30 of my Favourite Adventurers for my 30th

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      30 of my Favorite Adventurers for my 30th Birthday

      It’s my birthday today and I wanted to do something special on my blog! And I couldn’t think of anything better than thanking each and every adventurer that has inspired me, encouraged me, laughed with me, met me or that I have just stalked online and would really like to meet. I have collated 30 of my personal favourite online personalities, each of them doing something unique with their content.

      Will from The Broke Backpacker

      It’s no secret that Will and I are BFFFFF’s, we Skype ALL THE TIME. Which is why he’s made it to the top of this list. Will, quite simply, is INSANE. He is down for anything and has done everything. He’s hung out with Rastafarian Bedouin and CouchSurfed in a cave in Jordan, and right now I believe he’s opening a hostel in the Pakistan mountains, but who really knows where this elusive guy is?

      Lucy from Lucy Smiles Away

      Easily one of my TOP faves is Lucy. This British bubble of fun has my dream personality AND writing ability. She can make me pee myself laughing in a single sentence, let alone a whole story. I recently had the pleasure of hosting Lucy at my house and she’s just as awesome in person.

      Tommy from The Wandering Walker

      Tommy Walker is my favourite pommie lad out there and I had the pleasure of bantering with him in NZ. He’s been on the road for 5 years, living and working in all the “standard” countries. What I like best about this scouser is that he’s not afraid to be direct, and at times offensive. Like when he was giving me dating advice on my failed love life. 😉

      Gloria from The Blog Abroad

      Sassy, sexy and seriously talented. I absolutely admire the way Glo writes. But that’s not all she’s got going for her – she’s also super awks, which I love. Her themes cover travelling as a black woman, politics and empowerment, and DAYUUUM she does it well. Make sure you read Ridiculous pick up lines from Italian men.

      Darmon from The Bohemian Blog

      Darmon Richter, not even sure that’s his real name, does all the things that I want to do but I’m too much of a pussy to actually do it. He will break into city drainage systems, coming face-to-face with a funnel web and even being bitten by red back spiders then brushing it off like it aint no-thang. He’ll evade security and scale a partially-built nuclear reactor. He’ll go pretty much anywhere, as long as it’s abandoned or filled with creepy crawlies. Sometimes he’ll even write back to my fan-girl comments on Facebook.

      Tom and Anna from Adventure in You

      Tom and Anna are just lovely, and crazy, and together they’re cute as a button! These guys love to do anything extreme and (dare I say it?) adventurous! I met them in the Philippines once and we had an epic night out eating all the weirdest foods we could find at a night market.

      Jarryd and Alesha from Nomadasaurus

      Jazza and Lesh have a hasty appetite for adventure and that’s why I love them. Other than being some of the best bloggers out there they are also REALLY lovely in real-life. Also, they’ve done some real mind-blowing travel in Central Asia like photographing Mongolian hunters and shit.

      Camille from This American Girl

      I share a lot of Camille’s posts on my own blog because I really love the way her storytelling has a way of getting under my skin. Although I’ve never met her, I feel like we’re living parallel lives. It seems we’ve been through similar loves, similar breakups, and similar life affirmations… Her post on reverse culture shock articulates exactly how I feel every time I come home.

      Daniel from The Zen Nomad

      Daniel Beaumont is one of those people you just know you’ll click with, even though you’ve never met them. He just seems like one of those all-encompassing humans. What he does with his blog is what I’d imagined mine to be like. He is also making a documentary using interviews with people he’s met on the road (which was totes my idea btw… I just never actually did it, ha ha).

      Alice from Teacake Travels

      I can’t wait to meet this insanely awesome woman! She’s literally unstoppable. After leaving a job as a psychologist in the UK she now just does whatever the flip she wants, wherever the flip she wants and isn’t even scared of dying alone. I love the bits in her blog where she gets super personal about her love life, he he.

      Derek from Wandering Earl

      Yes his real name is actually Derek, apparently everyone calls him Earl. DW I’m confused too. Derek, um, Earl was the FIRST travel blogger I ever met. Which makes him particularly special and what makes him even more spesh is he is SUPER FAMOUS! And despite this he still decided to meet up with ME. What I love about Earl, um, Derek, is even though he’s been on the road for 17 years, he still takes extreme pleasure from meeting everyday people, and that is, really, what travel is about. 🙂

      Silvia from Heart my Backpack

      Her simple layout and writing style always has me spending more time on her blog than originally intended. She currently lives in the mountains of Norway and specialises in “off-the-beaten-path” style travel, which is totes up my alley!

      Johnny from One Step 4 Ward

      Although I’ve never met Johnny I feel like we wouldn’t have much of friendship past getting shit-faced in a bar if we did meet. But you gotta admit this guy is flipping inspirational. He travels, owns a few websites and makes shitloads of dosh. #LifeGoals

      Michelle from The Wandering Queen

      This adventurous engineer who lives for camping and getting free travel using points. Her pics are to swoon for and her Instagram feed is just as impressive!

      Gemma from Line x shape x Colour

      Line x Shape x Colour was one of the first blogs I ever obsessed over and therefore drew inspiration from. Gemma is a textile designer, who travels around the globe documenting the patterns, scenes and cultures she experiences and expertly projects her great design taste into her home life, and her blog. Looking through her photographs always brings me inspiration since her composition is absolutely on point.

      Devin Super Tramp

      This nutter is the ultimate of extreme! Watching his vids on YouTube always has me in a complicated mix of being on edge and being green with jealousy. He and his friends are nuts… You just have to watch to see what I mean.

      Jason Silva

      When I’m feeling a bit whimsical, a bit emotional, I love to watch Jason’s videos. What he does best is combining big words and philosophy into a tangible and understandable piece of monologue. Jason has the perfect life, he just travels the world doing inspirational and life affirming videos from amazing locations. What an adorable ass-hole.

      Dave from Jones Around the World

      Dave’s just one of those top blokes. I met him on the beach a little while ago and he’s just a really agreeable, happy-go-lucky guy. His IG is pretty on point too, I love the technicolor colours!

      Ayngelina and Dave from Bacon is Magic

      Being a borderline-crazed foodie, these two are IT when it comes to food travel blogging. A professional chef and a professional eater combine forces to bring the most delicious blog out there. Plus Ayngelina spent years in South America blogging the food there, which BTW is DAMN DELICIOUS!

      Sabrina from Just One Way Ticket

      Sabrina is one of those travel bloggers who just get it. She’s doing amazingly well and totes deserves it because she’s a great girl. She is the QUEEN of the Philippines and her photographs and vids are amaze-balls.

      Drew from The Hungry Partier

      As the name implies Drew is the ULTIMATE party blogger. He’s also a Snapchat God. He’s fun and hungry. I like him. 🙂

      Sarah from Coffee with a Slice of Life

      She loves coffee, she loves cake, she loves life! She’s an awesome cheap travel hustler with entertaining stories and uber-useful travel tips! Oh, she’s also a dive master and yoga teacher; I’m fangirling hard right now!

      Janet from Journalist on the Run

      Irish Janet takes her readers onto some of the most unusual places on Earth, plus she’s bloody fearless! She’s hitchhiked in both Detroit and Sudan, almost got attacked by a crocodile in Northern Kenya, and once pooped her own pants during a fancy dinner in the Maldives.

      Sally from Unbrave Girl

      Sally is a performer whose world is her stage. She loves to put herself out of her comfort zone as much as possible which is something I do as well. I love reading her crazy stories and looking at pictures of her lunch. She’s like to original blogger before bloggers actually became useful!

      Alex from Alex in Wonderland

      Cute blonde? Tick. Great blog layout? Tick. Beautiful pictures? Tick. Heaps of info? Tiiiiick! Alex would be real fun to hang out with, I’d love to meet her and her site is totes #BlogGoals for me!


      Couple’s Coordinates

      To to all my blogging friends from across the globe, thank you for inspiring me and being awesome. Ya’ll are flipping great. Peace XoX

      Who is your favourite adventurer? Tell me in the comments below…
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