs scattered over the islands

      I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for a hot spring. And NZ has some of the best in the world! Taking a dip in these healing baths in springtime is far more appealing because the weather is cooler and there aren’t as many crowds.

      Check out this list of the best hot springs on the South Island to get all warmed up for spring. For the North Island, dig your own spa bath in the sand at Hot Water Beach in the Coromandel or relax under a thermal waterfall at Kerosene Creek in Rotorua.

      7. The snow is still there, but the crowds aren’t

      If the winter has been strong, chances are the snow is going to be just as good in early spring. And by then, most of the crowds have left. Jackpot!

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